How to Keep Phone From Overheating?




A person who addicted to a smartphone cannot live without it even for an hour. When we use the smartphone continuously, 99% devices will start overheating. Though in most of the cases it may be the hardware issue and in some cases, it is not. If your smartphone getting hot and your concerned that your smartphone might be overheating to the point of becoming damaged or causing damage to someone else. There are some certain things that might be the reason for overheating issues.


Why does smartphone heat up?


Why does smartphone get hot? Why is my phone overheating? Why is my phone overheating so quickly? Why does my phone keep overheating?. These are some questions that are frequently asked by almost all smartphone users. There may be the several reasons for overheating problem. But in most of the cases, smartphones heat up because over demanding to the processor to do more work. When the processor works more, it produces more heat. Unlike computers, smartphones don’t have a fan to cool it down. So when you use heavy resources by opening different apps, running games there is no way for the smartphone to dissipate the heat that produced.

Here are the 10 other reasons that might be causing overheating to your device and solutions for it. So in this article lets check out the mobile heating problem solution.


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How to keep phone from overheating?


#1 Force stop or Close the apps

You must force stop or kill the apps from running in the background. When it continuously runs in the background it consumes a lot of charges and causes your device to overheat. You can easily force stop the unused applications from the background from setting.


#2 Avoid sunlight

You may be noticed that when you are outside and getting direct sunlight then your smartphone heat up a lot. The heat which is coming from the direct sunlight makes your device to heat faster. Avoid your smartphone from the direct heat of the sunlight.


#3 Third-party chargers

Some users always have a complaint that their phone heating up while charging. There is the misconception in most of the users that we can use any chargers that fit our smartphone’s plug. But it is totally wrong. Never use the third party chargers that you bought from somewhere else. You should use the chargers which are included in the mobile box. Every charger that included in your mobile box comes with certain watt that it takes. Chargers with different wattage overheat your smartphone to some extent. So when you lost your original charger, you must buy original charger again from the verified sources or official site.


#4 Remove plastic or rubber cases

Most of the smartphone users use the back covers to prevent scratches and damages and for good look too. But the problem with the back covers or cases is that it traps the heat that produced by the processor of the smartphone and it gives the same feel to the user. If you feel overheat then you should use your smartphone by removing the cover. Just try to see whether the case is the problem or not!


#5 Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Most of us forget to turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi after using it. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth consume more charge from the battery and living it On for a long will cause the overheat. Using the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth excessively leads your smartphone’s battery drain and your phone gets hot.


#6 Turn off location

If you don’t need location service all the time then what is the use of turning it on always? Location service runs in the background always to give you the exact location for better user experience with all the apps which uses Location. But it consumes a lot of resources and battery too. At the end, your device will heat up than normal use.


#7 Third party battery

If your smartphone’s battery is dead, don’t be hurry to buy a new one from any shop. Third party chargers will cause an overheat because it doesn’t comfortable with your device. Third party chargers also responsible for overheat issue in some cases. So when your battery is not working well then you should buy original one from an authorized service center.


#8 Stop using while charging

Phone overheating while charging is the most common thing that happens to every user every day. To stop overheating while charging you should stop using the smartphone while it is charging. Almost all users make this mistake that they use it for a long while it is connected to the charger. This is the main reason why your phone heats. It will cause certain damages too in some cases. As charging is already creating heat, giving more task to the processor by playing games or using apps will cause overheating.



#9 Stop over-usage

For every 1 to 2 hours of usage, you should give a break of 20 to 30 minutes to the processor to cool down. During overuse of the phone, the smartphone consumes heavy RAM, CPU, GPU, and battery which generates heats. They have limited cooling system and space, we should change our habit of overusing it and we must give a break of at least 20 minutes on 2 hours usage. Power off and turning on again is also a better option. By stopping the overuse of the smartphone you can easily control phone heating up and draining battery.



#10 Defective battery

If your smartphone’s battery is faulty or defective, it could heat up the whole device. You can easily check health of your battery in settings on Android simply by entering *#*#4636#*#* in dial pad of your phone. This will give you perfect information of the battery health. Your battery health in the battery info should be Good in any case and temperature also should be in between 25C on normal usage and Maximum up to 40C in heavy usage. If your battery temperature is more than 50C then your battery might be a defective one.



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How to cool down phone temperature?


Cooling down the phone temperature is not that much hard. By following simple steps you can easily cool down the temperature of your phone.

  • You can also use Cooling Master Android app to cool down the overheating Android phone. This app monitors and controls the app and detects or closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and lower phone temperature. This app can easily solve Android phone overheating.
  • Power off the phone when it is getting hotter and turn on after 10 minutes.



What do you think about this? How you prevent your phone from overheating? Comment if we’ve missed any other reasons that may cause overheating issues. Do share this post with your friends also and let them know about it.

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