5 Smartphone Habits That You Should Stop Now


With the increased rate of smartphone usage, every user has adopted at least one bad habits in a day to day usage. This may cause serious issues in future or right now!  Here are some bad smartphone habits that you should end right now.


#1 Using Duplicate Chargers

Most of the smartphone users think that using any chargers that fits the charging port is enough. If you’re one of them then you’re wrong. Using unauthorized or third party chargers are not recommended and it is not good for security reasons even though it is same voltage, same output. You will notice that charging time differs in the original charger and duplicate charger. Duplicate chargers will surely cause the trouble in future. In some case, the battery may explode. Using duplicate chargers for a long time may prevent you to charge your smartphone after some days. The reason is that duplicate charger will destroy the charging circuit of the phone. It will affect the battery of your phone first and then the power fluctuation will spoil the software of your phone.

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#2 Overnight charging

If you charge your phone overnight, you basically charge and discharge it many times and it will lose the battery capacity. 100% charged means battery is full. Right? That means the battery is not charging anymore. Charging and Discharging will be treated as one cycle. When you keep your phone for charging overnight what will happen? Charging & Discharging unlimited times. As battery has a limited count of recycles, overcharging will lose your battery capacity. It could make a batteries capacity drop a lot faster then it supposed to.


#3 Using Antivirus Apps

Android is a Linux based Operating system and Virus is a program that replicates itself by attaching to another program. In case of Android smartphones, technically there are no viruses. But when you connect your phone to the internet, Wifi or Bluetooth then you are ready to become a target. If you download apps from Playstore then you only have a 0.001% chance of getting a virus or some form of malware. Whenever a developer wants to publish their apps on play store then Google will verify that app with 7 levels of security. If it doesn’t pass any of those 7 levels then Google will not approve them to publish. So if you only install apps from Google Play Store, you shouldn’t need an antivirus. If you are a guy who tries apps from other sites or some other sources then probably you need an antivirus. But most of the antivirus, cleaning apps have a lot of ads and it takes more RAM of your phone. It will make your phone slower and it will decrease the performance. Rather than using antivirus apps or cleaning apps in your phone just think. Alternatively, you can use Play Store to download apps. Next big thing is, do not click on suspected viral links that are shared in social medias. Just think and use common sense before infected!


#4 Using Live Wallpapers

Most of the smartphone users want to customize their phone using different ways. Some users like to set live wallpapers on their phone because it looks very cool. Unfortunately, when it comes to the battery consumption and performance using Live wallpapers surely can be your enemy. As it runs in the background it takes more resources. It will destroy the performance and battery of your phone dramatically. Alternatively, you have better option to set different simple wallpapers.


#5 Don’t Let Your Phone Die

Most of the smartphones work under Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries don’t need to be fully discharged before recharging, unlike Nickel batteries. When you bring your phone to zero percent charge your phone needs more capacity and more time to charge fully. So make sure your phone doesn’t die.



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