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7 Remote Work Apps to Use for Time and Task Tracking

With the worldwide workforce transitioning into remote work, it is imperative to be able to stay on top of your team’s productivity. While working from home can increase productivity due to comfortability, a lack of time-management skills and effective project management can nullify the productive benefits.

There are some tools available for keeping projects organized across your teams, such as Milanote and Trello. But if you need to track the time your teams are spending on daily tasks, here are seven of the best remote work apps available for time and task tracking.Remote Work Apps

7 Best Remote Work Apps

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is one of the best tools available for remote work time tracking. Major companies such as Apple and Verizon rely on this tool to keep track of their various teams. Time doctor allows you to see the exact tasks your team is working on, and the amount of time they are spending on each task.

The app shows you the sites that members of your team are visiting, and reports the times they log in and out of the app. It has a task management feature that allows you to allocate tasks based on how productive each employee is. It also creates a report of the billable hours for each client.


Toggl is a time management software that has features and pricing plans geared for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. It has a browser extension that tracks the time of various tools that each team member uses. It also features a keyboard tracker to monitor the activity of employees.

Toggl is one of the easiest to use tools as it has a simple user interface. They provide good customer support for any issues and support auto time-tracking.


Hours is the best app for you if you are looking for a tool that doesn’t have too many features and focuses on simple time-tracking. It has a simple virtual timer that allows you to track how much time you are spending on various tasks.

It sends notifications for when the timer starts and stops. It also features a Mac web app so you can sync your data across all your Apple devices. This app generates a simple and easy to understand the graph of your time usage.


Timely is an app that allows you to see exactly when your remote employees are working. It categorizes and reports the time based on tasks, webpages visited and tools used. Timely doesn’t require much manual reporting as it has strong automated time-tracking features.


If your company works with a large number of clients on a daily basis then the Harvest app is for you. Harvest is an extensive time-tracking app with advanced invoicing features, allowing it to integrate with your billing process. This app uses the tracked hours to create invoices and process payments through PayPal or Stripe. It can even synchronize the data across your devices.


Everhour features a live dashboard that integrates all your team’s tasks into one place at the moment they are working on them. It can generate invoices out of the time tracked across multiple currencies. It also features powerful browser extensions for Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome.


Timeneye is built with the solo freelancer in mind who needs automated time-tracking features. It allows you to track your progress on various projects with an integrated calendar. It also generates detailed reports of time tracked.

These apps will enable you to hold each employee accountable for their productivity and output each workday. They will help your teams generate the motivation to succeed and produce the results you need on a regular basis. You can also refer to a source like for more resources and tips to generate the results you need in this new age of remote work

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