6 Hidden Cool Features Of Your Android Phone



Android is most widely used OS these days because of its immersive customizing options and thriving app store with plenty of apps. You may know some features of your device and some are still hidden. So here in this article, we are going to introduce 6 hidden features and settings of your Android device. Also Read 5 Incredible Android Apps You Must Try

#1 Access Hidden Or Locked Files Without Password/Pattern

Every smartphone users want to hide their personal files using app lock or password. Everyone has a friend who hides his files/images/videos using several App locks. So here is the solution. You can open his/her file manager and access files without any lock just using Chrome Browser. For this just open chrome browser in your friend’s mobile and in “Search or type URL” box enter file:///sdcard/

That’s it. Now select or any folder and you can access any file from there.


#2 Copy Text From Any App or Image

Google even allows you to copy a text from any image or app. Users can select a text from any image and copy it without any external app. Select any image with text that you want to extract those texts and long press on Home button. Now you’ll be popped up by a Tap button. Just Click on it and wait. Now you’ll get the message of “Select any text on the screen”.


Now just tap on texts that you want to copy and you’ll be able to find copy option. Just copy it and paste it in any app or anywhere.copy-any-text

Note that Google App must installed in your device to use this feature.

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#3 Spin the Fidget Spinner

You may have noticed that the most of the people are in fidget spinner craze because of its addictive nature. It became popular nowadays because of the internet. If you don’t have the money or not interested to spend money on fidget spinner then don’t worry. You can spin the Fidget spinner in your browser too! Yes. You’ll be able to spin the fidget underneath the Google search box. Just do a search for “Spinner” or “Fidget Spinner” in the chrome browser or any other browser. You can find the spinner after scrolling. Just tap on it play with it.

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#4 Check How Many Apps/Games Downloaded From Play Store

Did you know? You can check how many apps or games have been downloaded till now in your device from Play store. To check this, just go to https://myaccount.google.com/dashboard and there you can see the Play store icon like below image.


That is a total number of downloaded apps/games from that Google account. Even you can see all the details of Google products that you’ve used till now like Gmail conversations, Photos, Contacts.


#5 List Of Recently Used Apps with Usage Time

Get a list of recently used Applications and Games just from dialing a USSD code from the dial pad. To check this just open your dial pad and type *#*#4636#*#* Now click on “Usage Statistics”. There you can see last used apps with usage time. You have other option to sort it by Last time used and By App name.



#6 Left Hand Mode

If you’re left handed then it is a bit difficult to use phone directly. So here is a trick. You can easily use your phone left hand. Just enable Developer option and go to developer settings and enable “Force RTL layout direction”. Now you’ll be able to use your phone easily if you are lefty otherwise it will create confusion.



So guys, this about some hidden features of your Android device. There are some more hidden features are available and we will post about it in next updates. Do share this post with your friends and let them know about it.

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