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21 Best Sites Like Fingerhut to “Buy Now Pay Later” with No Credit Check

Most people who shop online frequently agree that purchasing on Fingerhut is convenient as it offers credit to customers who may not qualify elsewhere. The website offers millions of products from famous brands like Samsung and KitchenAid at affordable prices. If you are in a search of the best sites like Fingerhut, you have stumbled on the right place. There are plenty of Fingerhut alternatives that are better where you can find appliances, gifts, and electronics that you or your family needs.Best Sites Like Fingerhut to Buy Now Pay Later with No Credit Check

If you think Fingerhut is the only site that offers products ranging from electronics to bedding to auto parts, then you are wrong. Actually, there are a lot of similar websites that allow you to buy the same stuff at a low cost along with providing credit to people who have been denied credit elsewhere. The websites like Fingerhut have managed to attract buyers from all over the world because these sites offer credit for customers and also they do have the “buy now, pay later” option as well. 

Top 21 Sites Like Fingerhut to Buy Now Pay Later in 2022 – No Credit Check No Down Payment

There are plenty of Fingerhut alternatives that offer no down payment products and provide credits without credit checks. Stop wasting time fumbling through scam websites and those sites that offer poor quality items.

In this post, I’ll outline 21 buy now pay later sites like Fingerhut that offer products at less prices and best quality (and in some cases, even better products than Fingerhut.

Country Door

Whenever people ask about the best website like Fingerhut, the first website that quickly strikes everyone’s mind is Country Door. Actually, this is one of the top contenders and is one of the major names in the category when it comes to purchasing outdoor furniture to bedding to electronics.

Undoubtedly, Country Door is a trusted marketplace that allows users to buy products by paying later with a low monthly payment plan. This website has their credit called Country Door Credit from which buyers can purchase any products that they need from the collection of items on the site by paying late through EMI or equated monthly installments. With Country Door, it is easy to decorate your home with the products you want.

Country Door

Country Door is one of those Fingerhut like sites where your relevant historical details and the complete payment history will be reported to respected credit bureaus. However, if you have a strong credit report through timely payments, you can get maximum Country Door Credits to maximize your purchase. 

The website offers millions of products related to bed & bath home decor, furniture, rugs, curtains, holiday, kitchens, outdoor, clothing, and gifts. However, the site doesn’t provide free shipping on your orders. It is also similar to the Princess Polly website. We also shared Princess Polly alternatives. You have to pay some penny in order for your purchase to be delivered to your address.


After Fingerhut, FlexShopper is probably the most famous website like Fingerhut. The website is known for its option of lease-to-own furniture, electronics, appliances, and other products. Its attractive user interface makes it one among the top online shopping sites like Fingerhut as you get the furniture, electronics, appliances that you need for your home in a flexible and easy way. The website is somewhat similar to Fingerhut. 

While the site doesn’t need everyone with a good credit report to get approval for FlexShopper credits, even people with bad credit get approval. It is one of those sites where you can grab products from the most popular brands at very affordable and less prices compared to others. FlexShopper

It is one of the ideal spots for purchasing smartphones, tv & home theater, computers & tablets, furniture, mattresses at low price tags. Sometimes price and quality aren’t always the preferred thing for everyone. The site should offer fast delivery as well. So, if you are the one who searches for a site that offers quality products at less price alongside fast delivery, FlexShopper should be your first preference.

Another bonus is that the FlexAdvantage feature offers courtesy waiver and product protection if your product purchased from FlexShopper is damaged from fire/smoke damage, wind storm, lightning, flood, hail damage, or theft.

TSC (Today’s Shopping Choice)

You probably already know about TSC, it can be a great alternative to Fingerhut. One great thing about TSC is that when you shop on TSC, it offers a minimum of 9 easy pay installments on all purchases. However, not all the purchases on TSC are valid for free shipping. Only selected items come under the free shipping offer. Also, checkout Dolls Kill alternatives.TSC Todays Shopping Choice

Another interesting thing about this site is you can make purchases by telephone. Buying fashion, kitchen, home items, electronics, or anything, TSC (Today’s Shopping Choice) is the only viable alternative to Fingerhut if you want to shop branded items. The site gives free shipping on select items over $150. You can also choose to buy more than one item in a single order in order to get 50% off the shipping charges for each additional item. 

Another best thing about TSC is it suggests more interesting products to users based on their search histories. You can also add products to your favorite list to buy later. The products also can be shared to show with friends or family members. 


An exciting Fingerhut alternative was started in 2009. If you wanna buy costumes, jewelry, fashion accessories, home decor, gifts, or any other products through credits. The credit that this platform offers can be utilized to make purchases on Gettington on a wide range of products. 

Although the Gettington website and its credit system is similar in many respects to competitors such as Fingerhut, Country Door, the platform sells some really cool products and gadgets that are not available on other websites. If you want to purchase popular name brands, the latest trends for your home and wardrobe, Gettington is the place you should visit more often instead of Fingerhut.Gettington

This is the perfect platform for people who want to get easy monthly payments on everything they purchase. With some really good quality products from all catalogs, you can also get discounts, offers, and cashback on your purchases during the holiday and Clarence sales. Not just that, the Gettington iOS app also comes with features that will allow you to clear the dues and view all details regarding your purchases on the platform.

Home Shopping Network

Whether you are in a search for shopping sites with easy installments using credits, Home Shopping Network is another great platform for you. What makes it a great Home Shopping Network alternative for Fingerhut is HSN (Home Shopping Network) offers pay over time policy with 0% interest. Home Shopping Network

Along with the five equal monthly payments, Home Shopping Network allows you to return most items within 30 days. While it’s most similar to Fingerhut in terms of the credit system and buy now pay later functionality, Home Shopping Network easily grabs attention when it comes to the top Fingerhut alternatives, thanks to its Flexpay with a 0% interest rate, user-friendly interface, and attractive deals. 

When you create an account, you’ll have to pick the desired item to order at your address. If you’re specifically looking for a buy now pay later site with no credit check that also values user privacy, then you should check out Home Shopping Network as you can opt not to sell your personal details on this site. HSN users will have an easier time picking the branded items as the site has a favorite brands section that gives one-click access to all the products from the brand you love.


MDG is another Fingerhut alternative that provides a credit up to a whopping $3000 to shop on the website that has laptops, tablets, desktops, televisions, gaming, electronics, furniture, appliances, mattresses, and a lot more. MDGs interface is easy to use and it’s a sleek interface and a variety of products that make it an interesting competitor for Fingerhut. MDG

MDG has steadily expanded its product categories and offers almost every product in the buy now and pay later scheme. One thing that makes MDG significantly different from other websites is that you can get low minimum payments to fit your budget. Also, it gives credits to buy anything even if your credit isn’t perfect.

At the time of writing, MDG is offering free shipping on orders $1500 and above. However, most of the time, the buyers need to shell out some amount as shipping charges. MDG has many of the core categories of products we’ve come to expect from online shopping sites like Fingerhut for electronics. MDG is a platform that caters mainly to offering products at competitive prices.


Ginny’s is a site that’s similar to Fingerhut as well as other unique websites like Fingerhut. Ginny’s offers a space where you can buy anything with credits by paying low monthly payments starting at just $10 per month. The site also gives quick approval and you don’t have to pay an annual fee to start buying and paying later. GinnysPlus, the thing that really sets it aside from Fingerhut is that you won’t have to worry about your credit score, as that’s not needed for your application on Ginny’s Credit Plan. Once you add a product to the cart from Ginny’s, you have to checkout to find the option of  “Open a new Ginny’s Credit Account”. There you will need to answer a few simple questions in order to activate credits also to submit your order.

Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue is one more website that is also identical to the Fingerhut. On this website, you can make use of Seventh Avenue Credit to avail buy now and pay later convenience on wide-range of products including kitchen, furniture, electronics, comfy shoes, bed & bath, women, and much more. Seventh Avenue

You can explore a wide array of products/items through the search bar. Much like the Fingerhut, Seventh Avenue also offers quick approval for buy now pay later credits without checking any credits. The interface of this website is incredibly attractive, smooth, and has quick navigations unlike most of the other sites. 

Another really incredible option on Seventh Avenue is that it allows users to make a payment, check balance, or update details on the site quickly and easily. If you use Fingerhut credit, you might like Seventh Avenue as well as it provides credit to people who may have low credit scores. 

The Swiss Colony

The Swiss Colony is a simple Fingerhut alternative website with its headlining feature being the ability to provide buy now, pay later option for users. That means users can get credit to use to purchase any desired product to make monthly installments later. The Swiss Colony

Taking a first look at The Swiss Colony, you will probably think that it’s just a food gifts catalog website. However, the website is much similar and deeper like Fingerhut. It is an interactive website that allows users to buy, gift a variety of foods for every occasion. It’s the easiest way to buy hand-decorated desserts at a low price. Swiss Colony first launched Ray Kubly for users in 1926.

Monroe & Main

The Swiss Colony offers much of the same option to Buy Now Pay Later as Fingerhut without going through lots of processes to get credit. Monroe & Main is not just a website similar to Fingerhut but it also closely resembles other sites that offer purchases through monthly installments. Monroe Main

Started in 1999, Monroe & Main has remained to its core –offering everyday lifestyle needs. It also lets you buy anything through credits with the lowest payments like just $20 a month. Monroe & Main’s key feature is that you can buy a wide variety of products through low monthly payments.


Ashro gained worldwide popularity just because of the way it gives stunning products at affordable credits. This Fingerhut substitute website can offer literally just about anything. From clothes to gifts to even church attire, you can buy whatever you want on Ashro. AshroTrying Ashro has certain perks you won’t get anywhere else. Ashro takes the cake for having a vast range of products including dresses and suits.  Even if you are not considering Ashro right now just because you have to pay full money on the purchase, go for the Ashro credits, which allows you to purchase your favorite style and pay later.

Midnight Velvet

Midnight Velvet is one of the simplest Fingerhut alternatives that’s an extremely useful website to purchase home accessories and eye‐catching apparel, even if it’s a bit costlier. It’s long been known as the best place to buy fashion and home products. Not only does it provide all the products, but you can also get Midnight Velvet Credit Plan to grab the budget-friendly benefits by purchasing any desired product through the lowest monthly installments. Midnight Velvet

It’s a great platform even if you want to return or replace your product as it offers a whopping 60 days return policy. Along with the usual clothing, shoes, and accessories, you’ll find additional stuff like jewelry, home decors, furniture, and a lot more. Midnight Velvet is a good alternative to Fingerhut if you’re looking for a trusted “buy now, pay later” site. 


Covering almost every product, QVC is far ahead of its competitors in terms of easy returns and free exchanges. Apart from collections of products and high discounts, one thing we really love is customer service. Offering an engaging shopping experience is another main attraction for shopping lovers on QVC. QVC

On top of the above features, QVC provides products at 5 easy pays through QCards. On the checkout page, you can opt for QCards payment to buy anything over 4 or 5 monthly installments. QVC is accessible from a wide range of countries and it serves most of them. So, if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Fingerhut, QVC is an absolutely great alternative that can live up to your demand.


Stoneberry is not only one of the popular, but one of the oldest Fingerhut alternatives to buy now pay later as well. It has been around for a while. The website prides itself on providing users access to thousands of outdoor furniture to attractive electronic products. This platform gives you a chance to pay after shop. Stoneberry

As you would expect, the categories and interface on Stoneberry is pretty ordinary. If you are a true electronic products lover who wants to grab each and every variety of electronic items, who even has no problem paying a little extra for your desired products, Stoneberry is an extraordinary platform for you to get quality and genuine items.


While AfterPay is just purchase now pay later platform, we recommend using it as a Fingerhut replacement to purchase from any of your favorite sites. You can use AfterPay as your payment mode at checkout on any shopping sites to grab items at installment plans. As the name suggests, it is all about the shop now and pay next month.AfterPay

AfterPay has got one of the largest collections of websites integrated so you can use this as a payment mode on almost every website you choose. 


Overstock is yet another website to buy something now, receive your product, and pay them off later in installments. Overstock has quickly become one of the popular websites like Fingerhut offering the “bill me later” option at checkout. The website has consistently offered new products for customers at effectively low prices compared to others. Overstock

It’s still an excellent place to get discounted furniture and home decors.  The only real downside of Overstock is the website isn’t accessible from most of the countries as it is secured from online attacks which is somewhat frustrating. You can search for the product that you wanted to buy, and the quality that the site provides is generally better.


LeaseVille is probably the closest equivalent to Fingerhut when it comes to buying consumer electronics, computers, tools, and more in monthly installments. Since many new products, tools are constantly being released, LeaseVille lists most of them for buyers. Alongside offering brand new factory sealed items, LeaseVille can be trusted easily as it is most of the users from 2012.

Thankfully, the website provides top-selling branded items like electronics, cameras, fitness equipment at the most competitive lease-to-own prices to ensure users get the best possible shopping experience. Another thing we like about LeaseVille is it has a collection of some exclusive items that are not available anywhere else.


Zzounds is an interesting proposition to Fingerhut. Unlike many other similar websites like Fingerhut, Zzounds offers many products like guitars, basses, recording, microphones, keyboards, DJ, and other musical instruments to musicians. Zzounds

The platform has a vast range of music products from famous brands and services that are offered by an expert staff of musicians. ZZounds is a relatively amazing approach meant to help music fans by providing buy now, pay later payment plans. The website is serving customers from 119 and it is surely a worthy contender on our list.


The next best website, which does help you buy now & pay over 6 months, is Zebit. As far as Zebit is key terms are concerned, Zebit will verify your submitted details through certain specialty credit reporting agencies. However, these will not affect your FICO score, and they also look at several other factors from the specialty credit reporting agencies and company’s criteria to determine the user’s eligibility to give credits that will help to buy now and pay over time. ZebitYou also have to get multiple branded products inside the website to buy with EMI, and it currently has age eligibility to qualify for the credit (minimum 18 years old).


Next up in the list of best free websites like Fingerhut is the Masseys, which does let you buy now, pay later. For this, you need to avail the company’s own Masseys Credit. You can also see the buy now pay later catalog, which shows you how many products inside the website are eligible for buying through pay over time scheme. Masseys

The only reason why Masseys is popular is that you can get a low installment rate as low as just $5.99 per month. The site has millions of men/women’s shoes, accessories, gear collections for hiking, skiing, paddling, and outdoor living, and clothing of all sizes that range from S and XL.


Last but not least, we have QuadPay, which is a yet another similar site like AfterPay that provides buy now pay after anywhere scheme. As far as features are concerned, it has comprehensive support for most of the sites. You can pay on your favorite sites using QuadPay. The website allows you to split any purchase on your favorite stores into 4 installments over 6 weeks to pay monthly. QuadPay

Furthermore, if you are the one who worried about the credit impact while using these websites, then you don’t need to worry anymore. This site has zero impact on your credit score. Moreover, the site approves your application to get credits, instantly, most of the time. It is so easy and straightforward that it will make it easy for you to shop at your favorite stores anytime anywhere through installments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Gettington and Fingerhut the same company

Most people have this doubt in mind because both these sites offer credits and have similar options. Well. Bluestem Brands, Inc is the parent company of both these sites. Moreover, both Gettington and Fingerhut are partnered with WebBank to give credits to use that can be used to make monthly installments on purchases.

Does Fingerhut help build your credit?

Of course, YES. Fingerhut and other sites similar to Fingerhut helps users to build credit as most of the sites issue credits from WebBank. As they report the user’s history of payments to the major consumer credit bureaus, they will surely help build your credit.

Does Fingerhut accept bad credit?

Yes. Fingerhut even accepts most of the users with bad credits. The reason why this website is popular is that Fingerhut accepts applicants who have bad credit.

How to use Fingerhut to build credit

Building credit using Fingerhut is easy actually. Once you started making frequent orders of $50 or more. It will help you build credit. Also, every time you want to make a purchase on Fingerhut like sites, just add at least $30 as a down-payment. Also, if you make monthly payments on your balance within a span of six to eight months, it will surely help to build your credit.

Are there other sites like Fingerhut

If you just need a website that offers purchase now and pay later at your convenience, pretty much any of the Fingerhut alternatives listed above will surely work for you. These are our hand-picked list of the 21 best alternatives to the Fingerhut website to buy and pay later with no credit check. You can try any of these platforms. 

All of these websites are loaded with exciting products that will be offered in monthly installments. In simple words, if you are searching for a buy now pay later sites like Fingerhut, then I hope that your search ends right here.

What credit score do you need for Fingerhut?

One thing people like more about Fingerhut is there is no minimum Fingerhut credit score needed to get credits from the website. Moreover, if you make payment on time, if you make payment within due dates, Fingerhut and other similar sites will increase your credit limit which will surely help customers to make more purchases.

Wrapping Up

That ends our list of the best online shopping sites like Fingerhut. These are our hand-picked list of the 21 best alternatives to the Fingerhut website to buy and pay later with no credit check. You can try any of these platforms. All the websites mentioned on this list offer a “buy now, pay later” payment policy and credit for customers and can easily replace Fingerhut. Do check all these sites and let us know which one is your favorite Fingerhut alternative in the comments section below.

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