What Is Artificial Intelligence? Explained


Artificial Intelligence is now everywhere and it is growing both in scope and scale. Also, people have a strong opinion on it. People do see Artificial intelligence as a possible threat. People like Elon mask, Stephen Hawking, and on the other side people see A.I as future and inevitable like Larry page from Google said that In order to achieve Google to achieve its mission it means achieving A.I. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook uses his A.I to run his home and Facebook is moving towards having A.I assistant to detect the fake stories before users flag them.

What is Exactly the Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is not just robots, chatbots or assistants. It is being used to cross industries in computers machines imitating human intelligence. But it is not just that. It’s more than just learning. It’s more than replicating our intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the science behind making machines that act and make decisions rationally.  The goal of the A.I is to create expert systems and to implement human intelligence in machines.

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Ways Where Artificial Intelligence Could be Useful-

The first thing that will blow in our mind is A.I Automobiles. Artificial Intelligence Trucks, Cars that drive themselves. You may think that it is an intelligent task requires decision-making, learning and learning from experiences. And the big thing would be safety. Around 90% car accidents now like car crashes caused by humans. Smart cars they would be taking environment around them. GPS, Networks etc. Eventually, this whole system could be one giant A.I system with all are talking each other that virtually eliminate 90% of crashes.

Fraud activities are increasing day by day as the internet grows. Source of McAfee a popular antivirus company reported that cybercrime is estimated to cost the global economy 400 billion dollars.  Detection of fraud activity can be handled by Artificial Intelligence. Do you think that how it will work!?! By tracing the steps of card usage and device, security researchers are effectively trying their best to implement A.I in fraud detection. It could be possible by tracking and analyzing the behavior of the of the device and the transaction.

A.I’s are very helpful for organizations as a Digital Assistants which can actually interact with users. Just like Apple’s Siri and Google voice assistant, Automated A.I’s will help organizations and companies to interact with their users easily.

What if the light bulb can turn on based on your voice input? It is much easy as asking your family members to get up for doing it. A.I in Smart Home combines of voice recognition, context-based suggestion, and responsive notification. It could be great because this can reduce the amount of input and people to simplify the life by saving the time and money.

Predictive shopping and recommendation engines on Netflix, Amazon are basic Artificial Intelligence. Imagine when you shop for something. You just go and buy it? Or you will visit the same site twice and look at the reviews then go back to buy it? An Artificial Intelligence system might be able to get you to buy that sooner because it knows your behavior. When you go there the first time, artificial intelligence collects information of recommendation from the sites that you have already visited because it knows you have visited that site from the cookies, files which are stored on your computer. These are some applications of artificial intelligence.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence-

When we talk about cons of this Artificial Intelligence, the main thing that we should think is A.I’s could ruin our economy and our lives. Without the emotions, machines could make decisions that lack empathy towards humanity. Artificial Intelligence has already changed workplace and continued to do so in future. The biggest place where A.I systems can influence the workplace is through job automation. Robots will increase workplace efficiency while keeping costs down.  If all the works can be done through the robots or A.I’s then this will surely cause tons of tons people to lose their jobs. It can make job opportunities to disappear When it comes to the security, While humans are already capable of hacking the systems, A.I can hack databases, email services, government main things and whatever we can imagine with the efficiency of the machine. What might take humans weeks and months to do A.I systems designed to hack could do in a few hours! Within the next century, many robots and A.I machines can perform the human tasks much better than humans. What if robots decide to take things into their own hands? The End of humanity?! Let’s see.

Final Thoughts –

In the general sense, Artificial Intelligence is the continuation of the industrial revolution happening over the past 200 years. Even right now artificial intelligence helping in the medical field and making driving and the other risky tasks safer. In the future, many maintained tasks can be handled by Artificial Intelligent A.I’s giving more free time for more creative things. Predicting the fully developed A.I of the future would be like trying to predict days of computer industry from the point of 1960’s. The thing which we think that would be worried about is “Who controls the A.I?”. If the strong artificial intelligence of the future is open source and available to everyone then the high probability of this could be the good and amazing thing. What do you think about this?

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