How to Enable Facebook Profile Picture Guard Feature

Facebook Profile Picture Guard

Facebook back with a new feature for its user which protects the profile picture. As per this tool, users will able to control over their profile picture by safeguarding it from a stranger. If user enabled this feature on their profile picture than others can’t download profile picture. As I said before, this feature will surely help girls to protect their photos. Because many girls prefer not to upload their real photos as profile pictures fearing that someone might use it for wrong reasons. So that this Facebook profile picture guard feature will keep your profile picture safe by preventing the sharing, sending and downloading of the profile pictures. Facebook also said that they are implementing to prevent taking the screenshot of profile photos. It may introduce in next few days.
You can easily activate safeguard On your Facebook profile photos from below steps.

How to Enable Facebook Profile Picture Guard?

  1.  Firstly You need to Update your Facebook App to New Version or Open in your Browser
  2.  Now refresh your News Feed by scrolling on it.
  3.  Now you will be able to the see the prompt to Help protect your profile picture
  4.  Click on Turn on Profile Picture Guard
  5.  At last, Click On Next to enable guard for your profile picture.

How to Disable it?

  1.  If you’re not happy with this feature then you can turn it off by Following same steps mentioned above
  2.  But instead Of Turn On Click on Turn Off At last, Save it. That’s it.

Is this Feature effective?

I Hope this feature helps you to protect your profile photo. However, other user can easily save the profile picture by taking the screenshot or saving it from browsers like Uc mini. Hope Facebook will solve this and take more steps to prevent taking a screenshot or other methods.

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