Things You Should Consider Before Switching to Linux


Choosing a right Operating system is a required thing for every user. An operating system must reach the user’s expectations to serve better. Most of the users prefer Windows because they are much familiar with it.

But there are many reasons you can find to switch from your current Operating system to Linux. The reason is new Linux distribution is extremely well polished and looks good out of the box and even offers a lot of customization options, tweaking the operating system and more. But before switching to Linux, few things you should know about the Linux Operating System. In this article, we have explained you should know before Switch to Linux Operating System.


#1 Selection of Right Linux Distribution

Linux OS is a free and open source, anybody can build his own Linux Distribution by the kernel with least knowledge and combine it with few packages like display server, User interface, and application software. Therefore there are hundreds of Linux Distribution are available. Hence choosing a right Linux distribution is extremely important and will be a significant factor in deciding your overall experience with Linux OS.


Some Linux distribution is made with specific users or audience in mind, for example, Fedora Linux offers cutting edge technology with the latest software while Debian prefers stability over incorporating new software. Some Linux Distributions will supports for 5 years while many other offers support only a year. But if you ensure we will suggest you try Ubuntu or Linux Mint at the start. But you don’t have to limit yourself to these Operating system and you should try something new that works or feels better for you.


#2 Hardware Compatibility

This is probably the biggest reason why new users are switching back to their old Operating System. A few years back Linux distribution was terrible at hardware compatibility. Nobody wants to be in the situation where after installing a new  Operating System you realized that the Wi-Fi or Trackpad doesn’t work because there are no drivers are available. Therefore we highly recommend that before you install Linux distribution check out the distribution website and look for hardware compatibility with your Laptop or desktop.


You can also go to and search for your distribution there and make sure about hardware compatibility. Ubuntu is by a far the most hardware compatible Linux distribution that we have found. Their hardware certified website also helps quite a lot in searching for the specific device. But it doesn’t mean that other distributions are not good. You have to spend a little time to make sure about the compatibility of hardware for your Laptop or Desktop.

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#3 Software Repository And Package Managers

There is no use of installing a distribution if it doesn’t have essential applications like a good office suit email client, etc. just because it is free. It will not serve any real purpose. Every Linux distribution has its own repository and sort of warehouse of software where you can download and install software on your computer. The application for installing and removing or updating the software is called Package Manager. So both the number of packages in your repository and the package manager is extremely important.


For many users installing a software from a command line terminal can be a little time-consuming. Although nowadays the majority of Linux distribution comes with the majority of preferred apps installed. So before installing find out if the distribution comes with which package manager and more importantly if the distribution has all the software that you need in its repository.  Distributions like Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Debian has the most number of software available in its repository. You can find all the information in the distribution website and also nowadays many distributions have preinstalled software that allows you to run Windows programs on Linux!

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#4 Desktop Environments

Linux offers a ton of options as for as desktop environment or the look and feel of the desktop. Almost all Linux distribution has a primary desktop environment. There are distributions like Fedora that have multiple images based on the various desktop environment which is called Spins. Apart from the difference in look and feel, desktop environment also differs in the amount of customization and tweaks that can be done to the desktop. It also influences the if the system will be light or heavy on system resources.


The four main desktop environments are XFCE, LXDE, KDE, Cinnamon Spins. LXDE being the lightest on system resources while KDE has the maximum amount of customization that can be done. There are also few Linux distributions that shifts with a user interface similar to Windows. So that a user switching from these Operating System feels familiar while using the computer.


#5 Community And Support

A strong community is extremely important and can help you a lot in case if you face any issues with the distribution. If the Distribution has the strong community, they help you instantly with any issue and has a community forum where you can post your issues.

Since Linux distribution is free of cost there is no guarantee that the distribution will not close or shut down from working altogether in future.  Debian has a long history behind it and sort of the grand old man of Linux distribution for a long time. Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian OS has strong support from their corporate owners. So definitely look for these things while choosing a Linux distribution for you.


So this is about some things you should be aware of before switching to Linux. Take your own time and search for your distribution with above things to choose a right OS for your device.

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