Top 5 iOS 11 Features


A beta version of iOS 11 was released to developers during its Worldwide Developer Conference, but other users have to wait for few more days to try out this initial version of the Update. This Update is good but not that much exiting.
In this update Apple brings some amazing features in the latest iOS 11. Here we added Top 5 features. There are also number of latest stuff available in this update. However, we listed 5 best features from it.


#1 Control Center

Nothing special in iOS 11 Screenshot. But somewhat it is different from older versions. When you press and hold both the home key on the front and the power key on the left side for a second, you will get a small thumbnail in the bottom left of the screen. You can press on it to get to the screenshot, or keep it and also you can edit it like before.

#2 Screenshot

The new Control Center is customizable and there are options to include a broad range of settings. You can easily customize the control screen as per your needs. Control Center also has 3D Touch access, on one of the icons brings up additional options. 3D Touch options are available for all of the Control Center settings.

#3 Siri Improvements

Siri has been updated with more realistic male and female voices that are designed to more intimately natural human voice. Siri can now translate Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish phrases for you directly. Now you can edit the question y tapping the edit option. Now it supports translation and QR code apps.

#4 New App Store

iOS App Store design in iOS 11 changed UI, with big art, bolded text, and more defined categories. Games and Apps have been split into two different sections, and in-app purchases have their own section.

#5 Redesigned Files App

The new version of iOS changes the dedicated Files app. Files App is well-organized and offers up quick access to all content that’s stored. New Files App is now with a section for viewing all recently accessed files, Searching and it supports tags, spring-loading, nested folders, and favorites.

Other Features: –

  • Drag and Drop: – In iOS 11 you can long-press on an image or bit of text to drag-and-drop it. Press the Home button with your other hand and you can drop it into a different app.
  • Screen Recording
  • Instant Wi-Fi Sharing
  • One handed keyboard
  • DND on Driving
  • Redesigned Calculator
  • More!

So, these are the best features that we found on this iOS 11 Update. Also, there are plenty of new things added. Hope you will try after release or in beta.

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