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15 Best Apps Like Whisper For Anonymous Chatting (Android/iOS)

If you are looking for an alternative for the Whisper app for some reason, here are the best apps like Whisper to share ideas, talk anonymously, take advice, and also learn from other people. As social media platforms became an integral part of our life, finding alternatives for the well-known app is kind of a hard task. So, we have done some research to find some other apps like Whisper. Best Apps Like Whisper

Whisper is an app that allows you to connect with millions of people around the world through your Android or iOS smartphone. Undoubtedly, Whisper is the best social networking app in the world and it is an excellent anonymous secret-sharing app if you want to meet new people. If we look around, we will find that more people love to make new friends and love to chat anonymously with anyone.

But over some years, it has been observed that the Whisper app has some limitations, lack of new features that are interesting to users. To deal with such issues, many apps like Whisper are available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. 

15 Best Apps Like Whisper for Android and iOS You Should Use in 2022

All of the apps similar to whisper listed in this article are tried and tested by us. Moreover, most of the apps like Whisper are free to download. However, some apps even have a freemium basis which means users can purchase the premium versions which unlock additional options and features. Even some apps are better than Whisper. If you need, you can still enjoy most of the free apps without paying a single penny! With that being said, let’s take a look at our top picks!

Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating App

Anonymous Chat Rooms Dating AppOne of the best apps that can replace Whisper is the “Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating App”. As its name implies, you can use this app to talk with random people. That means if you want, you can anonymously chat with strangers.  Also, the app has a pretty clean and well-organized interface. Whether you want to make new friends online from all over the world or stay anonymous while chatting, this popular app will let you do that. 

The best thing about the app is unlike many apps in this category that chats with you through BOTs, this app gives you the ability to chat with real people. So, if you want an app to communicate, flirt, and joke with nearby local people or foreigners, this is a great app for you. Additionally, you can record a 10-second short video through the app to send privately to any of the users, which is amazing for those who like video chat with strangers.

The only other downside to the Anonymous Chat Rooms app is that it doesn’t allow you to take screenshots of chats. Still, if your only aim is to talk to people from all over the world and make new friends then this is certainly one of the best private chat apps that you can get for Android and iPhone.

Features of Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating App

  • It doesn’t matter what your caste, religion, or gender is to chat or meet new people
  • Private chat option
  • Talk to random people anonymously
  • App’s own algorithm and automatic filters block other users who harass, troll, or bully users of the app
  • Option to play games like truth or dare
  • Support for many languages and has user base from all countries so that you can learn any language from other users
  • You can meet both locals people who stay nearby your location or foreigners from other countries around the world
  • Option to make and record videos to send through chat
  • Also, earn some karma by chatting on this app

Download Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating App for Android

Download Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating App for iOS

AntiChat by Nova Halavins

AntiChat by Nova HalavinsAntiChat is a simple but effective anonymous and secure group chats messenger app for Android. It has the option to hide your identity to chat with random people online. AntiChat automatically censors the spam, inappropriate messages, hate content for you to give you a pleasant experience. 

The app also supports communication with people from dozens of countries. Apart from that, AntiChat also provides users with hundreds of avatars to pick from for their secret identity. The app also offers you karma points based on your behavior with other people while chatting. 

The karma will increase instantly if you talk with several other users through the app daily, chat on various interesting topics, sending images, buying artifacts in your profile, and receiving gifts. However, if your behavior is rude or if you break rules on the app then your karma points will be decreased. 

Moreover, based on the complaints from other trusted users of AntiChat also your karma will be decreased. In our testing, we often found some minor lags whenever we connect with a new person. 

Features of AntiChat by Nova Halavins App

  • Supports over 32 international languages
  • AntiChat has its own moderators to control harassments, spams to users on the app
  • Chat without name
  • Option to customize avatars
  • No chat history
  • Zero ads

Download AntiChat by Nova Halavins App for Android

Download AntiChat by Nova Halavins App for iOS


KweeYou can also try Kwee to anonymously chat with completely different stranger users on your Android smartphones. Kwee app is easy to use, and one of the few apps that work without asking users to signup or log in. It is also one of the best and reliable alternatives to the Whisper app with all the basic features. 

One of the cool features of this app is its ability to show whether the image sent to you by another user is from a live camera or from the phone’s gallery. Though the app has fewer downloads on the Play Store, it has an active user base. 

While it doesn’t have an option to choose an age range or gender you would prefer to chat with, yet we found the app as easy to use and you can use for free. Besides, you get the great option of auto-delete messages after you disconnect.

Features of Kwee App

  • No login or registration required
  • Option to detect from where the image has been sent
  • Quick messaging
  • Send emoticons, audio, and pictures
  • Appealing user interface.

Download Kwee App for Android

Friend Shoulder

Friend ShoulderAnother app similar to Whisper, Friend Shoulder comes loaded with almost identical features. It has exciting options onboard like interacting with unknown people anonymously, customizing your avatar, and more features to engage with your new friends. 

Additionally, the application offers a platform to ask your questions on any topic to get solutions from other users.  Most users use this app to socialize and make new friends from different parts of the world. The app even allows you to talk to random strangers in a virtual way. The app claims to offer 100% anonymous chat so you can use this app for free without worrying about losing your anonymity. 

Unlike the above app, the Friend Shoulder app gives you the option to filter out the categories you are looking for. There are tons of categories to choose from and every category is filled with millions of active users.

Features of Friend Shoulder

  • Offers a powerful tool to customize your avatar
  • Filter by category of your interest
  • Provides a way to ask for advice or suggest others
  • Guaranteed anonymity

Download Friend Shoulder App for Android

Download Friend Shoulder App for iOS


ChatousThis app is another Whisper alternative option that allows you to connect with millions of people with similar interests. The prior reason why this app is so popular is because of it’s easy to use along with features like video chat and photo sharing. 

Showcase your skills by chatting with hundreds of people every day on the app through video calls. The app has a great option to change usernames anytime without any limitation, so you can make your profile can’t be searched. You will be able to find other users to chat with through hashtags as well.

Another interesting feature of this app is the gender filter. However, it requires a subscription to use the feature. The video calling quality on the app is okayish. Overall, it is a worthy app to install.

Features of Chatous App

  • Fast messaging 
  • Option to set a bio
  • Connect with people from all over the world to talk about the topics you are interested
  • Chat with friends by sharing photos, videos, and audio
  • Video calling

Download Chatous App for Android

Download Chatous App for iOS


HolaIf you enjoy random audio chats or random video chats, then, Hola is the one for you! With Hola, you can make unlimited friends for free just like other apps like Whisper. You can connect with them, talk with them through video calls or audio calls too anonymously. 

Besides this, your chats will be auto-translated if the person talking to you is from any other country and they are speaking any foreign languages. If you are the one who is excited to connect with To know more, try it for free!

Features of Hola App

  • Free audio + video calls
  • Real-time chat translation
  • Option to choose the gender
  • Dozens of games to challenge with friends.

Download Hola App for Android

Download Hola App for iOS Chat Anonymously Chat AnonymouslyConsidered as one of the ideal alternatives to the Whisper app, can be used for hiding identity to chat with strangers. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. To meet new people through the application, all you have to do is install and open the app then set up your profile details. 

You can easily use fake details to hide your identity. Also, set a fake profile picture if you need it. The app comes with plenty of features and this includes being able to notify you whenever your favorite friends are online. This app is also a great option for those who want to interact with celebrities, experts, and specialists. 

Features of App

  • Offers profile link to share anywhere
  • A feature called Shuffle to see who’s online
  • Hide your name and details to chat with anyone freely
  • Neat and clean interface

Download App for Android

Download App for iOS

CuriousCat – Anonymous Q&A

CuriousCatThis list would be incomplete without CuriousCat. When it comes to anonymous question and answer apps, CuriousCat is one apps like Whisper you should definitely give a try. The options that this app provides are all surreal, especially if you are looking for a great app for anonymous Q&A apps then surely a better option for you. 

Once you start using CuriousCat, you’ll probably never try any other anonymous QA apps like Whisper, all thanks to its beautiful UI and thousands of questions. And there are multiple useful features that allow you to post any questions you have in your mind anonymously without feeling ashamed. 

While most of the apps similar to Whisper in this list focus on chatting anonymously, CuriousCat acts as a platform for asking or answering anonymously to any questions asked by many users.

Features of CuriousCat App

  • Ask unlimited questions anonymously
  • Answer any questions of the public anonymously
  • Follow other users
  • Help others by answering their questions and increase your followers.

Download CuriousCat App for Android

Download CuriousCat App for iOS

F3 – Make new friends, Anonymous questions, Chat

F3F3 is another apps like Whisper that is gaining popularity for the last few years. With over 10 million users, the F3 app has received a lot more popularity over recent years. The app hosts a variety of good features you need. It is another extraordinary app like Whisper that lets you share secrets with people around you. 

The app also has a premium version. The only difference between the free and premium version is that the paid version offers some additional features like see who viewed your posts and answers, see everyone who wants to friend you on the BFF game, zero ads, etc. One of the best features of the F3 app is its option to answer or chat through text and drawing tools. F3  honestly took the age of the anonymous chat apps category by a storm thanks to its rich features.

Features of F3 App

  • Option to share link
  • Allows you to send anonymous messages and ask questions only you can see
  • Answer on a platform with photos and videos.

Download F3 App for Android

Download F3 App for iOS


TellonymTellonym is the app that has all the bells and whistles that you would need from anonymous Q&A apps like Whisper. Being on Tellonym gives you the advantage of asking anything or any questions anonymously on an active community platform. 

Most of the users on Tellonym use this platform to join the conversation in a way that prevents a person from being identified by name. So if you don’t prefer the other users to identify your questions or answers, Tellonym is more suitable for you. 

It has powerful features like a reply in stories, knowing unknown stuff about your friends, etc. The app has grabbed millions of downloads for both Android and iOS devices in a short span and is regarded as one of the top apps similar to Whisper.

Features of Tellonym App

  • Offers a great way to know more about your friends or strangers
  • Option to follow
  • Suggestions to find new people
  • Free to use
  • Clutter-free user interface

Download Tellonym App for Android

Download Tellonym App for iOS


MocoMoco is definitely a must-have Whisper alternative app for iPhone and Android. Finding new people who are living nearby to make a private chat is a cinch with Moco. And you can use Moco for public, private, and group chats, including video calls and voice messages with any stranger who uses this app. 

Moco has been one of the most popular apps to flirt with new people around the world and to know what’s happening with people who live nearby. Moco has many unique features to choose from and there are several fun options you can use such as entertaining games and chat rooms. Unlike Whisper, Moco focuses on entertainment aspects as well, not just messaging, playing games, and making new friends. The app also has a filter option, where the users can use search options to find new people based on age, gender, location, and sexual preference.

Features of Moco

  • It lets you play games
  • Find people using tools like search by age, gender, location, and sexual preference including gays and lesbians and more
  • Public and private chat for free
  • Allows you to send video files and voice messages.

Download Moco App for Android

Download Moco App for iOS

Galaxy – Chat Rooms

Galaxy Chat RoomsNext up on our list is Galaxy – Chat Rooms app. It shares a lot of the features from Whisper and it can be a perfect alternative to Whisper for those looking for an app with a dating game to contact hundreds of profiles from your place and worldwide. When it comes to private messaging, Galaxy – Chat Rooms is one of the most famous chatting apps used by many. 

Its impressive features, set of games like trivia, Mafia, avatar customization tools, and virtual gifts allow users to have fun whenever they need. The app claims to offer an Ad-free experience in the free version as well. For this reason, this apps like Whisper is the best choice for anonymous chatting. Galaxy – Chat Rooms makes it fun and simple to date new people online.

Features of Galaxy – Chat Rooms App

  • Enhancing online presence by customizing avatars
  • Virtual gifs to send and receive
  • Virtual pets
  • Loads of games to play
  • Zero Ads

Download Galaxy – Chat Rooms App for Android


PaltalkIf you enjoy having conversations with strangers and want to meet them, this app is for you. Claimed to be the best anonymous global video community, Paltalk is also identical to the Whisper dating app. With this app, you can have live chat about the topics you love with strangers. It is also the best app to relieve your boredom since it gives you the option to talk anonymously in the app’s chat rooms. 

You can have long conversations in random chat rooms about any subject you can think of. Importantly, the app offers a way to make your own group host your own random room. You can also check out the app’s random chat rooms created by other users. All in all, Paltalk is one of the best anonymous apps like Whisper, so we recommend trying it.

Features of Paltalk App

  • Speak about any topic on live chat
  • Chat on the live video chat rooms
  • Send an anonymous whisper to random chatters
  • Find new language speaking people and learn new languages from strangers
  • Have live group video chat with strangers or one-to-one private video chat with stranger

Download Paltalk App for Android

Download Paltalk App for iOS

Cuddle Voice Chat

Cuddle Voice ChatTalking about good voice chatting apps with strangers, Cuddle is one you should definitely give a shot. It is like an all-in-one app that hosts a variety of features like sharing your thoughts, playing music, joining trivia, finding someone to match to date or love, connecting to millions of people, finding new friends, hosting games, and also earning money. What not? Everything is possible on the Cuddle app. 

Engaging and interacting with strangers is easy on the Cuddle app. Undoubtedly, it is one among the new true apps like Whisper that allows you to call strangers and talk with each other for free.  So if you’re seeking the nearest alternative to Whisper, this app would be a great choice for you.

Features of Cuddle Voice Chat App

  • Choose from the single-host live show, multi-host chat rooms
  • Add voice labels
  • Win avatars, badges, and entrance effects
  • Participate and become popular
  • Virtual gifts to send or receive in order to show your love and appreciation to other people.

Download Cuddle Voice Chat App for Android

Download Cuddle Voice Chat App for iOS


ASKfmEnding this list, we have ASKfm, a Whisper-like app for Android and iOS platforms only to ask questions to get answers.  The application has a large suite for anonymous chat threads.  It’s focused mainly on questions and answers, but you may find that ASKfm resembles Whisper in many aspects. It also allows its users to ask questions to find answers to your anonymous questions in more than 40 languages of the world. 

On top of this, ASKfm has some exciting functions Whisper lacks. For instance, through ASKfm, you can find the secrets of your friends, classmates, and people nearby. You even get the option to go anonymously or openly. ASKfm Q&A social network also lets its users join the VIP program to get premium features along with some additional benefits. 

Features of ASKfm App

  • Real-time questions and answers
  • ASK coins to claim the special offers at the ASKfm market.
  • Option to attach photos, videos, or GIFs to your answers
  • One swipe to hide the identity

Download ASKfm App for Android

Download ASKfm App for iOS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Whisper app?

Whisper is like a social media app where you can send and receive anonymous messages, find and meet new people from worldwide. photos, and videos from other users. Whisper is created specifically for sharing real thoughts, trade advice, and to meet new friends by chat.

Why do you need an app like a Whisper? 

Actually, it is a question that you should ask yourself. We have combined all the apps that match the features like the Whisper app and also the apps that have the features the Whisper app lacks. These all apps are worth attention and surely one of them could potentially become an alternative of Whisper for you.

Are there any apps like Whisper which help you to share your secrets online?

A neat interface and a friendly UX is what it usually takes people to try a good Whisper alternative app. There are hundreds of Whisper-like apps you can find on the internet. We have listed the best apps like Whisper in this article. You can know the disadvantages from below.

What are the pros and cons of similar apps like Whisper?

Whisper is one app that has grabbed people’s attention with a variety of features, boasts of its uniqueness and security measures. This is the reason why most people love the Whisper app. So, you may find difficulty in understanding features in other apps like Whisper. Or you may fail to find each and every option. Moreover, in other apps, you may be trolled, spammed, or bullied by other users.

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