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9 Fake Paypal Money Sent Screenshot Generators

Fake Paypal Money Sent Screenshot Generators

A fake PayPal money sent screenshot generator is used to generate fake screenshots of PayPal money sent. You can prank someone by using a PayPal fake payment screenshot.

There are many free fake PayPal payment screenshot generators available online, using which you can create and save fake PayPal money sent screenshots. Many websites offer PayPal fake payment screenshot templates that are customizable depending on your needs.

In this article, we will explain how to create fake PayPal money sent screenshots. Also, we will introduce some of the best fake PayPal money sent screenshot generators available on the internet.

Note: – You should not create a fake PayPal money sent screenshot statement in order to cheat or scam someone. 

You may come into trouble if you are caught using a PayPal fake payment screenshot to scam someone intentionally.

There is no doubt that even one or two fake payment receipts can cause a business to lose thousands of dollars. Make use of it as a prank or as entertainment.

How to Create Fake Paypal Money Sent Screenshot

Actually, it is easy to create fake PayPal transaction screenshots using Inspect option of the browser.

When you don’t know much about coding, you may get scared when you accidentally open Inspect Element. Despite the complexity, Inspect Element gives you the ability to perform many useful and useless things.

Inspect Element is a developer tool that browsers provide to view and edit the source code of webpages. The tool allows developers and designers to check and modify websites’ front-ends.

When you make changes to the code, the webpage is updated in real-time by the browser. The change only lasts for as long as you are on that webpage, and it is only visible to you on that browser. After you leave the page, any changes you make will be lost.

The easiest way to edit a webpage is to open the site you want and right-click on its title. Next, click the Inspect button to open the pane. Double right-click on any part of the page will allow you to edit the selected text. You can also right-click once and select Edit as HTML. In this way, you can edit any webpage according to your need.


Similarly, you can create the PayPal transaction receipt by editing the page. To do that, follow the below step.

  1. Go to 
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Once you are redirected to the Summary page, a list of your transactions for the last 30 days will appear on the right
  4. Then click on one of them to view it
  5. After that press “Ctrl + Shift + I” keys or right-click on anywhere on the webpage and select Inspect (You can also click on the “Menu Bar” of your browser with the three dots > More tools > Developer tool. Developer tool option on browser
  6. Then click on the Elements section to manipulate the HTML, and CSS of the page.
  7. Whenever you want to edit any element, simply press the “Ctrl + F” key to search for the element easily.
  8. For example, if you would like to change your balance from $15 to $200, simply press “Ctrl + F” and input “$15” in order to know where it is located.
  9. Now you can change the code to $200 or any other balance you want
  10. As soon as you have finished editing and modifying, hit the enter button and close the Inspect section.
  11. You can now use your fake Paypal transaction by taking a screenshot of it.paypal payment screenshot generator

Fake Paypal Money Sent Screenshot Generators


With Nutemplates’ fake PayPal receipt generator, users can create receipts that look exactly like PayPal receipts. The receipt template is perfect for online retailers or store owners who want to give their customers a written statement showing how much they paid. 

You can also use this template if you’re just trying to create a professional-looking receipt fake PayPal money sent a screenshot. 

This Paypal receipt template is editable & ready to use. All you need to do is, just download the PayPal receipt template in Excel, Word, or PDF format. 

After that, open the downloaded template and include your store’s details by adding the name, address, and logo. Also, complete the template by filling in all the blanks. At last, add up the subtotals and due amount. That’s it! The receipt can be printed and used.

Nutemplates’ offers PayPal receipt templates to enhance customer satisfaction, creating a sense of trust. You can easily use these receipt templates and customize them according to your requirements.


Jotform’s template makes it easy for you to collect information, transactions, and buyer signatures online.

Jotform’s fake PayPal money sent screenshot template is easy to customize. You can make your bill of sale look professional by adding your logo. It only takes a few minutes to customize your PayPal payment receipt. The form can be filled out without coding, simply drag and drop form fields, along with your company’s logo and terms and conditions.

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja allows you to create a receipt that looks almost identical to the original PayPal receipt. The site is incredibly easy to use. 

Besides generating PayPal receipts, the site offers customization options. Additionally, you can export the receipts to PDF files or send them to anyone.

The tool allows you to customize receipts and invoices in order to make them appear more impressive. The feature includes automatic bill import, personalized proposals, and invoice customization options.

There is no charge associated with the use of this open-source receipt generator. You can create unlimited invoices with this tool without paying anything!


Zoho provides an easy-to-use tool for creating multi-currency invoices that include fake PayPal receipts. Zoho allows you to set up reminders for payments. Zoho can also send auto-reminder emails for different types of customized payments. 

Zoho allows you to create receipts in Word, PDF, and Excel formats. It offers voice guidance, allowing users to calculate discounts and prices accurately. 

With their free fake invoice creator app, you can instantly create invoices wherever you are. It takes only a few seconds to fill out the invoice and print it or download it as a PDF. It’s free and doesn’t require registration.


Custom invoice templates from SquareUp make it easy to look professional. As soon as you download the template, feel free to customize it as you see fit. You can fill in your company name, include your logo, name, email address, phone number, invoice number, applicable tax, and discount details and send it to clients.

It lets you save documents in PDF, Excel, or Word formats for free. Square Invoices gives you all the tools you need to collect payments quickly and seamlessly.

There is no limit to how many receipts you can generate with SquareUp. Additionally, users can easily calculate estimates. Created invoices can be directly sent to the customer’s email address. 


FakeReceipt makes it easy to create fake payment receipts for PayPal. It is not necessary to have the technical knowledge to use the site, because it is user-friendly. 

Simply, click on the receipt on the right side, and you’ll see its information. You can fill in the required details on the page. It’s possible to save the image or print it.

Wave Invoicing

The easiest way to invoice freelancers, professionals, contractors, and small business owners. Easily send unlimited personalized, professionally designed invoices. Add optional credit card and bank payment processing to get paid even faster.

With Wave, small businesses can handle everything in one place. The platform is easy to use, even for beginners. Since it’s free, it’s perfect for freelancers, business owners, and entrepreneurs on a budget.

The cloud-based platform helps companies automate their accounting processes by handling invoicing, taxes, and a variety of features including invoice templates, billing, payment tracking, payroll management, finance management, credit card processing, and receipt scanning. Although it may not be the best option for every business, Wave suits freelancers particularly well.

No matter how difficult it is to send out invoices on time, track payments, or manage taxes, Wave simplifies the accounting process for business owners. 

A popular feature of Wave’s invoicing software is its capability to make user-friendly customizable templates. The invoices you create can be customized not only to be in line with your brand, but recurring invoices can also be set up, and automatic credit card payments can be set up. Upon sending invoices, it is easy to track whether they have been viewed, are unpaid, or are overdue. 


FreshBooks provides more than just a fake PayPal invoice generator tool, or any other invoice generator, it is also a complete accounting software. Apart from the ability to create visually appealing professional invoices, FreshBooks has some impressive features for creating invoices.

FreshBooks consists of two templates, Simple or Modern, but you can save any invoice template you create. As a result, you can design an invoice style once and reuse it every time.

Invoices from FreshBooks look professional and give all of the required information. Using the reminders feature, you can send late payers three reminders at your discretion, each of which can include a personal message.

Whenever you bill the same amount on a regular basis, whether monthly, quarterly or even annually, any invoice can be set up as recurring. Additionally, you can store your customers’ credit cards so that the invoice can be automatically paid.

If you’re looking for an easy fake PayPal money sent screenshot generator tool, FreshBooks can help. It takes just minutes to create an invoice and they look professional, and you can customize them to suit your needs. To create an invoice from your smartphone or tablet, you can download the FreshBooks mobile app for Android or iOS phones so that you to make an invoice from your mobile device.


Intuit QuickBooks offers a wide range of accounting capabilities, including expense tracking, bill management, and payroll management, as well as invoice creation and sending. This tool can be an excellent fake PayPal payment screenshot maker tool if you use it well.

QuickBooks comes with a free invoice generator, free of charge, that lets you download invoice templates for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF. 

QuickBooks enables customers to view invoices on their mobile devices, making them easily accessible on the go.

The QuickBooks Accounting software includes a number of features that allow companies to run their entire accounting system, however, it requires a subscription. If your purpose is primarily to send invoices and collect payments, opt for a free service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Know the Difference Between Real and Fake PayPal Money Sent Screenshots?

There are a few factors that can help you identify the authenticity of a fake PayPal screenshot. Fraudsters can create receipts that look like originals that are harder to verify.

Scamster may send you the fake PayPal payment confirmation email to your email address. In evaluating a payment, it is important to consider its source.

Generally, the fake PayPal transaction screenshot contains information that is clearly incorrect. There is a possibility that a fake payment receipt may incorrectly display the company’s name and contact details, or the screenshot may not look the same as the real receipt. 

If you want to know whether the payment is real or a fake screenshot, check your profile to see whether your account has been credited.

You can check your bank account balance or your account activity on your account. Also, make sure the domain name is correct. legitimate emails from PayPal will read ‘’. It’s fake if you see a different domain name. 

Then you receive an e-mail telling you that you have received money into your PayPal account, and you are happy about it. The email will also say that “click on the link to release the funds”.

However, the link in the scam email directs you to yet another phony PayPal website. When you get to that page and enter your PayPal credentials, scammers obtain your account information and use it to steal your funds.

Actually, recognizing real versus fake PayPal money sent screenshots is pretty easy. Whenever you see a fake screenshot of the transaction, open the PayPal app or website, and there you have to check your Recent activity. If the payment is shown there then the screenshot is real, if it isn’t then it is a fake. It’s really that easy, isn’t it?

Perhaps you should start believing that the images above were manipulated in some way. If you think it is edited using Adobe Photoshop, then you are wrong. Paypal fake balance screenshot maker

It will be very easy to trace the legitimacy of the image if it was edited with photoshop. I edited the screenshots above with Inspect Elements option. The same can be done by you as well. 

How to spot fake PayPal emails?

A legitimate PayPal email will have the address ‘’. If the domain name is different, it’s fake. 

How to make fake PayPal payment screenshot?

Log in to PayPal > Select any payment you made to someone > go to Inspect element tool > modify the details as per your needs.

How to do fake PayPal transactions?

It is impossible to do fake PayPal transactions. You can modify the details in the PayPal transaction using the inspect element option of the browser to make a fake Paypal transaction. 

Alternatively, you can edit the screenshot using photoshop or any other image editor. Other than that it is not possible to do fake transactions on PayPal.


Paypal is one of the most popular payment options. Mostly due to fake Paypal money sent screenshots, users are vulnerable to scams. 

Paypal has several safeguards to protect transactions, but there is also the possibility that fraud can still occur due to fake PayPal payment screenshots. In recent years, these scams have become more prevalent.

If there has been fraudulent activity, customers should make a dispute with PayPal customer service right away.

Alternatively, you can ask the customer to wait for the payment to clear, or you can use third-party tools to ensure all payment details are correct. 

I hope you liked this list of best fake Paypal money sent screenshot generators. If you know any other tool to make fake PayPal payment screenshots, let us know.

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