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11 Stores Like Cotton On (Alternatives in 2023)

If you’re on the hunt for stores like Cotton On to purchase cutting-edge streetwear for girls and guys at a price you can afford then you’re in the right place! This post shares stores having a similar style to Cotton On and an affordable price point. 

Top Clothing Stores Like Cotton On

If you love fashion, then Cotton On will be one of the favorites on your browser. With Cotton On’s current, always-changing collection of all the clothes you want to wear, you won’t find a better price anywhere else. 

Here are 11 stores that are just like Cotton On, offering affordable dresses, on-trend clothing. These retailers are our go-to’s when we need some more inspiration. Scroll down to see more stores that you’ll love as Cotton On. Read on to shop from 11 of my favorite trendy fashion stores similar to Cotton On.

About Cotton On

A clothing brand based in Australia, Cotton On offers just what you need for a beach-style vibe, perfect for men, women, children, and stationery supplies. With Cotton On, shoppers can find stylish styles that complement their laid-back lifestyle. Keeping your wardrobe stylish and trendy doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.

Cotton On offers the best prices on graphic tees, joggers, kids’ clothes, and desk accessories. Everyone will be able to find something they are interested in! Whether you’re shopping for women, men, or kids, no place is better when it comes to keeping your style trendy and cool. Currently, Cotton On operates in 18 countries and has more than 1,500 stores.

But there is no need to worry as there are plenty of sites like Cotton On for buying the cutest essentials. If you’re reluctant to turn to other online clothing stores like Cotton On, let’s check the best  Cotton On alternatives below.

Top Clothing Stores Like Cotton On for Women’s Men’s, Kids Clothing & Accessories in 2023


EverlaneProviding ethical fashion and accessories, Everlane targets men and women. There are a variety of products offered by the company, including shirts, sweaters, shoes, and pants in various price ranges. 

The factories and materials they use are ethically sourced. Furthermore, they offer the option of installment to most items on top of providing high-quality products made from sustainably sourced materials.

The retailer has a wide range of women’s hoodies, tees, pants, accessories, and shoes. No matter if you’re looking for simple office wear, cozy loungewear, or trendy streetwear, Everlane has what you need.  

The men’s collection from Everlane focuses on simplicity. With a clean and simple aesthetic, this dress can be worn every day. 

Frank And Oak

Frank And OakThe focus of Frank And Oak is to use sustainable materials and methods throughout the product supply chain to produce quality clothing that will last. 

The company is known for its love of style, technology, and design. Clothing and shoes made by Frank & Oak are made through sustainable methods, such as using recycled materials.

Their prices, trendy clothing styles, and quality are similar to SHEIN as well. With much of their affordable clothing items starting around $5 and going up to about $30+. Move further and check out remaining sites like Cotton On.


THE ICONICFeaturing clothing for men and women from international and Australian brands, THE ICONIC offers an extensive collection of effortlessly stylish apparel. There is something for everyone in their huge collection of more than 20,000 items, including dresses, jeans, watches, ankle boots, sneakers, and wallets.

Take your off-duty essentials to the next level with THE ICONIC. A wide selection of clothing for men and women at THE ICONIC will suit each individual need. 

Choose from a large selection of dresses for women, including party dresses, evening dresses, as well as suits and blazers for a smart formal look. The ICONIC offers footwear for any occasion, whether you’re searching for dress shoes or ankle boots. 

THE ICONIC offers stylish clothing and footwear online, making it the perfect place for your wardrobe-essentials.

Universal Standard

Universal StandardSince it offers eight items in sizes 10 to 28, Universal Standard has become increasingly popular among plus-size women. The company is known for its premium fabrics and minimalist design, and new styles are regularly added (normally priced between $30 and $160). Its products are available through its official website, showrooms in Seattle and New York, Spring, and

Besides offering customers an enhanced shopping experience by allowing them to search by size, the retailer has launched “Fit Liberty,” which provides customers with select items that can be exchanged if their size changes. 

American Apparel 

American ApparelLos Angeles-based American Apparel designs and manufactures all of its products in Western counties. When American Apparel entered the retail market in 2003, it became a fashion sensation, selling wholesale colorful basics. Its ethical manufacturing practices and bold branding are all part of American Apparel’s mission to empower all people.

A major part of American Apparel’s business model has been to focus on manufacturing high-quality apparel from 100% organic cotton.

American Apparel is well known for anticipating what is today a fundamental part of a wardrobe, focusing their line on what is called ‘essentials’. 

American Apparel focuses on the basics: crop-tops, bodysuits, leggings, tracksuits, and t-shirts, beauty products that serve as the company’s foundation.


ReformationThe Reformation clothing brand sells high-quality jeans, summer dresses, and tops. Specifically, the brand promotes itself as a sustainable business focused on producing eco-friendly and ethical clothing. It has gained a tremendous amount of popularity over the years.

When it comes to adopting technology, the Reformation always leads the way. The company’s manufacturing processes are based on technology, which allows them to be sustainable at scale, in addition to leveraging technology to create memorable shopping experiences. 

Reformation size charts are inclusive and are made to fit a diverse range of body types. Last year, the brand introduced permanently extended sizing, now catering to people of all sizes ranging from 0-24. Their products are available in sizes for both petite and tall customers.

Besides dresses, jeans, jumpsuits, tops, sweaters, skirts, swimwear, athletic wear, shoes, and intimates, they have a footwear and intimates collection. You can pick from Reformation’s selection of simplicity-inspired tees and tops.


PACTThe Pact brand produces comfortable, 100% organic cotton basics at an affordable price. In spite of it being relatively new, the company has already covered all the fresh basics of your wardrobe – in addition to socks and underwear, it sells hoodies, sleepwear, and even yoga gear. 

Clothing on the Pact is usually between $10 and $40, and are all made out of organic cotton and Fair Trade factories to give you comfort without sacrificing other people or the environment. 

As a result, its products encourage consumers to minimize their carbon footprint. It uses eco-friendly materials in its production, reducing the number of chemicals, water, and waste.


DSTLDA luxury-denim and essentials company, DSTLD (pronounced Distilled) refuses to work with department stores and retail middlemen, allowing its customers to benefit of savings. In order to deliver a core wardrobe, the label offers a compact product range, superior quality, and simple design.

The aim of the DSTLD is to increase the fashion industry’s sustainability by carefully selecting fabrics and suppliers.

The company was founded in 2014 by Corey Epstein and Mark Lynn. Their premium denim is ethically produced. With its Direct-to-Consumer business model, DSTLD can offer luxury essentials for approximately 1/3 the retail price. 

T-shirts available on DSTLD are made from 100% sustainable cotton sourced from the most prestigious mills in Japan, Italy, and the US. This premium piece of apparel is built from ultra-soft fabrics and finished with premium details. DSTLD never goes beyond the cute basics with regards to color – white, grey, and black.

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend CollectiveThe Girlfriend Collective is a Seattle-based online boutique dedicated to producing minimalist, luxurious, and eco-friendly activewear.

In addition to making sportswear, Girlfriend Collective strives to create a community of people who are concerned about where their clothes are made.

Since trash pollutes the planet more than it adorns you, Girlfriend Collective makes activewear using recycled materials. 

Are you looking for pretty leggings in different colors? Every pair of flattering, comfortable, and supportive leggings made by Girlfriend Collective is made from 25 recycled water bottles. 

Urban Outfitters

Urban OutfittersUrban Outfitters isn’t just one of those stores like Cotton On. But it offers a unique mix of products, creativity, and cultural awareness in inspiring customers. In addition to maintaining an approachable and relatable voice online, Urban Outfitters creates an environment where customers feel comfortable engaging with them.

Urban Outfitters attracts young adults ages 18 to 28 through a wide range of products, an exciting store environment, mobile apps, and a website.

Using consumer data and sentiment, the company offers a full range of products and brands in every category.

Clothing from Urban Outfitters is considered to be expensive. The majority of their products are high quality and well priced, but some are a bit pricey.


ABLELast but not least, ABLE is our last pick for alternative online stores like Cotton On. A number of ABLE’s fashion pieces are ethically made. The brand ABLE promotes women’s empowerment and ends poverty by employing and hiring women. 

The ABLE clothing collection is filled with trendy and super cute trendy pieces that will become closet staples. With ABLE you have access to everything needed for a functional wardrobe: denim jackets, sneakers, and totes.

A stylish collection of colors, textures, and trends awaits you at ABLE. Shoppers will find more reasons to keep coming back.

Final Words

You might not be completely satisfied with Cotton On. If you no longer wish to buy all your women’s, men’s, and stationery supplies from Cotton On, then this piece of content may be useful for you.

The clothing stores like Cotton On mentioned in the article get millions of customers every month. We hope you liked the Cotton On alternatives listed in this article and you found it useful!

This concludes our article and we now should wrap it up. Before you go, be sure to let us know which store you think is the best alternative to Cotton On!

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