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13 Best Apps Like Hoop to Make New Friends (Alternatives in 2022)

Apps Like Hoop

If you’re searching for genuine apps to make new friendships with good people, there are plenty of apps like Hoop to help you find them. Here are 13 apps similar to Hoop that may meet your requirements.

While the opportunity to connect with thousands of people on Snapchat sounds appealing to some, others may find it difficult. But similar apps like Hoop make it easy to discover new friends on Snapchat.

Looking for something other than Hoop? No matter what you think of Hoop, there’s no denying that this app has exploded into one of the most popular apps that connect with Snapchat to let users make new connections or meet strangers. 

So if you are on the lookout for other apps similar to Hoop where you can make new friends on Snapchat, take a look at a few other apps like Hoop. 

Whether you are on the hunt for something new or just want something new to try, have a look through the following list of best apps like Hoop Snapchat that are engaging in growing your Snapchat community.

13 Best Other Apps Like Hoop

So, let’s find an app that’s similar to Hoop but better as well as an app that’s more versatile. Therefore, without further ado, here are the 13 best apps similar to Hoop for Android and iOS.


YuboThe Yubo app was launched in 2015, and the app is used by over 20 million people. The users can create profiles to meet new friends. Apps like this one attract teens with features like a chat room, emoji, live video streaming, and so on. 

Yubo is an easy platform to meet new people from your neighborhood or anywhere in the world and start chatting right away. It’s free to use. You can upgrade to the PowerPack to get additional benefits.

As a Snapchat partner, Yubo now offers Lenses that you can try out in video chat with your friends. Up to ten of your friends can join you in a video call, and you can invite new friends as well. You can also sing, dance, exchange messages with your friends and play games with them.

You can chat with people you’ve never met before, and reconnect with friends you’ve lost touch with. It is possible to chat with the people you have added or directly in the live streams. You can use the swipe function to find people with similar interests nearby or worldwide.

By using Yubo, you can find and connect with a wide variety of people and groups, making it easier to form friendships. Yubo lets you invite friends via Snapchat and other social networks, and earn rewards. 


SpotafriendSpotafriend lets you meet new people nearby and has a lot of fun. Currently, this app has more than 2 million users, which means you will most likely meet someone new. 

Specifically made for teens, Spotafriend lets you swipe through profiles. Thanks to Spotafriend’s wide user base, you are more likely to meet new people. The app lets you swipe through pictures of teens nearby, and once you swipe right, you can become friends. 

When you sign up for Spotafriend Ultimate Access, you will have access to a variety of premium features, including Block ads, unlimited Boomerang, view swipe history, remove old swipes, an ultimate Badge on profile, 2 extra Super Swipes per day, priority listings in your area.


WinkAn app that allows you to connect with others and discover new friends. Through Wink, you can view other Snapchat users’ profiles, add them, and chat. You can send messages through Messenger and make calls. Play games, and send icebreakers, GIFs, and videos.

There is no chat feature on Wink. The app aims to help you meet new people and build relationships. It allows you to search through hundreds of profiles and get to know new people. Search for people with interesting bios. You can also gain friends based on mutual interests. 

The Wink app makes it easy for you to get in touch with new friends and find things in common. The app offers limited swipes per day for spending “gems,” which are earned in various ways. These gems can then be spent on making friends indefinitely. 


WizzWizz is an app where strangers can connect based on their interests. The app serves as a social network for friends, allowing them to communicate and share images, videos, and animated gifs.

Users with similar ages are grouped in Wizz by age group. Users can create profiles that include photos, tags, and short bios. If you want to connect with people, look for topics that interest you or have relevance to what you do.

Once you have created a profile, you can browse other people’s profiles, become friends with the people you like, and kick out the rest.


KikKik is a popular app that attracts many users. Using Kik, users can chat with one another, send photos, videos, and GIFs, and play games together.

After picking a username, you can immediately start chatting. Kik is not just a good way to chat with friends, but it’s also a great way to meet new people.

On Kik, you can meet people in many ways. Kik groups are a good place to meet people if you’re a member. Select “Meet New People” from your friend’s list, and a random person will be matched with you who wants to make new friends. 

During the chat, you both get 15 minutes to talk, and you can become friends at any time if the conversation is going well. You’ll meet lots of new people this way. It’s even possible to remain anonymous.

Kik Messenger is a lightning-fast, completely free messaging app that makes chatting, and finding friends online even easier. It is one of the most popular apps like Hoop where you can meet girls and boys to chat with who may want to meet others like you.

Kik Messenger is the ideal platform for getting in touch with friends near and far. It is a great place to meet funny, interesting, and honest people.  The popularity of Kik as an app to make friends online is no surprise.


LMKIf you are the one who seeks out social interaction, then you’ll love this conversation-based app LMK. The app offers multiple communication options, including voice chats.

It’s easy to chat with people (privately or in a group) who have similar interests, so you don’t have to wait long to find someone to chat with. Furthermore, if you’re on a call, the timer automatically ends it after the given amount of time.

It’s easy to use Audio Rooms to meet and communicate with multiple people at once. The audio rooms can even be used to send gifts. In order to become friends, swipe right on their profile. You can also add your interests and information about yourself. 


SwiprWith Swipr, you can meet new people wherever you go simply by swiping right. Swipr makes it easy to find the right friend. You can connect with like-minded individuals. You can easily find someone who shares your interest by swiping left or right.

Swipr allows you to send a message directly to your friend in your chatroom. By completing engaging mini-tasks and by using additional premium features, you can also earn diamonds.

The app is similar to Yubo but without the need for phone number verification. It’s one of the best apps out there for meeting new people, and the ads are minimal. 

Whether you’re looking to flirt, chat, snap or simply meet new people, you should download this app. One of the great features is the nearby feature that lets you find friends living in your locality.


PurpMaking new friends is what purp is all about! Become more culturally aware, add more points to your Snapchat map, and increase the number of views on your story. 

Your friend’s Snapchat username can be found by swiping right. You will receive a notification when your request is accepted.

The username on your Snapchat profile is private, so you can choose who to allow to view it and who to become a Snapchat friend. Accepting everyone’s request isn’t necessary, or you can just add everyone to your Snapchat. Posting inappropriate content or bullying others, will result in your ban from Purp.

Z: Make Friends on Snapchat

Z App Make Friends on SnapchatZ app is designed to help users to connect with other Snapchat users. Start by swiping left to pass or right to chat. Only the people you choose can see your Snapchat. Take advantage of the chance to connect with new Snapchat friends globally, and get to know new people.

Thus, you will only see other Snapchat users you add, and you will only appear on other people’s feeds you choose.

There are only a limited number of rubies you can swipe right with, so select only people you want to chat with. 


STRKStreakers app makes it easy to add new friends to Snapchat. Adding suitable friends from Discover is a quick way to start earning Streak. On your profile, you can add your Snapchat username, bitmoji, profile information, gender, and age.

Earning streaks is the key to gaining more Snapchat friends. Streaks can be earned by watching ads, sharing links on Snapchat stories, and earning daily rewards. 

There are packages ready for you to choose and purchase to make your Snapchat profile stand out. The more popular your profile is, the more likely you are to attract new friends.

Friends for Snapchat

Friends for SnapchatFriends for Snapchat Android app lets you discover new cultures and people around the world. You can find interesting people from all corners of the globe with this app. Sign up to meet new people, build streaks, and learn new things.

FindFriends lets you become more popular on Snapchat and make new friends. It features an easy user interface and is fast. You can browse by interests, gender, age, and hobbies. The process of adding users is very easy, you simply click “Add” and you’re taken to the Snapchat app where you can add users

Your Snapchat username remains private unless you choose to share them. For others to find you, create a post and include information about your age, interests, and passions.


VibeVibe is a simple way to connect with people who share your interests. It connects people according to their common interests.

To spend more time getting to know someone before becoming friends, Vibe allows you to swipe to find new friends, match, and add them to your Snapchat. Vibe attracts millennials with its swipe-and-match functionality.

Whether you’re looking for someone for purely chatting or to date with, Vibe could be a good place to meet your future partner.


HeyyHeyy provides a forum to meet people from around the world. Find new cultures to discover, increase your Snapchat following, add streaks to your snap map, personalize your snap map, and a lot more. 

By simply swiping right, you’ll be able to start a conversation with your new friend. Become friends with as many people as you would like. Adding them to Snapchat is also an option. Spend some time getting to know them by chatting.

It’s easier than ever to meet new people and form new friendships, thanks to apps like Hoop. These apps similar to Hoop are used by millions of people every day to make new connections on Snapchat and form new communities and turn them into real friendships.

In case you are looking for dating apps like Hoop that help people connect and discover things about each other, our article introduced several Snapchat apps like Hoop that may meet your requirements.

I hope you like this article. Do share this article and let us know if you know of any other app similar to Hoop.

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