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Car Customize Apps – 9 AMAZING Apps to Customize Car in 2021

Looking for car customize apps? With the free apps to customize car, re-designing, and modifying your car is very easy and quick! 

Best Car Customize Apps to Customize Cars

One of the best things about any vehicle is customization. It is actually very easy to modify your car or a bike exactly the way you want it. With a little knowledge and the right apps, you can make your car or any other vehicle to look unique. If you’re not sure where to start, our list of the best apps to customize the car for Android and iOS will help you.

Car customizer apps are the reference applications for every car lovers to customize their cars in a great way. With these apps to customize car, you can get awesome tips to tune your car at your fingertips. These virtual car customizer apps give you ways to improve your car. You can easily improve your car decorating skills.

9 Best Car Customize Apps 2021 for Android & iOS


3DTuning3DTuning is the first app in our list of best car customizer app for Android and iOS with over 1000 cars in photorealism quality. This app contains a large collection of cars, exterior design, and modify options. The app gets updated with new branded car models and it also includes some of the 20 to 21st-century famous cars.

Inside the app, you get loads of car parts like wheels, front and rear bumpers, grills, headlamps and tail lamps, spoilers, fenders, mirrors, air intakes, etc. It also allows you to change exterior color, painting of the car, and also you can customize the suspension level. By visiting the official website of the same app, you can see your unique car garage. Overall, 3DTuning is a great app to make and also to share your garage of unique cars with individual tuning projects.

Tuning Voyagen Quadrado

Tuning Voyagen QuadradoTuning Voyagen Quadradois yet another app to customize the car for free. This app is available only for Android smartphones. This app comes with a Voyagen Mark 1, a famous Brazilian classic car.

Within the app, you can buy, restore, tune, test, and sell cars. The customization options also present that lets you change colors, wheels, spoilers, modify the lowered suspension, and lot more. You can even save the customized car image to share anywhere.

Modified Car Driving Simulator

Modified Car Driving SimulatorModified Car Driving Simulator is a great car customization app with lots of features. The cars in the garage can be modified easily and quickly with the app. You can make certain changes to the car color, window color, headlight color, suspension, wheel, spoiler, exhaust, horn, etc

This app has more than 15 customization features. It has various horns sounds so that you won’t get bored of listening to the same sounds. It shows traffic and even the cockpit view.

Car Parking and Driving Simulator

Car Parking and Driving SimulatorCar Parking and Driving Simulator is arguably the best app to customize cars on Android. It features a variety of options to customize, a decent collection of options to modify other things of the car. This is a good place to start if car customization is your main aim. It is completely free with no Ads.

You can make modifications to the car’s wheels, colors, spoilers, window colors, plate, stickers, exhaust, camber, hood, covering, neon, driver, Antena, headlight, roof, roll cage, bumper, plate, horn sound, and suspensions.

Fix My Car: Custom Mods

Fix My Car- Custom ModsFix My Car: Custom Mods is one of the best 3d car customizer app. It lets you customize your own car that looks how you want. If you are very interested to know auto, mechanical skills in the period of time knowing the performance upgrades, real-world custom car modifications, and other variety of things, this is the must-try app for you.

This is an outstanding app for deep levels of car customization. You can make use of tons of tools and awesome after-market parts to find and install as needed. You can make basic routine maintenance and even the outrageous performance mods in this app. 

Car 3D Configurator

Car 3D ConfiguratorCar 3D Configurator is a 3d car customization app with a bunch of little things. It makes your car look good with high-quality 3D graphics. You can even view your customization in classic 3D and in Augmented reality. That includes customization options like car body color changing, interior view, and options to change rims and accessories.

Playing with a bunch of customization options here and there in the app can make even more difference. It’s definitely one of that car customize apps where you either like it or you don’t, but if you like it, it’s a great experience.

Car Mechanic Simulator 18

Car Mechanic Simulator 18Car Mechanic Simulator 18 is one of the more unique car customize apps. It changes the paint color of the car, removes rust, applies putty. The app comes with a variety of repair options like engine repairing, brakes repairing, exhaust repairing, gearbox repairing, chassis repairing and other such things.

seThis app makes customization and repairing stuff a lot easier once you put the time. The graphics of this game is one of the major plus points. 

Fix My Car: GT Supercar Mechanic Simulator LITE

Fix My Car- GT Supercar Mechanic Simulator LITEThis is yet another app to customize your car app from FireRabbit Inc, the developers of Fix My Car: Custom Mods app listed above. This app claims to be for those who wanted to become a supercar mechanic.

You can make your own GT concept car for ultimate performance. You can do modifications to any parts, leverage cutting edge tools, change paint it, fine-tune, upgrade, and flair plaster, etc.

Car Mechanic Simulator Game 3D

Car Mechanic Simulator Game 3DCar Mechanic Simulator Game 3D is one of the most popular apps to customize car. It has a different collection of capabilities and thrilling missions which is fairly decent. It is one of those apps which will help you become a real-life car mechanic who can auto repair cars.

You can find hundreds of tools to paint cars, replace car body parts, diagnose vehicle breakdown issues, and other content for that kind of stuff. Additionally, you can learn how to replace car body parts, tune-up engines, and modify them for the ultimate performance. This is one of the few really good car customize apps for customizing your own car.

Which is the best app to customize car?

In Google Play Store and iOS App Store, you can find a bunch of car customize apps that change your customization experience. However, not all the apps are free, and not all the apps are worth installing. Some of them are nothing but malicious apps. So, I hope our article on the best apps to customize car helped you. You can customize your car for different experiences with the above car customizer app. 

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