How To Lock Or Unlock Your PC Using USB Flash Drive?


No matter which things you are using, Privacy is the main concern for every individual. While choosing Operating System, many users want to stay secured so they will go for Linux, but most of the users will select Windows because they are related to Windows and it’s familiar. Like Linux, in Windows also there are many tricks and tools available for security and most of them are free too!

Do you ever think that you can lock or unlock your PC with USB? Yes. You heard it right! There is a tool called PREDATOR which helps you to lock or unlock your PC using your USB flash drive. So here in this article we are going to explain how to lock or unlock your PC from USB flash drive using PREDATOR software. Using this software you can unlock several PCs with the same USB flash drive!

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How to Lock or Unlock PC using USB Drive?

  1. First of all, you need to download a tool called PREDATOR
  2. Just visit the above link and you will find Home and Professional versions with 10 days license
  3. Select any version and download it
  4. After downloading, install it in your PC by Clicking on install button and agreeing with termsDownload Predator
  5. Click Yes to install in proper path
  6. After successful installation, it will prompt a message to insert USBPredator Install
  7. Just insert a USB flash drive and click OK
  8. Now you will get a popup to enter a password, just enter the password that required to unlock without USBPredator Setup
  9. After entering a new password, click OK
  10. It’s done! Your setup to unlock the PC using USB is successful
  11. Now just remove the USB flash drive that you’ve inserted, you can see a warning message on the screen and a field to enter password
  12. Now again, just insert your Flash drive
  13. Boom! You have successfully unlocked your PC using USB Drive!


Features of PREDATOR-

  • Users can unlock several PCs with the same USB flash drive
  • This software can take the pictures of the person who tries to use computer
  • PREDATOR can protect several user accounts on a PC, each one having its own settings and its own USB
  • Users can define the times of day when each user may access the computer with the built-in scheduler
  • Users can make specific rules for each user and each day of the week
  • Out of authorized periods, users can either lock the desktop, log off the user or shutdown the computer
  • Users can remove the flash drive to disable the computer for good.
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