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12 Stores Like Rainbow You Should Try in 2023 (Alternatives)

Stores Like Rainbow Alternatives

In this article, we’ve rounded up 12 clothing stores like Rainbow that offer trendy, and stylish clothes and accessories for women, kids, and men at affordable prices.

There’s no mystery why fashion-savvy shoppers might want to find some other affordable clothing sites like Rainbow. Since a Rainbow isn’t suitable for every individual (or not perfectly suited for every occasion), people often look for other Rainbow alternatives.

Rainbow (also known as Rainbow Shops or simply Rainbow) is a mid-range apparel retailer specializing in young women’s lifestyle brands.

The company also has an online store featuring Junior and Plus fashion, shoes, accessories, dresses, tops, sweaters, blazers, leggings, shorts, jackets and coats, jeans, skirts, pants, shoes, hosiery, jewelry with special offers, and discounts. A new collection of styles is added to its online store every day.

The site offers free shipping on orders worth $75 or more and a variety of styles to choose from. It is also one of the leading fashion retailers with over 1,000 locations across the United States, Puerto Rico, & The U.S. Virgin Islands.

It’s no secret that women love Rainbow, however, and stores like Rainbow not only for their affordability but the items they receive often look just like they do online. For the price you pay, Rainbow is usually a good choice when it comes to dresses, tops, sweaters, blazers, jeans, skirts, pants, shoes, and jewelry. 

Nevertheless, if the Rainbow store doesn’t quite fit your style, we’ve got you covered with these stores like Rainbow!

12 Stores Like Rainbow (Alternatives)

Ashley Stewart

Ashley StewartAshley Stewart is another alternative to Rainbow shops that features plus-size fashion online. Featuring plus size dresses, jeans, tops, and accessories, this retailer carries the latest plus size designers. 

There is no shortage of fashionable outfits, and Ashley Stewart stays on top of the hottest trends to enhance every woman’s look. The clothing is of good quality and fits comfortably people with large body types.

With its roots dating back to 1991, Ashley Stewart has become the leading fashion brand for female consumers worldwide. Ashley Stewart has 89 stores across the US, a cutting-edge e-commerce site, and a massive social media following, Ashley Stewart excels at omnichannel retail.


2020AVE2020AVE caters to the fashion-savvy urban fashionista with a keen sense of style and affordability. It does not sacrifice quality for affordability. 2020AVE has a team dedicated to providing shoppers with up-to-date fashion trends, as well as unique clothing and accessories from independent boutiques and brands.  

They offer collections that are always stylish, elegant, cutting-edge, and versatile enough to wear day or night.

2020ave sells fashion products for women in its online store. The company sells clothes, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, hats, bags, etc. Additionally, it offers a curated selection of beauty products. You can return the item within 14 days, but you cannot exchange it.

They provide a variety of styles to meet your everyday style needs in local boutiques. You can always keep up with your street style with the range of collections that inspire and let you mix and match your outfits – whether it’s dresses, jeans, or sneakers – whatever your style may be. 


AvenueAs a brand that has always offered women a wide variety of premium, fashion-forward clothing, Avenue knows how to deliver stylish clothing to its customers. 

This store aims to provide amazing looks and feel to women of all sizes. Whether it’s a special occasion or everyday wear, Avenue’s stylish pieces combine comfort with fashion. They offer items of the highest quality that can be delivered directly to your home. 


DressbarnSince its founding in 1962, Dressbarn has built a reputation and is known for its warm and friendly customer service. Offering styles, sizes, and prices for women of all types, Dressbarn has everything you need. Over the past 60 years, the store has developed a longstanding relationship with brands people trust.  

Known for its workwear styles, Dressbarn has expanded its offerings to include affordable casual wear, regular clothing, and jewelry. Dressbarn has a wonderful selection of attire with timeless appeal.

With a growing customer base of younger and more mobile-savvy consumers, the brand continues to thrive, providing women with options and going beyond just business attire.


BoohooBoohoo releases countless products every day. There are a lot of beautiful clothes to choose from at Boohoo. Boohoo pays close attention to the latest trends, ensuring their clothing and accessories are always on trend and reflect the latest looks.

The prices on Boohoo are generally lower than at other online retailers, and the website regularly offers discounts and special offers. Whether you’re looking for sneakers, footwear, party dresses, bomber jackets, tops, and more, this is the store for you.

Boohoo stands out for selling high-quality clothes and offering an array of options. When it comes down to getting less-expensive but equally fashionable products that are designed to look as if they cost more Boohoo is a great choice. 

There are a number of incredible styles and trends that are updated consistently, and there are also special offer incentives available. In addition to dresses, Boohoo also offers accessories, clothing, shoes, and shirts to fit everyone’s style.

Over 500 new items are added to the online store on a weekly basis by Boohoo, making it easy to keep up with the hottest trends without breaking the bank. A diverse selection of fashion options makes every girl’s wardrobe accessible and exciting.


TopshopTopshop carries a large selection of clothing, shoes, make-up, and accessories. It operates around 500 stores worldwide, including 300 in the UK, as well as an online store.

There’s no doubt that Topshop is familiar to anyone who follows high-street fashion. It has a reputation for offering great options to buy stylish, affordable clothing.

in July 2021, Topshop was acquired by Nordstrom, in an effort to target younger shoppers. Due to its extensive product line and the introduction of new items on a daily basis, Topshop attracts a lot of attention. 

Topshop continues to update products frequently without sacrificing quality or a consistent style. Topshop’s rise to fame in recent years has been attributed largely to celebrities collaborating with the brand.

Charlotte Russe

Charlotte RusseCharlotte Russe offers the newest trends in clothing, footwear, and accessories. The unbeatable pricing makes it affordable for all women to feel their best.

Charlotte Russe operates across 31 states in the United States. In addition to bringing the latest fashions, designs, and trends, every young woman of 18-24 can enjoy showcasing her unique fashion sense. 

With a loyal following of fashionistas and value shoppers together, Charlotte Russe is widely regarded as the best place to find the latest trends at affordable prices.

Charlotte Russe specializes in youthful fashion and offers the most trend-setting dresses, denim, shoes, and accessories at incredible prices for women of all ages and sizes.


TorridTorrid has become a major direct-to-consumer fashion and lifestyle brand, offering apparel, intimates, and accessories geared toward women of all shapes and sizes. 

Its exclusive collections are tailored to fit seamlessly and effortlessly, enabling women to feel attractive and confident.

Plus-size fashion brand Torrid has experienced rapid growth. The company currently employs over 5,000 people and has more than 600 stores in the US and Canada, expanding daily. 

Torrid provides items that are specifically designed to fit and enhance, not just a scaled-up version of a fashion item. The store’s every piece is tested on plus-size models, in order to ensure the best fit possible.


Rue 21rue21 aims to make fashion fun and accessible to everyone. In addition to providing a unique shopping experience, rue21 offers apparel that caters to the individual needs of customers and the community.

The retailer sells clothing, perfumes, accessories, plus size fashion, footwear, makeup kits, personal care products as well as other items.

Lane Bryant

Lane BryantLane Bryant is another store similar to Rainbow that was founded and led by women. As a popular destination, it provides innovative designs that fit perfectly. 

The store provides the ultimate combination of style, fit, comfort, and all-around versatility. Lane Bryant is one of the top plus-size clothing brands for women because of this.

It is a great Rainbow alternative if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option and want to look good.

You’ll find everything at this shop that is available at large retail stores. Furthermore, they sell boots and shoes. It is always possible to find a variety of sizes and styles available.

It is a leading place for quality and variety for decades. The store carries plus-sized clothing featuring the latest trends and offers comfortable jeans, tops, accessories, footwear, and more.

Although not everyone will like them, it is evident that they are designed to appeal to a wide range of women, regardless of their style preferences.

Woman Within

Woman WithinWoman Within makes women’s clothing that fits perfectly up to 6X for more than 50 years. They provide the best value, fit, and comfort. 

Their plus size specialists make sure clothes fit and are comfortable for all bodies, and they offer sizes 12W through 44W. 

Featuring everything from soft fabrics to technological advancements Woman Within clothing enables you to move comfortably throughout the day as well as at night. They provide affordable wardrobe solutions for all your needs. 

During the return period, if you are not satisfied with the product, you have the option to return it unused, dirty, or defective. 

Citi Trends

Citi TrendsCiti Trends offers competitively priced brands of urban-inspired clothing, shoes, accessories, and home décor suited for men, women, and children.

Over the last 75 years, Citi Trends has provided a wide range of trendy and stylish products to consumers. 

Their assortment includes shoes, clothing, accessories, home décor, plus much more, allowing you to take care of the whole family in one place. Citi Trends strives to provide quality products at significantly lower prices than its competitors.

That’s it. While Rainbow certainly ranks among the best stores to buy clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, plus size, and kids at reasonable prices. There are plenty of other clothing stores like Rainbow shops that you can try as well.

Are you looking for a new outfit for your next event? Have you tried these stores like Rainbow? Hopefully, you enjoyed it! 

Thanks for reading this compilation, remember to bookmark it and tell your friends about it. If we left out a major store, make sure to let us know in the comments!

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