What is Sarahah? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Sarahah



The whole world in the craze of Sarahah which is launched a few months ago and downloaded more than YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat! But most of the people from India don’t know much about Sarahah because it is more popular in foreign countries like Australia, US, UK, and Ireland.

So in this article, we are going to Explain What is Sarahah? How does it work? and How to use it? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Sarahah App.


What is Sarahah?

Sarahah is an app for sending and receiving feedback, honest opinions or thoughts from other users like friends or co-workers through social media that too Anonymously!

This app is created by Zain al-Tawfiq a Saudi Arabian developer. In Arabic language, Sarahah means Honesty or Frankness. So Sarahah is the way to express thoughts or honest opinions without revealing the identity.


How does Sarahah Work?

Sarahah is Designed just to recognize strength and weakness or area for improvements by sending or receiving honest feedbacks from friends or co-workers. Users can receive message or feedback from other registered/non-registered users which will appear on app feeds. It can be favorited, forwarded and deleted and the person who sent the message isn’t alerted when you perform any of these actions. If you feel the feedback or message is offensive or bad about you and don’t want to receive the message from that user then you can block them by clicking on block button.


How to Use Sarahah?

Just download Sarahah free app from Google Play Store or apple’s app store and register with details like username email and password. The app doesn’t need any verifications. On app home screen you’ll see your unique username. Just click on sharing option and share it with your friends through Facebook, WhatsApp or using any other social media platform. When you get a feedback from Sarahah from your friends you’ll get a notification and note that you won’t able to see senders name or any other details and even you can’t reply to that message! This is the main curiosity of this app to get a real opinion.

But the app allows you to take a screenshot of that message/feedback to share it with social media for fun. You have few more options like favorite a message and Sarahah recently added block option which helps you to block receiving a message from that user again.

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Is it safe to Use?

Sarahah also becomes a platform for cyber bullies and trolls to target people. As you can send messages without revealing your identity people can take advantage of this application and troll others. But no actions can be taken against them because of anonymous nature of the sender.

Note that this is not the first app with this concept. There are few more apps with same concepts like Whisper, After School, Psst which are released before Sarahah. But because of some reasons Sarahah is Trending and getting more popularity through Social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. It is just a fun way of getting feedbacks and thoughts from your friends. This is the fun way to tell something which you wouldn’t say face to face.

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