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13 Best Teeth Whitening Apps in 2022 (Android/iOS)

Do you want to surprise your friends and family with fully white teeth? Whether you want to whiten your teeth or not, there’s a slew of Android and iOS teeth whitening apps that let you experiment with your teeth color in your photos. With special tools, these teeth whitener apps will surely help you get rid of yellow teeth. 

best free teeth whitening apps

Over time, almost everyone’s teeth turn yellow or stain. The reasons for this issue are many and if you have yellow teeth then you don’t need to panic. We know how you are feeling about it all. This unpleasant effect can be removed with the help of various apps.  We have compiled a list of the best teeth whitening app choices so you can start whitening teeth on your photos and stop worrying. So, let’s discuss a few photo editing apps to make teeth whiter. You just need to use the following teeth whitening photo editor apps to know the ways to whiten your teeth.

As we mentioned earlier, on the internet, you can find hundreds of teeth whitening apps for photos that help to change the teeth color on pictures. The best ones are listed below in the article. These photo editing apps to make teeth whiter can be downloaded from Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. They’re so simple to use, you might even catch yourself having entertainment.

Best Teeth Whitening Apps for Android and iOS


FotogenicWith extra-ordinary ratings, Fotogenic is no bullshit app with great tools. It can do every photo editing task you could ask for. You can do face tuning alongside body tuning with hundreds of amazing makeup options. The app is loaded with dozens of editing options and you can find A to Z tools to make your face shine. Of course, the app has the feature that you are looking for. 

Body reshaping is easy with this app. You can smoothen your skin, whiten your smile, make an attractive and sexy body, and what not! It has pretty much everything. You can even remove red eyes. To edit your pictures on this app, you need to pick your photos from your gallery on this app to start experimenting with several tools inside. 

Download Fotogenic App for Android

Download Fotogenic App for iOS

Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie

Photo Editor Perfect SelfiePhoto Editor & Perfect Selfie has found itself in second place on our best-of teeth whitening apps list. This is an exciting app to edit your pictures and it has all the tools needed to improve the overall quality of your images. Alongside the feature to make your teeth white, it can do lots of other things as well. 

Thanks to the advanced tools, you can use this app to change your hairstyle, take great selfies, add makeup to your face, reshape your body, and a lot more. It lets you try out different looks. Discover the newest editing tools, essential makeup options, a variety of stickers, filters, and dozens of frames to add to your photo on the Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie app! Click selfies on the app or select the photo that you want to edit and use all the tools to make your photo look better than the original.

Download Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie App for Android


PixlPixl is yet another masterpiece face retouch tool with all the essential beauty tools. Take a photo and have fun changing its look. It is the most user-friendly free teeth whitening photo editor app in the store. Removing dark circles, red eyes, acne, and blemishes are very easy to Pixl.

Within a matter of seconds, it can do the solution you are looking for to revamp your face. This is an excellent choice for its photo editing capabilities as it’s extremely easy to use navigations.

Download Pixl App for Android

Download Pixl App for iOS


Facetune2As the app’s name suggests Facetune2 is an amazing app by Lightricks to tune your face or any other parts of your body. All you need to do is open the app and choose the photo to start face tuning. It also has a bunch of high-quality beauty filters. That is perfect if you need unique editing and a different style in your pictures. 

Besides, you can reshape your selfie with the app in case you want to remove pimples and blemishes. The app also lets you remove stains on your teeth by making them white. You can also make any part of your body skin softer with the in-built tools available on the Facetune2 app.

Download Facetune2 App for Android

Download Facetune2 App for iOS


LensaRemoving stains or yellow teeth are the ultimate goal of all photoholics who want to take better selfies and pictures with a smile wherever they go. As one of the best free teeth whitening apps for iOS and Android, Lensa has a plethora of features that enable users to edit their photos according to their needs. 

Options like teeth whitener, hair color changer, background blur, one-click portrait editor are just a few reasons why this app has millions of installs on both Android and iOS app stores. As we said, background blur is very easy on this app. Lensa has many of the features of other apps on this list have, but the

Download Lensa App for Android

Download Lensa App for iOS

LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects

LightX Photo Editor Photo EffectsIn case you edit your photos too often, then this app can be a better choice for you as it is an all in one free photo editor. While the free version has a limited tool, if you would like to use more amazing tools you must try the premium version by paying some pennies. 

Alongside whitening the teeth, the app offers tons of advanced tools to make your photo look elegant. You can even change the background of the picture easily with the Lasso tool in the app. It also offers various blend modes.

Download LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects App for Android

Download LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects App for iOS

Perfect Me

Perfect MePerfect Me app is a simple but full-featured body retouch and face editing app. Designed for body and face enhancing, this app is perfect for whitening teeth and stuff like that. All you have to do to start editing a picture by selecting that picture of your choice. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of options to enhance the look. It includes building ab muscle, smoothens skin, acne remover, filters, stickers, hair color changer, unwanted object removal, etc. 

The editing process on the Perfect Me app is fully automated which means you don’t have to do anything manually. The app instantly detects your face size, eyes, nose, mouth, and each and every part to automatically correct it in the photo. Of course, you can do editing manually as well.

Download Perfect Me App for Android

Download Perfect Me App for iOS


PixlrPixlr comes in both a free version that’s available for android Lollipop as well as a paid version of the app that comes with additional editing tools. Pixlr is a great app to edit your photos. It is like Adobe Photoshop for Android and iOS. It lets you edit your pictures through hundreds of editing options, effects available. This means you can bring out the best photo of yours using dozens of effects and editing features. 

The app has millions of users in the world and is still actively in development. The developers of the app, Inmagine Lab, consistently adding new features to the Pixlr app and one of the features include teeth whitening as well. 

Download Pixlr App for Android

Download Pixlr App for iOS

YouCam Perfect 

YouCam PerfectYouCam Perfect for Android and iOS is a great option for users looking for teeth whitening apps for photos. This app has an array of options, sorted by removals and effect. Some of the tools are blemishes & wrinkles removers, face reshapers, smile adjustment, skin tone and color changer, teeth whitening tool, background removal, object removal, magic brush, etc. 

With AI to automatically recognize your teeth, the YouCam Perfect app features a selection of options as well as features to remove yellow stains on your teeth. Added with built-in collages, frames, tons of effects, the YouCam Perfect app will help you try out a new look every day.

Download YouCam Perfect App for Android

Download YouCam Perfect App for iOS

Photo Editor by BeFunky

Photo Editor by BeFunkyHave very bad yellow teeth? Photo Editor by BeFunky is going to be your next daily tool. Developed by BeFunky, you can add stickers, goodies, effects, frames, whiten your white with this handy app. The app can be used on group photos by making collages with multiple photos.

Photo Editor by BeFunky does all the tough work for you by detecting your face and teeth in the photo to whiten it automatically. It will eliminate yellow stains to provide you with a great look to your smile and face.

Download Photo Editor by BeFunky App for Android

Download Photo Editor by BeFunky App for iOS


SelfixThe single swipe Whiten Teeth feature of this app makes it easy for you to remove yellow stains on your teeth. It is easy to smoothen skin, edit eyebrows, enhance your eye, hair, reshape the body, through this app. Also, it has an option called Automatic Makeup to makeup your face quickly within a second.

Download Selfix App for Android

Download Selfix App for iOS

Face Enhancer

face enhancerFace Enhancer is a unique tool to enhance your face. This easy to use app provides dozens of working tools to enhance your beauty to change the look. Just take a picture or choose any picture from your gallery. Play with tons of options like face blemish remover, teeth whiting, wrinkles remover, pimple remover, dark spots, acne, stains remover, and a lot more. 

Choose your favorite option to apply to your photo. Now it is so easy to change the face like never before. If you are tired of spending money on paid teeth whitening apps to whiten your teeth and failed, then this free face enhancer app allows you to change almost every part of your body easily. The response to the Android app is good. Unfortunately, there are no words by the developers on the Face Enhancer iOS app.

Download Face Enhancer App for Android

Teeth Whitening Free App with Teeth Whitening Tips

Teeth Whitening Free App with Teeth Whitening TipsThis is the last app in our list and it is completely different from the apps that are mentioned above in this list. Instead of offering tools to remove yellow stains from your teeth, this app provides free teeth whitening tips for you.

It has a simple interface and you can get working tips and tricks to whiten your teeth at home. 

Download Teeth Whitening Free App with Teeth Whitening Tips App for Android

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