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15 Best Apps Like Yubo (Alternatives)

Looking for the best apps like Yubo where you can chat and make new friends? Here we have listed the top sites and apps similar to Yubo. There are great alternatives to Yubo that can offer you more.Top Websites Apps Like Yubo

About Yubo

2015 marked the launch of Yubo, and it was previously known as Yellow. This app is very popular among young kids today. The app has over 20 million users who used it to make new friends. Since its launch, Yubo has connected over 2 billion users worldwide. Users have sent and received over ten billion messages and viewed over 30 billion live streams. 

Apps like Yubo appeal to teens with their features, which include a chat room, emoji, live video streaming, and so on. Using Yubo, users can stream video live simultaneously with up to ten other streamers. They can create sessions on this platform and invite their friends to join them to watch live video streams. The feature appeals to teens. 

It is possible for teens to swipe on this app like Tinder to see other teens their own age, and they can start making friends right away without spending time in the search function. It is an app similar to Tinder and seems to have an age restriction of 13. Yubo allows you to connect on Snapchat and Instagram easily. 

Many controversies arose once Yubo began attracting tweens and teen users. Like Tinder which is an adult dating app, Yubo is criticized for catering to teens. Apps similar to Yubo for teens have obvious problems. Users can browse profiles of other users, passing or liking them by swiping left or right. After liking each other’s profiles, users can begin chatting. 

Due to its interface and features being quite similar to the popular dating app Tinder, the app is often referred to as “Tinder for teens.”  Though the service makes a lot of efforts to provide its users with a secure environment, parents complain that it doesn’t protect their children sufficiently. 

15 Top Websites and Apps Like Yubo in 2022

This article will be bringing you the 15 best sites and apps similar to Yubo for both Android and iOS. The alternatives are as follows:


HoopHoop is a standalone app connected to Snapchat. By using this app, the Snapchat profiles will be notified and this will inspire Snapchat users to add friends. 

You cannot chat directly through the Hoop app, but you can add the Snapchat profiles in your friend list and communicate through Snapchat. Using the app, Snapchat users can quickly and easily increase their friend list count.

It is simple to use Hoop. By simply swiping through a profile, you can ask for their Snapchat username, connect with them, and be notified if their Snapchat request is accepted.


MeetMeThe mission of MeetMe is to put your teen in touch with new people. As Facebook and similar apps like Yubo tend to focus on connecting old friends, MeetMe focuses almost exclusively on connecting strangers to teens. 

Upon registering, users use either a Facebook account or an email address to create a profile.  Several profiles of nearby users are displayed within seconds.  The site contains a long list of public information for nearby residents. People can chat regularly and even meet up in person with other users.

Additionally, members can also earn “MeetMe Credits” which can be used to build their profiles and attract more views.  These credits allow their profiles to gain more attention. Additionally, they can search for other members using various search filters including age, location, and body type. 

The fun features on MeetMe make it easy for members to connect with rangers easily to chat and meet them casually. The goal of MeetMe is to keep people engaged and connected by providing exciting experiences.

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MeetupEngaging in social activities at local events and groups can be a great way to meet new people and connect. Meetup app lets you connect with like-minded people interested in the same things you are. It offers the ability to meet new people, make lasting friendships, and form bonds with people you share common interests with.

Meetup has all kinds of groups, and you are sure to find a group that shares the same interests as you. There is also a good chance that you will make some new friends, and you might even have more fun doing the things you love when you’re with other people.

You should join Meetup if you enjoy activities you can accomplish with a group, and you’re open to a meeting when you want. Additionally, it’s helpful if you want to expand your social circle. After meeting someone, you can use the discussion and messaging functions to keep in contact. 

You can use the app for free, making it an affordable way to meet people who have similar interests. By using this app, you can meet new people, get support, learn new things, explore your interests, or push yourself beyond your comfort zone. 


SkoutSkout is a dating app where teens can sign up and see what other teens are interested in, either by gender or both. On the app, teens can share their experiences. You can comment on other posts, upload pictures, and send private messages.

The teens will receive notifications when others in their area join, and by earning points, they can search other areas. They are notified when someone looks them up, but they must pay points to find out who it is. Points are earned by signing up, uploading pictures, and logging in, as well as responding to advertisements.

In 2007, Skout was founded by a group of people who wished to take online social interaction to new heights. Singles could use the site to find a friend, date, fall in love, get married, and more. Skout offers a wide range of features, including photo sharing, messaging, virtual gifts, and more, but its most notable feature is Shake to Chat which is an instant way to chat with a random person.

Skout offers the usual swipe and chat features you’d find on a dating website like Yubo. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, then check out the next Yubo alternative in this list.


FriendedA friend-centric app is what you need, Friended deserves your attention. This app is dedicated to friends. It allows you to find and keep friends. In addition, it has a very clever way of doing so. Even though Friended does not block bad or unnecessary posts, the app focuses on its core function, and that is bringing together other people who share the same interests, enjoy the same kinds of humor, and maybe even share the same hobbies. Friended is unique because it gives you prompts and sentences to use in your posts for describing yourself. 

Meeting new people can be a great way to make friends after moving to a new city or country. Some people don’t want to socialize immediately after moving. Friended makes it easy to get to know people in your area, allowing you to meet them at your own pace, and then get to know them better.

Solid relationships are important to us all. Unfortunately, life can sometimes make it difficult for us to build them. But Friended allows you to discover, make and keep friends to enhance your quality of life. 


BumbleIn Bumble, women hold the power. In order for a man to talk to a woman on Bumble, she must be interested in him first, which makes Bumble safer than other apps like Yubo. Founded by one of the Tinder co-founders, Bumble has many similarities to the popular dating app. By limiting the number of inappropriate messages women are often flooded on other dating websites like Yubo. There is a major reason why men are unable to send the first message on Bumble.

You can download the Bumble app for iOS or Android, as well as use the Bumble Web desktop site. As with most dating and meeting apps similar to Yubo, Bumble prefers that you log in through Facebook, although you can also log in using just your phone number. 

You can browse other members, chat, and connect for free. This is a great deal, when you consider that other websites like Yubo charge for similar services. Bumble also offers a paid upgrade called Bumble Boost, which includes features like Tinder, such as the ability to see who is interested, extend your matches after 24 hours, and re-connect with expired relationships.

The virtual dating options offered by Bumble are best compared to other dating apps like Yubo for teens. You can communicate with your matches via text, audio notes as wells as video chats. By adding the Virtual Dating badge to your profile, you can indicate you are ready to call.

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TaggedTagged is a great way to meet new people because you can broadcast and stream videos. With over 300 million users on Tagged, your chances of meeting someone are very high. The site is great for finding casual dates. 

It’s free to use and there is no limit to the number of messages you can send, making it easier to get in touch with someone than other sites similar to Yubo.

Upon clicking Browse, Tagged displays a few profiles it believes you might be interested in. The filter icon can be clicked on if you wish to filter the results based on gender, age, country, location, and proximity to yourself.

You can add friends and message anyone you want, like on Facebook. In conclusion, Tagged is an excellent dating site and is quite enjoyable once you become familiar with the Tagged community and other features.

In addition, Tagged offers a paid subscription service called VIP, which includes a range of premium features. One major benefit of VIP membership is the absence of irritating ads. There will be a lot of ads when you are a free member of Tagged.


WinkIt’s a social media app for connecting with others and meeting new friends. Wink is linked to Snapchat, lets you see other users’ Snap profiles, and lets you add, chat or move to another Snap profile. Much like Tinder. With Messenger, you can send messages, make calls. Send pictures, ice breakers, GIFs, audio messages, and as well as games.

Wink doesn’t have a chat feature, and it doesn’t show your location, although you can put it on your profile. It’s a dating app meant to help you meet new friends and make new connections. Open the app, create an account and browse hundreds of new faces. Find a user with an interesting bio. Similarly, you can become friends with people who share the same interests. 

Using the Wink app, you can easily communicate with new friends and explore mutual interests. A limited number of swipes is available per day by spending “gems,” which can be earned by checking into the app regularly, sharing contacts with friends, and sharing it on social media. Secondly, the more conversions you make, the greater the possibility of gaining gems. You can then make an unlimited number of friends with these gems. These gems can be used to send or add new friends to the app.


TwooTwoo is an online dating service that combines social networking and chats capabilities. The company was founded in 2011 and has more than 181 million users.

The casual dating app Twoo enables you to meet people quickly and easily. One of the most popular chatrooms in the US is Twoo, which can also be used for dating without any fees. You can even log in with your Facebook account on Twoo, making it easy to sync your social media information with Twoo.

In case you’re looking for some casual flirting or some chatting, Twoo is a good option. On this site, there are many active users to meet. Purchasing a Premium membership or credits would be the best way to make use of Twoo. The site offers a great chat experience, and if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll be pleased.

Almost everything can be done for free, however, you may have to spend money in order to make your chat more engaging and effective. You can get in-app purchases in the dating app to help you meet new people to hook up with and do other things. 


MocoMoco is another dating app that is competing with other Yubo alternatives. The online dating industry has grown increasingly crowded in recent years due to the growth of the Internet. Internet usage is growing every day, which means competition among dating apps like Yubo is intense in today’s world. 

If you sign up for Mocospace, you will have the opportunity to meet an unlimited number of people. You can also use it to play games, make friends, and find love.

You can use Mocospace to send and receive friend requests, share gifs, and play games. Additionally, it offers decent dating, although it isn’t the most popular service like Yubo. 


WaplogWaplog provides dating services across all countries and regions. Users can search and communicate on the site. It offers free chat to other users without requiring a VIP membership

They have a chat room where you can communicate with your matches. You can use Waplog to find a friend, a romantic partner, a loving relationship, a hookup, and much more.

Waplog is the best dating app for everyone who loves to share stories, photos, and regular daily activities on Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, it offers a unique matchmaking algorithm that helps you find an ideal partner.

In addition to English, Waplog is available in 16 other languages, allowing you to reach a wide range of people. Waplog is therefore a dating app for everyone. Users of all ages can easily use it, and younger users find it easy to use. Waplog app combines the functionality of social networks and traditional online dating sites like Yubo.


SpotafriendSpotafriend is the most fun and crazy app to make new friends around you. There are over 2 million teenagers on this site, so there is no doubt you will find a new friend here. It’s never too late to get matched, so start swiping right now.

The swiping app Spotafriend is for teens. Children under 18 can only use this social application. With a large database of Spotafriend, you have a greater chance of making new friends. You can swipe images of teens around you, and you can become friends by swiping right. The goal is to connect with teenagers in your community or school beyond your school or neighborhood. 

With Spotafriend Ultimate Access, you’ll get several premium features like Block ads, unlimited Boomerang, view swipe history, remove old swipes, ultimate Badge on profile, 2 extra Super Swipes per day, priority listings in your area.

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WizzUsing the Wizz app, strangers with common interests can find one another. Basically, it is a chat app for finding friends, allowing two people or a group of friends to chat and exchange animated gifs, images, and videos. 

With Wizz, users of a similar age are grouped with each other based on their age. The site allows users to create a profile that includes photos, interest tags, and short biographies. 

Wizz strives to separate itself from its competition. It resembles a fancy chat app rather than a comprehensive social networking platform. After you create a profile, you can browse profiles of other users, choosing those you would like to become friends with, and rejecting the rest.


SwiprAre you looking for new friends and a new lifelong relationship? On Swipr, you can make new friends everywhere you go by simply swiping right.

Swipr helps you find the ideal friend. Get in touch with people who have similar interests. By swiping left or right, you can easily find someone with similar interests.

You can send your Swipr friend a message in your chatroom immediately. You can also collect diamonds by completing interesting mini-tasks and taking advantage of additional premium features.


MiChatMiChat offers a variety of features. Apart from allowing you to keep in touch with your friends and family, you can also use MiChat to meet new people and expand your social circle. Simply use “People Nearby”, “Message Tree” to find new contacts. Get in touch with people nearby. 

There are a number of features on MiChat that are similar to the WhatsApp chat app. These include sharing images, videos, audio, contacts, files, and even location. Moreover, you can add stories, make voice or video calls.

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Final Words

The apps like Yubo can put teens at risk by providing options to chat and meet strangers online. It is not uncommon for fake profiles to be hidden on the Internet and pose as regular app users. Teenagers should be aware of those threats before starting a conversation with an unknown individual on the dating apps like Yubo and Tinder. 

I hope you enjoyed this article. Have you tried any of these apps similar to Yubo? Let us know. Also, if you know any apps better than Yubo that are worth adding to this list, then don’t forget to mention the name in the comments section.

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