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PayPal Error Code 60017 (Fix Easily in 2023)

PayPal Error Code 60017 Fix

PayPal error code 60017 can appear anytime you try to print a shipping label. You’ll see his message: “We’re sorry, we’re unable to process your request right now. Please try again later. ERRORCODE-60017″.

In this article, we’ll explain what is error 60017 on PayPal and show you how to resolve the problem.

What is PayPal Error Code 60017?

Typically, the PayPal error code 60017 appears when there is an issue with the shipping label. The users who are selling and shipping their products overseas have a greater chance of experiencing this error. 

There are some key pieces of information generally included on shipping labels, including the recipient address, sender address, postal barcode, and routing code.

Ensure that the shipping label contains all the information necessary as instructed by PayPal. If you try to deviate from this guideline, this error code is likely to appear repeatedly. 

How to Fix PayPal Error Code 60017

Shorten Address Name

The chances of getting Paypal error code 60017 are high when the address name is too long. So, while printing the label, make sure the address name are short.

If not, try to make it shorter by removing unnecessary details. Moreover, if the address is too long then split it into two-part and add the rest on Address line 2.

Change Address Format

Most of the time, Paypal error code-60017 is related to address formatting. Regardless of the reason, PayPal automatically entered everything in “Address Line 1” along with City, Country, Postal Code, etc.

There was a lot of information on that line, making it long. So, you have to remove unnecessary details and move them to Address Line 2. Then try to print the label. 

Check Shipping Information

If you or your customer have entered symbols like | or extra space in the name or between first and last name, you will get error code 60017. So, edit the shipping information, and remove such symbols or other unnecessary fancy things in the name field.

Change the Address

If the delivery address provided is out of service area by post, you will get Paypal error code 60017. In the event that the buyer lives far away on an island, it may be rejected. Whether or not this is the problem can be determined by the post office.

Due to the risks associated with the buyer’s address, PayPal does not want the item shipped to it. Thus, you will get the error code 60017 preventing you from shipping the label.

Shorten Descriptions

A number of characters used in the custom form might be causing the Paypal error code 60017. Contents Descriptions and Customs Detail Descriptions cannot contain more than 20 characters.

So, adjust the custom form and shorten the descriptions to fit within the character limits then try again to create a shipping label.

Change Item Value

Though this is not the best way, it may work for you. Try entering the item value to really low then try to create the shipping label. 

The concern and the risk of doing this are that you will go through a lot of trouble if it gets lost in transit. It might be worth a shot in some circumstances but is not recommended now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my Paypal keep saying error 60017?

Be sure to include all the information that PayPal indicates on the shipping label. Remove unwanted things in the address and name section. It is likely that this Paypal error code-60017 will appear more than once if you opt to deviate from Paypal standards. 

How do I fix Paypal error code 60017?

Review the address you entered, making sure none of the lines have ‘default’. Make sure that the addresses are properly formatted. It worked for most of the users to solve the 60017 error code in Paypal.

I hope you found this guide helpful; if you have any trouble following these steps, let us know in the comments section below. If you are still having issues, you can contact their customer service.

If you find any other way to fix Paypal error code 60017, share it with us in the comments section below. 

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