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11 Best Age Progression Apps for Android and iOS (2021)

Do you want to know how you look when you’re old? Interested to know how your friends will look when they are aged? In such a case, nothing works better than these age progression apps where you can see how you would look when you are aged.

It is easy now, with the age progression apps! In this article, we are going to list all the best face aging apps for Android and iOS. These all are the apps for your question “How will I look when I’m old?” Best Age Progression Apps

11 Best Age Progression Apps for Android and iOS

As many free age progression apps as there are, few stand out as being much better than others. For example, there are tons of apps that work well on Android devices, but they are not available for iOS devices. 

Note: This list isn’t in order of preference; it is just a list of the best old age filter apps. You’re advised to select one as per your requirements.


AgingBoothAgingBooth has been on the PlayStore and iOS app store for a long time now. However, its features aren’t out-of-date in any way. They are the creators of several popular apps including FatBooth, BaldBooth, MixBooth, UglyBooth & BoothStache. The app offers various features such as auto-face detection, shake to change the face, auto-cropper, etc. 

The app has a simple and kind old design that many of you may hate. However, it allows you to create age photos instantly. You can even share them through email, MMS, WhatsApp, FaceBook, Twitter. The great thing about AgingBooth app is that it doesn’t require an internet connection. So that you can create age face photos from anywhere anytime for free.

Moreover, AgingBooth has integrated a feature from which you can get before and after views of your photo by shaking your device.

Download AgingBooth App for Android

Download AgingBooth App for iOS


FaceAppFaceApp is one of the most beautiful and well-designed free age progression apps on the list, It offers dozens of AI filters, backgrounds, effects, and other tools to create a funny face edit in one-click. Some of the other features of the app such as acne and blemish remover, adding a beard or mustache, make it one of the preferred choices for the app that makes you look older and younger. 

Other features like gender-swapping, weight filters give your photos a great modern look and feel. Apart from its amazing user interface, its integration with video editing, old/young filters, hairstyle changer allows you to try both the faces with ease.

Download FaceApp App for Android

Download FaceApp App for iOS


oldifyOldify is one of the most popular and highly rated age progression apps on the iOS app store. While the app is available to download for iOS users only, users need to make in-app purchases to get an old face on the picture. Of course, the app is worth paying every penny. Oldify is best for people who are looking for a simple and working face aging app for iOS. 

Oldify’s clean and simple interface lets you focus on your edits rather than the other useless features. This app has AI features that instantly turns your iPhone or iPad into a fast-aging machine. 

Alongside providing the old age filter, this app even lets you make funny faces or body gestures as an old person. Moreover, the hilarious animations inside the Oldify app make it a great choice for age progression editing to your or your friend’s photos. Ultimately, it’s a great app to know yourself when you are aged 10, 20, or even 100 years.

Download Oldify App for iOS

Fantastic Face

Fantastic FaceFantastic Face is a free and full-featured aging app. It’s VIPTOP DATA LIMITED’s answer to AgingBooth although, there are other differences in features. If you need an app that ages your face but can’t pay for one, you should use Fantastic Face. 

Fantastic Face has some of the most advanced options I’ve seen in an old face app. You get options like daily face analysis, aging prediction, baby prediction, palmistry prediction, emotion analysis, and much more. It also has great developers who are constantly adding more features. 

It even offers a celebrity match feature to know which actor/actress/celebrity matches your face. Daily Face Analysis is another excellent feature of this app. If you’re interested to know about your skin condition daily then the Fantastic Face app can knock out those details for you by analyzing your facial features with the in-built professional technique. 

Download Fantastic Face App for Android

Face Story

Face StoryFace Story is designed for folks who are eagerly searching for the app with gender swap, age stimulation, face aging features. Where Face Story really sets itself apart is with its core features. The moment you load the app, it offers a simple UI with dozens of options like celebrity face morph, face reading, filters, cartoon face, etc. 

It takes seconds to add your photo and to add face age effect automatically which surely saves your time better. Note that the Face Story app is free for iOS with a set of limited features. You can get a weekly subscription to the premium version by paying USD 4.99$ while it costs USD 9.99$ and USD 29.99$ respectively for monthly and lifetime subscriptions.

Download Face Story App for iOS

Age Face

Age FaceIf you’re a permanent Android user, you don’t have to look too far for an amazing, free age progression app. Just install the Age Face app and you get started by uploading the picture from your gallery. It’s a nice bonus that you can share your aged photo with your family members, friends directly from the app.

Instantly the app transforms your young photo into an aged photo. That’s not all. The app provides additional effects, filters, and extremely useful features on the paid version.

Download Age Face App for Android

Make me Old

Make me OldAmong the best face aging apps overall, Make me Old is a top option for those who love face edits. It’s a stellar option for those who want to make face young to old. The app has a clear and easy to understand interface. If none of the above apps with old age filters suit your needs, then Make me Old is a great app to help you get the job done within a second. 

Just open the app, scan your face and the app will display your future look in 30 years using the age app feature. The launcher app is free to download and easy to use.

Download Make me Old App for Android

Magic Face

Magic FaceMagic Face is a lightweight and free app that helps you get your future look. When you open the Magic Face app and add your photo from the gallery, the app instantly shows your future face, your baby with your lover. As a result, you can know more about your presence at the present age. 

As mentioned earlier, Magic Face is a lightweight app, which offers almost all the features of an ideal age progression app. Its intuitive UI and options like gender switch, past life secret, ghost makeup, change expression, etc make it one of the best old age filter apps.

Download Magic Face App for Android

Make Me Old Face Changer

Make Me Old Face ChangerMake Me Old Face Changer has stood as one of the best face aging apps for iOS and Android for many years. The app is flexible and comes with dozens of customizations. There are numerous make me look older features available in the app that can help you change the look of the photo.

Make Me Old Face Changer supports photo sharing, image editing, and lot more features with easy navigation. The app is free to download, but it’s the only downside is it takes more time to load the photo.

Download Make Me Old Face Changer App for Android

Make Me Old Face Photo Montage

Make Me Old Face Photo MontageIf you love to edit old face photos, this is one of the must-have iOS apps for your phone. Make Me Old Face Photo Montage is a unique tool to do a realistic face change. The app has a unique way to make your face old. 

Furthermore, you can select from a variety of old face filters and stickers as per your preference. It is intuitive and easy to use, and you can also zoom in/zoom out, move around, make the pre-added stickers match your face. It is certainly one of the top age progression apps for your iOS device.

Download Make Me Old Face Photo Montage App for iOS

Face Cam

Face CamFace Cam is one of the most underrated iOS aging apps that should be on every iOS device. It comes with more than enough features while keeping a simple and intuitive interface. Moreover, Face Cam packs a lot of features, including face swap, 2D photos to 3D photos. 

The app uses its inbuilt AI technology to convert your simple picture to watercolor paintings/oil paintings/drawings/comics and other artistic paintings. The app relatively offers faster navigation and interface to try out your favorite effects and filters.

Download Face Cam App for iOS

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