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4 Tools that Will Help You Write Like a Pro

You should know that your professors assign you writing tasks for a reason. Whatever career you choose, it is essential to know how to put the words on paper, convey your thoughts, and argue your point of view. Besides, writing tasks help students to develop their analytical and writing skills, to look for new information, and separate the wheat from the chaff. It is also necessary to submit all tasks in accordance with instructions because you have to maintain good grades.

Tools to Write Like a Pro

But what should you do if you lack writing skills? There are many options, i.e., you can send a write my essay message and outsource your assignment. You can write a paper and hire a professional editor. Or you can focus on improving your writing. We know 4 tools that you can use to take your skills to the next level.

Tools to Write Like a Pro


EssayAssistant is the best online essay writing service aimed to help students with their studies. Whatever your personal reasons are, you can ask for help and expect a decent level of assistance. For example, if your deadline is looming and you’re not sure that you can write a paper without delays. Or if your task is too complicated — an online essay writer will do it for you. The point is that you can learn from real experts and boost your writing skills.

When you receive a paper from EssayAssistant, you can read and analyze it to find out what strategies are used. Besides, you can be in touch with your author, ask questions, share your ideas, and so on. When you work with professional online essay writers, you adopt their experience. 

What we really love about this website is that it is customer-focused. The company has affordable prices, high-quality services, zero tolerance to plagiarism, and rock-solid guarantees. If you run into issues, the company’s agents are always ready to support you. 


Of course, you can’t send “help write my essay” messages each time you face difficulties. Even if you have a reliable helper, it is necessary to polish your writing. Such tools as Grammarly can help you to make your drafts better.

It is an AI-based software that analyzes your texts according to several criteria. It can understand whether your document is clear, consistent, and engaging. Before using Grammarly, you can set your goals to get personalized writing suggestions. For example, if you’re writing a college essay paper, you can choose a general audience, and the tool will analyze if your draft is easy for all people to read with minimal effort. When it comes to research papers, dissertations, and other documents, it is better to choose a knowledgeable audience — and you’ll get suggestions to make your text more professional. Along with academic papers, you can also get customized tips for emails, business writing, creative tasks, etc. Choose the necessary tone to make your document more analytical or friendly. You’ll also get notifications about any mistakes and typos, which is especially helpful for ESL students.


You have surely heard about an iconic writer Ernest Hemingway. He is mainly known for his storytelling style — minimalist and laconic but extremely fascinating. This is what a lot of students lack. If you feel that your texts are hard to read, irrelevant, and unclear, you should understand that even Hemingway wasn’t born a perfect writer. The tool inspired by him will help you to create papers close to perfection. 

Though it doesn’t edit texts for you, it can highlight too long and complicated sentences, useless repetitions, redundant phrases. If there are words to be replaced with better equivalents, they will be spotted. By the way, if the tool finds that passive voice is not necessary, it will let you know. With Hemingway, you’ll write a logical and persuasive essay. The only thing you need is to copy your content to the website and analyze its suggestions. It will also provide you with a grade so that you can know if your text is good enough. 

Don’t worry if your first draft is not good. Take time to edit it, and you’ll gain new insights that will simplify your work with the next project. 


If your primary goal is to impress your professor, you can just follow academic requirements — provide a well-structured text without delays. It is also necessary to avoid plagiarism, find good arguments, and use the knowledge that you’ve gained in the class.

However, if you have bigger goals, e.g., you want to write blog articles, become a journalist or a marketer, communicate with different people, you have to think about your readers. 

Readable is a tool that tells you:

  • What is your readability score? If it is 8 or lower, you can expect 85% of the audience to understand your texts.
  • The quality of your content. Writing an essay, you can use this tool to get rid of spelling and grammar mistakes. Readable also looks for the use of cliches, passive voice, and adverbs.
  • Your sentiment and tone. Depending on your topic and target audience, it is necessary that you choose a consistent voice. Now you can monitor it.
  • Keyword density. Your content should look on-topic if you want search engines to notice it. However, you shouldn’t overdo keywords since you’re writing for people, not machines.

What we especially love about this service is that it is trustworthy and verified. Readable passed a lot of hand-calculated scores and automated tests to guarantee you a decent result. 

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