How to Hide Annoying iPhone X Notch?


How to hide iphone X notch

iPhone X features a new all-screen design to dominate the front view. However, the notch in the front doesn’t look good in some cases. If you hate the notch of the iPhone X, then here in this quick tutorial, I’m going to show you how to hide the notch on iPhone X.

You can hide the notches from the notch less wallpapers which have a black bar on top of it so here we have added a link to download the notch less wallpapers collection and you can get more notch less wallpapers from Google.


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How to Hide the Notch On iPhone X?

  1. Download the Notchless Wallpapers from this link
  2. Now go to your iPhone X Settings
  3. Click on General > Accessibility and select Reduce Motion
  4. Now just enable Reduce Motion option
  5. Go back to the home screen and open Photos app
  6. Now browse the Notchless wallpapers and select any wallpaper from it and tap on Share
  7. Select Choose as Wallpaper option
  8. Now you need to adjust the wallpaper to hide the edges perfectly
  9. After adjusting hit Set. That’s it!


How to Hide the Notch On iPhone X using Notcho App?

In iOS Store there is a new app called Notch remover which hides the notches of the wallpaper. The free version of the app adds the watermark to the wallpaper, but you can buy Pro version to remove the watermark. Notcho app has a collection of wallpaper that has a black bar on it.

Steps to Hide the Notch of iPhone X: –

  1. Download the Notcho app from here
  2. Select one of the wallpapers from the notch less collection of wallpapers
  3. Click on Save button to set the wallpaper from photos app
  4. You can also select your favorite photos to set as wallpaper
  5. To do it, click on import option and select the photo that you want to set as wallpaper
  6. Adjust the size and scaling by clicking on Adjust option
  7. At last, click Done and Save it
  8. Then open photos app and set the wallpaper that you’ve done using the notcho app.


However, you’ll never get rid of this if you open any application and notch will still appear in other apps. Because it is implemented into the software. So expect from the home screen and the lock screen you can’t hide it completely. But still, it is worth trying Notcho app once.

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