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11 Apps Like Triller For Android & iPhone (Alternatives in 2022)

If you look through the Google Play Store or iOS App Store, you’ll find dozens of social video apps like Triller, but almost all of them lack basic features, necessary video editing tools, user-friendly interface. 

The app market is flooded with apps similar to Triller, and choosing one alternative to the Triller app is a difficult task. However, we have spent a lot of time and effort to pick the apps better than Triller. So, the following list puts the best apps like Triller for iPhone and Android right at your fingertips. Let’s explore Triller alternative apps.Best Apps Like Triller Alternatives

About Triller

The Triller app enables users to create video clips, edit them, and share them across platforms. You can watch millions of videos created by other Triller users across the world in categories like music, fitness, lifestyle, etc. By hashtag search, users can also find videos. 

With the app, users can take videos with their smartphones, and then edit them with simple features. You can follow other creators, like and comment on their videos, send direct messages to others.

Video-sharing platform Triller features basic recording and editing tools, as well as filters and effects, and also allows you to add text, emojis, and handwritten graphics to videos. You can also use the music from someone else’s video, or you can collaborate with them if you want to create something new out of the original video. 

For those trying to present themselves creatively to gain exposure, Triller is an excellent app. The app’s new auto-editing algorithm instantly makes your videos look professional. With 100+ filters, you can create visually appealing videos and choose from a wide selection of popular songs or add your own.

Triller videos have been created by many artists including Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Rita Ora, Kevin Hart, Rae Sremmurd, and more. Just record your shots, hit the Triller button, edit, and your video will be ready in seconds.

11 Apps Like Triller Alternatives For Android & iPhone in 2022

Let’s take a look at the best Triller alternatives when you can’t find the editing tools or engaging content you want.


LomotifThe Lomotif social video app has been downloaded over 225 million times making it one of the best Triller alternatives with a huge community. It has many interesting features that teens will love. Teenagers who are passionate about editing videos on their own will find Lomotif a great Triller alternative. This app offers a wide range of GIFs, animated stickers, effects, filters, and other editing tools. 

The music selection is also excellent. You will find a list of the latest music tracks on the app that are organized into genres and topics. With this app, users will have a variety of options that will entertain them and enable them to be creative.   

In addition to animated stickers, text, and filters for customizing videos, the scratch feature allows editing videos in a way that mimics scratching a record.  There are several unique features and functionality of the Lomotif app that make it stand out from other apps like Triller.

The Lomotif application lets users edit and blend video through a variety of tools designed for ease of use. Furthermore, you can add music to it and it will automatically turn your captured videos into fun music videos. Furthermore, you can watch videos that others have made using Lomotif.


TikTokWhen it comes to Triller alternatives, TikTok has no competitors. The TikTok app revolves around creating and finding music videos. Using it, you can record yourself dancing, singing, lip-syncing, or showcasing stunts. By using Duet, users can combine the videos of themselves and another user. The app lets users add stickers, filters, and AR effects, broadcast live, and communicate with other users or followers. Users can choose whether to publish their videos publicly or privately. 

There is a wide variety of sounds and song samples available, along with effects and filters. The app also allows you to upload videos directly from your phone. It’s possible to edit video even when it’s recorded by your phone’s camera.

If you share a video publicly, it can be seen, commented on, or remixed by anybody. The majority of videos are music-focused, utilizing the app’s vast sound effects library, music snippets, and filter tools for creating short videos. There are millions of videos you can browse through.

TikTok’s superior video editor makes editing videos a breeze, and even if you mess up recording, your lip sync looks great with the editing option. It offers editing features not found in any other apps like Triller. Using the Reactions feature, users are able to record themselves as they watch videos to post on the app. With the app, users are able to live stream and receive virtual gifts from followers or fans.


KwaiKwai is one of the apps similar to Triller for creating and sharing short videos. KWAI lets you edit and share videos publicly. By using the app, users can add magical effects, aesthetic filters, and AR effects to their videos and photos and share them with hashtags. Users can watch others videos and leave comments, as well as share a duet.

Using the app, users can follow each other and send direct messages. Your posts can be public, private, or for 48 hours, after which they will disappear.

Kwai is mainly used for making short videos for WhatsApp, Facebook, and sending short videos to friends. Due to the short video length, more videos can be posted simultaneously and thus receive more views. Moreover, you can earn money by posting videos on KWAI. 

The KWAI app lets you stay on top of all the latest trends from the palm of your hand. Just select your photos, pick the music, select the filters, and upload. You can also playback, dub, cut, trim, and merge videos. 

Over 15 million videos are uploaded daily by Kwai users, including celebrities. This app has a variety of tools for enhancing your videos’ appearance. Moreover, Kwai pays you when your videos are viewed. 


DubsmashDubsmash is a bit of a different app compared to other Triller alternatives. Using Dubsmash makes it easy to spice up any interaction in ways you never thought possible. By using this free iOS and Android app, you can record short videos that are synced to fun sound effects or movie dialogues or songs.

Perform lip-synching or dancing to your favorite songs & post them on social media. Take part in a trending challenge or make a dance video. User-friendly interface, easy navigation, and great features combine to make Dubsmash one of the best apps like Triller available.


FunimateThe app Funimate combines social networking and music video editing, making it a favorite app among smartphone users. The app has more than 10 million downloads on both Android and iOS phones. 

There are powerful tools for creating videos and audio, along with a community on the app. Aside from that, it has a wide selection of video and audio tools, effects, keyframe effects, animations, text effects, emojis, stickers to make all your videos more interesting and engaging. 

In the era of social media, Funimate ruled the sphere thanks to its robust features and video editing community, making users popular on apps like Triller. Almost everybody uses a smartphone these days, which makes Funimate the perfect tool for experimenting with video editing or production.

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RizzleRizzle is a revolutionary video maker that allows you to express yourself with innovative video editing tools and a large library of over 10000 unique templates. There is also a RIMIX feature that lets you combine two or more videos with effects. You can either pick your gallery videos or use Rizzle’s procam to take new ones. 

Create original short videos for YouTube or Facebook using a face-beautifying filter & special effects. If you’re looking to send a video as a status on Whatsapp, Facebook or post a video to Instagram, this app is a must-have. Rizzle lets you make short films, web series, and more. Video clips are easy to edit and the Rizzle’s video editor makes your video great.

This app allows you to create videos of 15-60 seconds. If you wish, you can add music. You can choose from pop music, classic music or contemporary music. Also, you can collaborate with your family and friends. The app has an intriguing feature in that it lets you ask celebrities to make videos based on your own soundtrack.

Not only will you get the opportunity to make videos, but you will also have access to channels where you can create short video series. Another key highlight of the Rizzle is earning money. You must continuously upload good content in order to grow your channel and turn it into a premium channel. Once you reach a certain number of subscribers, your subscribers will sponsor you and you can earn money. There are other ways to earn too!


SnapchatSnapchat is a highly innovative app featuring video chat, disappearing messages, stories, and effects. Snapchat gained popularity by allowing users to share self-destructing photos and videos. It allows you to set a time limit so your shares are viewable for only a few seconds before being permanently deleted.

Upon learning how to use it, Snapchat is a convenient way to send self-destructing photos, videos, and texts, along with video chatting. Snapchat feels unique compared to other social platform apps like Triller, and its disposable nature gives it an edge over other social media platforms.

Snapchat began as a platform for private, direct messaging, but now offers a wide range of features, such as sending short videos, live video chatting, messaging, making Bitmoji avatars, and sharing stories with all of your followers. There’s even a dedicated “Discovery” section that features short-form content published by popular creators.

The fun overlay of a filter can add a nice touch to your snap. Once you’ve taken a picture, you can use the preview screen to add colour filters, the current time, local weather, speed overlays, or geofilters to your video or photo. 

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LikeeWith Likee, people can upload their own videos and showcase their skills. Personalization feeds, video effects, live streams allow you to make an impressive video. In addition to searching hashtags, users can see posts from around the world in the app.

By creating short videos, you can showcase your talent on Likee. This has become an increasingly common form of entertainment. The editing tools and effects available on Likee can further polish your videos. If you choose to stream live, you can connect with the audience and explore the world. 

Formerly known as Like Video, the platform allows users to create short videos with its user-friendly interface with great editing features and impressive filters and effects. 

You can view your favorite content through personalized feeds. Videos are curated based on what you like, share, and watch. Aside from the never-ending video feed, Likee also offers the convenience of sending virtual gifts and roses to users’ favorite creators. Likee is a Showbox alternative that won’t disappoint thanks to its excellent service.

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MojIndian alternatives to Triller and other apps like Funimate. Similar to Triller, Moj offers a range of features including special effects, lip-syncing videos, stickers, emoticons, easy video editing, and other features. The Moj short video app was developed by ShareChat an Indian social media and social networking service. 

Moj app enables you to show off your amazing talent on the world’s biggest stage, providing endless entertainment. On Moj, you can meet numerous artists and discover their talent in a variety of fields. The Moj App gives you daily challenges and new opportunities to discover new and fresh talent.

The Moj app is a place where you can connect with interesting people and watch entertaining video clips. Thanks to tons of stickers, filters, and emoticons, it is now possible to make videos and selfies that will impress your viewers. Create short videos on the Moj app and you could become a viral sensation.

The app includes special effects, short videos, cutting-edge magic filters, emoticons stickers, and categories including dance, travel, singing, acting, comedy, and education, with durations between 15 seconds and one minute. The app supports 15 languages and the videos from the app can be downloaded.

MX TakaTak

MX TakaTakWith MX TakaTak you are able to record and share short videos. Using this application, you are able to reach a large audience through your videos. Video editing and shortening are the main functions of this app. Therefore, you won’t have to use separate apps like Triller for those functions. 

Most importantly, a wide variety of people can be reached. You don’t need to be a creator to use this app. There is a variety of content available. Additionally, you can save videos to the gallery on the phone. Thus, it will be possible for them to watch or share the videos wherever they are. You can also group up to 9 photos into one video, making up a story to upload. A wide variety of audio is available, including music and dialogue.

The app has a collection of great editing tools that enable you to edit videos and share them. You can select numerous beauty filters and effects when recording a video. The app offers a constantly updated music library to add to your videos.


JoshJosh is another Triller alternative for Android and iOS. It is a popular video-creation platform that lets you create short videos about everything from cooking to entertainment. Based on the videos you watch, and likes, Josh combines them into a personalized feed. Additionally, you can follow other users, celebrities, and content creators to stay in touch.

Josh’s video creation feature is quite popular, as it allows users to simultaneously upload and edit videos. These videos are engaging and unique. Using the app, you can watch, interact with videos you love, remix videos, and browse a wide selection of short videos.

It is possible to add your own music or add filters, new effects, stickers, augmented reality masks, and timers to it. Thanks to the built-in editing tools, it is easy to trim, cut, merge, and duplicate video clips.

Final Words

You’ll find something for everyone on our list of the best apps similar to Triller. Take your time going through each of them to find the one that will offer you the best video-sharing social networking service experience.

Also, keep your eyes open for any alternatives to Triller and if you find one that deserves to be included, let us know.

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