Download Freedom APK Latest v2.0.9 (Official)


Are you searching for latest Freedom Apk? You are in right place. Download freedom apk latest version of Android directly with full installation guide. Do you want unlimited keys in Subway Surfers or unlimited coins in Temple Run or any add-on in an Android App? If your answer is YES, then Freedom apk is a handy solution for you. There are more than 2.2 Million Android apps and games on the internet. The only main source for the apps and games developers is the advertisements and In-app purchases. Most of the popular apps and games do not show any advertisements while playing or using it. But what about in-app purchases? Yes. 99% of apps and games recover its investments and gains profits from these in-app purchases only. But we are here. Who are not even interested and not here to pay a single penny for some random games and apps. We look for the way to play it through bypassing the in-app purchases.

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Is there any way to bypass in-app purchases? If YES, then how? We respect every apps and games developer who tried their best for producing an amazing game or an app. In-app purchases are integrated in such a way that it is almost necessary to do an in-app purchase to unlock any particular Player or Car or something that makes your gaming or app experience/playing experience much better. So, now you want to unlock that particular Player or Car but not willing to pay for it. Don’t worry, we are here with the best app to bypass in-app purchases using the Freedom apk. Here is everything you need to know about the Freedom apk.

Note: – Freedom Apk is not available on Play Store as it is an illegal app which bypasses Play Store credit card checking system to purchase in-app purchases for free. But here we will give you the latest Freedom apk link to download it directly.


Freedom Apk – Everything You Need to Know

We have briefly explained the Freedom apk in the above section. To be clear, it is an app to bypass or skip in-app purchases for free. But you should keep in mind that Freedom app will not work with all android app or game. However, it works in almost all popular apps and games. Check out the details and features of Freedom app.

Apk Name Freedom
Version 2.0.9
Android Version Android 2.3.3 – Android 7.1.1
Developers Orphan Safe Communications
Freedom Apk Size 1.9 MB
Last Updated 27 January 2018
Root Required Yes
Installation Method Manual Apk Installation (Not Available in Play Store)


Features of Freedom App

The main feature of Freedom apk is to get premium features of games and apps bypassing in-app purchases without paying anything. Also, the latest version of Freedom apk brings some unique features and bug fixes. Check out the main features of Freedom apk.

  • Free – Using Freedom App, you will be able to get coins, gems and other resources free for which you have to pay earlier.
  • Free Update to latest version of Freedom apk – Apk is updated regularly so that it supports most of the android apps.
  • Freedom app can bypass in-app purchases in most of the Android apps and games. Get the full versions of any game or app available on your Android device.
  • Unlock Game Levels – Buy coins, gems or any extra features freely that require money. Also, unlock game levels that you need using Freedom apk.
  • Freedom app uses multiple patches and mods to exploit Android apps and games.
  • Freedom apk can remove ads from apps and games that you have installed on your Android phone.

Minimum Requirements to Install Freedom Apk

Ahead of downloading and installing freedom latest app, check out the minimum requirements for Freedom apk that you should have in your device. Make sure your Android device meets the following requirements.

Android Version of 2.3 and Above
Rooted Android device.
Minimum 512 MB RAM or Above
At least 100 MB free internal storage.

Steps to Install Freedom Apk In Your Android Phone

I hope you understand what is freedom app? What are the features of freedom app? And what are the minimum requirements to install freedom app?. Now check out how to install Freedom apk on Android phone. Installing freedom app doesn’t require any special things. It is much easy to download as we have given Freedom apk direct download link. It is also very small in size just about 2 MB.

  1. Firstly open your Android phone’s Settings
  2. Go to Security
  3. Now tick on ‘Unknown Sources’
  4. That’s it! Now download Freedom APK in your android from below download button. download
  5. Now go to the downloads section of the browser to see downloaded Freedom apk or you can use any File Manager to view downloaded freedom apk file from respective folders
  6. Open the Freedom Apk file and You will get the “install” button. freedom APK click install
  7. Click on “Install” button now to start installing freedom APK install
  8. The Freedom app will be installed in your device and now you can use it easily. Follow below simple guide to learn how to use freedom app to do in-app purchases.

Learn How to Do In-App Purchases with Freedom Apk?

  1. On your app drawer or home menu, you will see Freedom app
  2. Click on it to open the Freedom app.
  3. Now, it will ask you to grant root permissions as you should get a pop up asking for root permissions.
  4. Grant Root permissions to the app by clicking on the “Grant/Allow” button.
  5. Done! Now you will be able to see the list of all the pre-installed and installed apps of your android device.
  6. Select any Android app from the list in which you want to do in-app purchases for free. like PicsArt, Temple Run
  7. Click on the app or game name to select and wait for a few seconds now.
  8. Once, your required Android app is launched go to the Play store of that particular app on which you need to bypass the in-app purchases
  9. Now just click on “Buy” button to bypass in-app purchase.
  10. You can do this for almost all apps to bypass in-app purchases.

Getting No Connection error in Google Play Store while doing in-app purchases? Oops. No need to worry about it. We have the solution for no connection error in google play store while doing in-app purchases.

How to Fix Google Play Store No Connection Error After Installing Freedom Apk

  1. First of all, you need to have a good file manager like ES File Explorer in your android that allows you to edit root files and fodders.
  2. Now, Open the file managers
  3. Head over to the Root directory of your android device
  4. Search for the folder named as System
  5. Open the etc folder and find hosts file there.
  6. Now you need to edit that hosts file and paste below code in it. LOCALHOST

  1. Now save that file.
  2. Open Settings of your android phone and move to Installed Apps
  3. Click on Google Play Store from the pre-installed apps list
  4. Click on Clear Data
  5. Now, you need to Reboot your phone
  6. After rebooting the phone, your issue of No Connection error in Google Play Store while doing in-app purchases will be fixed and now you can make free in-app purchases using the Freedom app.

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How to fix App Not Installed error while installing Freedom Apk?

If you are getting app not installed error while installing freedom app, then it could be from below reasons

  • Insufficient Storage – Uninstall unused apps and apps that consume more storage
  • Storage location – Some apps in some devices work only in internal storage. So if you have downloaded freedom apk in SD card, move it to internal storage. Then try installing
  • Corrupted file – It could be the reason. If the freedom apk file is corrupted then you will get app not installed error while installing freedom apk. So download the freedom apk latest version from above link only and try re-installing it.

Freedom Apk No Root Version Available or Not?

People usually search for ‘freedom apk download for android no root’. But no. Sadly, Freedom apk no root version is not available. Your device must and should have a root access to use the Freedom app.

So, this is about the Freedom apk no root version. Look at some frequently asked questions about Freedom app.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Freedom App (FAQs)

Q. Is it safe to Freedom App file?

Ans: This app is 100% safe to use. Millions of users are there on the internet who use freedom app to in-app purchases. No need to worry about safety. But make sure that your device is rooted and also keep in mind that rooted devices will be voided warranty.

Q. Are all apps and games supported in Freedom App?

Ans: Freedom app supports many popular apps and games including Subway Surfers, PicsArt, Temple Run. It is almost impossible to make it work on all the apps and games because every apps and games are different in their own way. They have a different way of securing their payment or prevent their app from modifying.

Q. Does Freedom App work on Online Games for free Gems/Money?

Ans: Sadly, No!! Online games such as Clash of Clans use servers to authenticate purchases before changing any values on the game servers, so it is highly impossible to bypass in-app purchases of such apps and games.

Q. How does Freedom app work?

Ans: It is simple. Developers of the freedom app developed the app in such way that it replaces the original code with new modified one and in some instances, it removes completely original code to get required features.

Q. Google says “This file can be harmful”. Is Freedom Apk a virus?

Ans: In simple words, just ignore it and allow app to install.

Q. Is Freedom App available for IOS devices?

Ans. Currently, Freedom App is available for Android only.

Q. Why Freedom app gets so many updates?

Ans: Freedom apk is updated regularly so that it supports most of the android apps.

Some Alternatives to Freedom Apk

Here are some good alternatives to Freedom apk. If your device is not compatible with the freedom app or if you failed to bypass in-app purchases using freedom apk then try these apps. It may help you.

  • LuckyPatcher
  • Xmod games
  • Leo Play Card
  • AppSara

Conclusion – Freedom App

I hope you enjoyed our complete guide on Freedom app. Now you can do in-app purchases using freedom app for free. Do share this article and don’t forget to like our facebook page for more updates.

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