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Best Deer Call Apps That Works for Android & iOS (2021)

Many people love to hunt deers. But, the government made very strict laws to prohibit the worst act of humans. If you are an avid hunter and looking for some of the best deer call apps for your smartphone, then here are some of the free deer call apps that work well. We have chosen some of the paid and free top deer call apps that you can install on your Android or iOS devices.Best Deer Call Apps Android iOS

With so many fake apps, it is important to do your research and find the right deer call app for you. To make things easier for you, we have tried some apps which we think are best suited to improve the quality of your hunt on the phone. Before I get started, here is a quick note, these apps are just for fun. 

Best Deer Call Apps for Android & iOS in 2021

Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds

Deer Calls Hunting SoundsOver 1.5k positive ratings on the iOS app store show just how good this deer call app really is. Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds app is developed to find high quality sounds to play. You’ll find a bunch of deer call sound bytes and deer call sound mixes.

The app has a really simple user interface and of course, it should be easy enough to use for most people. There is no free version and the pro version goes for $4.99 and we feel it is worth paying.

Download Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds App for iOS

Whitetail Deer Calls

Whitetail Deer CallsKnown for its simple and easy to use interface, Whitetail Deer Calls lets you find the best calls for deers. The app has many different grunt calls including buck grunt, buck tending grunt, buck rage grunt, buck bawl, buck social grunt, buck sparring, buck aggressive rattling, bucks fighting, buck pawing, buck rubbing tree, buck sniff, buck wheeze, doe contact, doe grunt, doe breeding bellow, doe estrus bleat, doe estrus bleat heavy, doe estrus bleat mild, fawn bleat, fawn bleat 2, fawn distress. 

Most importantly, the app isn’t just limited to Android. There is also an iOS version of this app. Note that the free version of this app has Ads. The paid option for individuals has a one-time fee of $0.99 offers no extra features but you can install it by paying money to enjoy the Ad-free experience. 

The iOS version has over 16 sounds that are listed inside the app. You can play them one by one. You can also set a timer and loop to play the sound.

Download Whitetail Deer Calls App for Android

Download Whitetail Deer Calls App for iOS

Deer Calls HD

Deer Calls HDDeer Calls HD is considered and used by many avid hunters for a successful hunt. It’s a great option for anyone who loves to test tried and true white tailed deer calls. Unlike many other apps that ask for many unwanted permissions to access your phone, Deer Calls HD does not require any additional permission to use the app.

Available only for Android, Deer Calls HD even allows you to connect to amplified speakers to get boosted sound of deer calls.

Download Deer Calls HD App for Android

Deer Hunting Calls Soundboard

Deer Hunting Calls SoundboardDeer Hunting Calls Soundboard is one of the few good free deer call apps to find high-quality professional calls for whitetail deer hunting. However, there are ads and there is no way to remove them. 

Other than that, it’s a pretty good app. If you are looking for an excellent app that helps you to train your own hunting calls and to test your skill to initiate deer. In other words, it does the basics for what makes a good best deer call app. You can also pick any sound of the app to set as ringtone, notification, and alarm.

Download Deer Hunting Calls Soundboard App for Android

Deer Calls & Sounds Lite

Deer Calls Sounds LiteDeer Calls & Sounds Lite is probably the best of deer call apps that work. For starters, it has support for external amplified loudspeakers or headphones. So, with the headphone jack of your phone, you can connect speakers or headphones to listen to heavy sounds. 

This is a great app for anyone who likes to play loud and high-quality deer call sounds. Everything in the app is free to use and you can utilize any sounds for free.

Download Deer Calls & Sounds Lite App for iOS

iHunt Calls

iHunt Calls 600 hunting callsThe iHunt Calls app lets you browse and use over 600 hunting calls of more than 47 animals. Great, right? You just have to scroll down for a list of animal calls. You don’t have to think about the audio quality as this app offers superior quality sounds for free.

If you want, you can also install this app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The best part is that the app allows you to create your own animal call Playlist of any length. This app even has the option to upload own pictures or see pictures from other hunters in the app. It’s good to see deer call apps starting to include this type of functionality for users.

Download iHunt Calls App for Android

Download iHunt Calls App for iOS

Deer Calls & Deer Sounds for Deer Hunting

Deer Calls Deer Sounds for Deer HuntingThere are over five deer calls available at the app. Besides browsing through the collection of calls and sounds, the app is also compatible with Bluetooth that makes it sync to an external Bluetooth speaker.

Unfortunately, this is not a free app. It costs you $2.99 and you can try it. However, you will not find anything extraordinary here except basic features. 

Download Deer Calls & Deer Sounds for Deer Hunting App for iOS


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do deer call apps work?

Choosing a working deer call is not easy because there are simply too many fake apps for both iOS and Android devices that claim to offer call sounds. But, most of them serve Ads, nothing else. This is the reason why we’ve selected the best options that are currently available on Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

What is the best deer call app?

Deer Calls & Hunting Sounds and Whitetail Deer Calls are our favorite picks from this list. All of these apps work great most of the time. So, install them, try them and pick the best that suits your needs.

A good deer call app will help you hunt the deer with a collection of sounds. What’s your favorite deer call app for iOS or Android smartphones? 

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