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How to Delete Uphold Account? (Complete Guide)

When it comes to buying and selling virtually any type of digital currency, Uphold is one of the best platforms. But, despite availability in 100+ countries, great cryptocurrency selection, and high-security standards, many users complain about their high spread fees and poor customer support. Another downside of Uphold is the high commission for transfers outside the company’s network, which discourages many customers from using it.How to Delete Uphold Account

If you decide to permanently stop using Uphold, you can easily delete your Uphold account. This article will show you how to permanently delete your Uphold account. Here is a quick and detailed step-by-step overview of the Uphold account deletion process.

It is possible to close your Uphold account whenever you want. But keep in mind that before closing an account, all funds must be withdrawn, leaving zero on the account.

How to Delete Uphold Account?

You can close your Uphold account permanently by contacting Uphold customer service. Uphold keeps customer data for a short period of time and takes steps to delete the account deletion request as soon as possible. 

  • Before contacting Uphold customer service, make sure you have all your account information including your registered name, email address, and details related to the Uphold account.
  • You should send emails during the workday and you will usually receive a confirmation mail regarding your deletion request.
  • The name, email address, and phone number in the email you are sending have to be associated with the account you want to delete. This proves that the account belongs to you.

Submit Request

You can submit a request to delete Uphold by clicking here. This will open a new link to close Uphold account where you have to fill in your Uphold registered email address, subject, and the reason why you want to delete your Uphold account, and at last Submit

That’s it! Uphold team will get back to you soon with the confirmation mail. Also, keep checking your mail as they may ask few more details to verify it is your account.

Send Email

Another handy option you have to close Uphold account is by contacting customer care through email.

This is an example of the email you can send to Uphold to delete your account.

Subject: Request To Delete My Uphold Account 

Dear Uphold Team,

I have an account in Uphold with the email address ______ that is linked to the account. 

Meanwhile, I no longer intend to use the account, so I request that your company delete my account from your database and also please stop sending any promotional emails.


Your Name.

Email Account.

Phone Number.

Note: You will only get emails from the below emails. So, if you get any emails from any other Uphold account don’t reply and don’t share your personal as well as account details with them.


Contact on Social Media

There are many companies that respond quickly to their customers through social networks. Uphold is one of them. You can reach customer service representatives of Uphold on various social media handles including @UpholdInc and AskUphold on Twitter or through Facebook and Instagram pages. By messaging them on any of these social media accounts you can request them to close Uphold account of you.

Uphold’s Twitter handle is quite active so customers get responses promptly. So, if you don’t know how to send an email, you can either tweet or use the direct messaging feature on their page. If you need to provide any personal information, it would be best if you directly message the AskUphold Twitter page to avoid scammers getting your information.

Note: As a digital money platform, there may be circumstances in which Uphold is required to keep or process data in order to comply with global laws and regulations (such as anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws and regulations). As a result, Uphold may not be able to delete certain data until such a time period has ended.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Uphold?

It’s easy to buy and sell Bitcoin on Uphold and you can also send other major cryptocurrencies. Select from over 70 cryptos, national currencies, and precious metals.

Can I delete an Uphold card in the app?

No. Nonetheless, the funds can be transferred to another card.

How to deactivate Uphold account?

Unfortunately, there is no way to deactivate your Uphold account. You can only close Uphold account using the above method.

Can I delete my Uphold account?

Of course. It is easy to delete Uphold account whenever you want by contacting Uphold customer service. You can use email or send a message on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to request the deletion of your Uphold account. Sadly, Uphold live chat option is not available.

How to delete bank account on Uphold?

Click on the Menu icon bottom right of your screen > Tap Linked accounts > Select Bank account > click on the delete icon on the right side of the screen to delete the Uphold bank account.

How to remove card from Uphold?

you have to tap the Menu icon bottom right of your screen > click Linked accounts > Choose debit/credit card > hit the delete icon on the right side of the screen to remove the card from Uphold account.

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