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21 Best Anger Management Apps for Android & iOS (2023)

Do you have anger problems? You are not the only one who has anger issues. Almost every person on earth has this problem. You have to be well prepared to control the anger. What if an app can manage your anger problems? Good to hear, right? In this article, we are going to list the 21 best anger management apps that help you to manage anger. You can have fresh peace of mind to bond over family meditation. 

Anger Management Apps

These Android and iOS apps will help fight anger issues and depressions with the working and proven guides/ techniques. These popular best anger management apps work on the basis of techniques from tutors and it will guide you in managing and improving your mental health to stop anger.

21 Best Apps For Anger Management In 2023


CalmAs the name says Calm is an excellent app for meditation and sleep. The app has millions of users who are facing problems like depression, anger, stress, less anxiety. The preloaded meditation guides, stories of the sleep, breathing programs, masterclasses, and relaxing music. This app is suggested by psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts around the globe.

Each and every user of the app can get dozens of guides, videos, classes to control the anger. You get 3 to 25 minutes videos that give you tutorials to calm your mood. If you have sleeping issues don’t worry the app got covered too! You get 100+ sleep stories. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, the app loaded with 7 – 21 days courses. The app has dozens of quiet sounds to freshen up your mind. The scenes on the app help you to use them during meditation, yoga, or sleep.

Download Calm App for Android

Download Calm App for iOS

Simple Habit

Simple HabitIf you trust over 5 million users who are using this app, then you must try the Simple Habit app. The app is recommended by hundreds of psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts. This is an amazing anger management app for android to start a calm life. If you are depressed with married life, parenthood, daily works, and health problems, Simple Habit is a great way to stop it.

If you love to have sessions on wellness and sleep therapy for mindfulness, meditation, motivation, must download the Simple Habit app today. No matter how many minute sessions you choose, it will be worth it for sure. The app won many awards for its ability to stress relief and improved sleep guides.

Download Simple Habit App for Android

Download Simple Habit App for iOS


SanvelloSanvello is one of the better anger management apps. It boasts clinically proven techniques to clear up stress, anxiety, depression, trauma-related conditions. You can even join the active discussion with other Sanvello users from the world to explore various topics on stress relief methods. While the app is free to use, it has limited features. 

There is a premium version that unlocks unlimited use of all tools and is available through many major health plans. This one is also especially good for its price. You can even keep track of the things you are doing daily. You can analyze the progress you did through the app. 

Download Sanvello App for Android

Download Sanvello App for iOS


AuraAura is definitely among the best app for anger management. Aura has hundreds of coaches, therapists, and mediators to guide life coaching, and stories. If self-care is your first priority in life then Aura is a great app to start with. Just create a daily, simple habit of self-care to be more mindful and fresh all day. 

The app even notifies you with meditation reminders to help you create a new, healthy habit. The mediation control catalogs inside the app include tutorials for sleep, anxiety, happiness, parenting, morning, and etc. There is also an option called mood tracker to analyze and keep track of your mood and emotions.

Download Aura App for Android

Download Aura App for iOS


RootdRootd is among the best free anger management apps on mobile. It can do a variety of things, including controlling anxiety, finding focus, prioritization, motivation, focus, training, competition, recovery, mindful eating, pain management, pregnancy, and more.

It also supports most wearable exercise trackers. It has its flaws. However, the app is entirely free. It’s also a little bit simpler user interface. The app includes more than 40 meditation courses on categories such as stress and sleep. If you want to sleep then also you can use this app as it has soothing music for bedtime.

Download Rootd App for Android


MindDocMindDoc is another decent free anger management app for android. It covers the basics pretty well. The features include guides on tracking and controlling sadness, low self-esteem, brooding, fatigue, or sleep problems.

Additionally, you get a detailed summary at the end of the course to share with healthcare professionals. You can easily keep track of things like depression, anger, stress. It even includes support for iOS. The app gets frequent updates. 

Download MindDoc App for Android

Download MindDoc App for iOS


WysaWysa is another popular option for anger management apps. It boasts daily spiritual meditation tips to control the mind. This one helps fight stress and anxiety with its proven techniques and calming meditation and therapeutic technique audio.

Thankfully, the Wysa app is free and is enough for every use. You can also opt for the Pro version to unlock more features. The app also includes a chatbot to chat with specialists to solve your stress, depression, and anxiety. Wysa is great for online therapy in general. 

Download Wysa App for Android

Download Wysa App for iOS


DaylioDaylio is one of the go-to anger management apps. It has a boatload of features. You can track your mood if needed. It also has customization support for changing colors. You can also use dark mode and it even has a reminder option to create a memory.

You’ll get an option to share your stats with your friends. With this app, you can exercise, meditate, eat, effectively. Taking care of your mental health, emotional, and physical health is very important for every human being. Controlling anger is also one of them. With the Daylio, you can control the anger instantly. 

Download Daylio App for Android

Download Daylio App for iOS


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BreetheBreethe is kind of a different app in the list of the best apps for anger management. It contains hundreds of cool calm meditation and sleeps sounds to make your food fresh. Fight against the stress, anger, bad mood with thousands of stories, meditations, sounds, and music.

It works really well. The app features a variety of relaxation music and sleeps sounds, playlists, bedtime stories, bedtime visualizations, guided meditations. If you want to start your day fresh then the app also has an option to set an alarm. It includes unlimited series and stories to deal with. 

Download Breethe App for Android


HappifyHappify is an excellent app for managing anger, especially for beginners. It has a collection of science-based activities and games to enhance your mood. All these can be done in your home with no equipment.

You also get guides and techniques with videos and audio to reduce stress and anxiety. If you don’t want to spend your precious hard-earned money on the hospital for managing angry, then Happify is the best app for you.

Download Happify App for Android


HeadspaceWanna get a happy life? Must download the Headspace app right now. IF you want to know about the skills of meditation and mindfulness to change your life then Headspace is an excellent choice for you. The app has dozens of mediation guides in categories like anger management, stress management, and anxiety management to get better sleep, personal growth.

Once you install and open this app, it will take you through unlimited stories to learn meditation and mindfulness skills from world-class experts. Ultimately, it will surely help you focus, breathe, stay calm, and create balance in your stressful life. Get better relief from work, happiness, resilience, physical health, and more with the Headspace app.

Download Headspace App for Android

Download Headspace App for iOS

Anger Management & stress relief game (pstd)

Anger Management stress relief game pstdAnger Management & stress relief game is about your best option for controlling anger through your smartphone. This is a game that has to pop the bubble, pop the bubble wrap, turn the switch on or off, click the popcorn burst, seed remover, flower plucking, breaking glass, and a lot more.  This anti-stress relief toys game does an excellent job as you don’t mind the older user interface.

Download Anger Management & stress relief game (pstd) App for Android


DareThis anxiety and panic attack relief app gets uploaded with hundreds of audios to manage anger, stress, depression, anxiety. Dare lets you do things like calm your mind, take deep sleep, allows you to remove negative thinking from the mind, improve confidence, self-worth.

The premium version of the Dare app unlocks the additional best support, the latest ‘Daily Dare’ each and every day, option to download unlimited audio to your phone to control panic attacks and to remove stress, anger, anxiety anytime. The app has great positive reviews on Google Play Store and on the Apple app store as well.

Download Dare App for Android

Download Dare App for iOS

Control and Monitor

Control and MonitorControl and Monitor is definitely one of the must-have apps for anger management. It has been continuously updated with working techniques and methods to control and monitor anxiety, mood, and self-esteem.

There are various challenges to improve your mood, belief, and your way of life. The app has improved over the years and the developers have done well with keeping up with the latest features. With this app, you can track your mood, mood, anxiety, self-esteem, and depression.

Download Control and Monitor App for Android

MindShift CBT

MindShift CBTMindShift CBT has consistently been one of the best apps for anger management available. MindShift CBT has CBT tools to use almost anywhere. If you have negativity in your mind and think that you can’t do anything in your life then this is the ultimate app to end the negativity.

The app lets you stop negativity, by giving details on anxiety, and developing more effective ways of thinking, to relax. It has a clean and simple UI so that you can avail of the services more effectively. 

Download MindShift CBT App for Android


HeartsAppHeartsApp is one of many anger management apps out there. It comes with a simple minimalist design interface, live face to face meditation support, remote meditation session, and all of the basic features you’d expect from an anger management app. It even has master trainers to take sessions for you to manage your anger, stress, and depression.

Download HeartsApp App From Here


AntiStressAntiStress is a powerful app to control your anger, stress, anxiety, and stress. It is one of the better free apps to control your anger easily.  It’s more versatile than basically any other free anger management games available on the Play Store.

You get dozens of games to play to relax and enjoy. There are a ton of stress relief games in this app. Undoubtedly, you can relax your mind with satisfying games inside this app. It even includes realistic 3D brain exercise and relaxation, relaxing sounds to feel better.

Download AntiStress App for Android


MoodSpaceMoodSpace is the newest app on the list to control your anger. The app works like any standard anger management apps and you can explore mental wellbeing techniques.

The app also lets you record the best moments of your life. You can even analyze your progress inside the app. The app is free, decent, and it should get better over time for sure.

Download MoodSpace App for Android


EnergyEnergy is an exceptionally good anger management app. It does all of the basic stuff to control your anger. You can play a variety of games to relax. One of the games includes connecting loops that go by tapping the lines to rotate and create connected loops. The wires will shine when at least one bolt and a lamp are connected through a line.

Download Energy App for Android


AngrrAngrr is a simple anger management hypnosis app. It is a comprehensive app to help manage various emotions. Along with that, it has the option to control your anger. That means you can take an anger quiz to manage anger.

Additionally, it comes with the option to understand the anger to cool down using the tools and tricks. The user interface of the app is simple and it’s not difficult to use. You can download the Angrr app for free to learn how to get peace. It’s not bad as far as anger management apps go.

Download Angrr App for Android

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