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Technology is bread and butter for our life. New technologies were inventing every day. Technology is changing, adapting, progressing and growing more than anything in this world. Inventors or the Researchers are creating something new that solves a problem in a better way. So here are the Top future technology inventions that will blow your mind.


#1 Passport

The thing which nowadays generation will worry about is keeping the device charged. Battery charge may not last for long, and everyone needs extra power for their device. So here is the solution from Zendure! World’s first multi port travel adapter called Passport with the built-in self-resetting fuse. You can charge up to 5 devices quickly with four ports and an AC output. Even you no need to worry about the overload because Passport comes with built in self-resetting fuse. No need to carry a separate adapter to match various outlets. Patent-pending press and slide control system on the side allows you to adjust passport to any country fuse with just one hand quickly.


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If you are a traveler, you need power for your device.  To solve this problem meet the new LAER, Bluetooth enabled laptop sleeve which can charge All brands of Laptops, Smartphones simultaneously whenever and wherever you are. It has an adapter for every country which will allow your device to keep charged. This device comes with a battery management system that manages the life cycle of the Lithium-ion polymer cells. If it is used for every day, then it will last about two years. Just charge LAER with included USB C power adapter, or you can even charge with a USB C laptop adapter.

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#3 Exact Blue

Water covers up to 70% of the earth surface, but only the 2% of water is fresh water. Even a clean, fresh water may contain different bacteria, virus, toxic material or any other harmful contents. Until recently if you wanted to test the water that you are using then you had to take the sample of water to the Lab, and you should wait for a day to get the result of which the water is safe or not. Now to test the water researcher introduced the first handheld device to test the water, called Exact Blue, which provides the result within a minute! You can perform a water test anywhere or anytime. Just collect water for testing purpose then add the sample to the sample testing tube and get the result on your phone within a minute. Amazing isn’t it?


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#4 Scorkl

Imagine, If you can breathe under water with full freedom! That is possible through Scorkl which is refillable, simply pump it up and dive in the sea and breathe freely up to 10 minutes! It is a new great hobby and amazing underwater adventures. When it’s time to resurface just pump it up and dive again. Each Scorkl can be filled either with a scuba tank or from high-pressure hand pump included and it comes with fitted with a pressure gauge so that the users can know how much air remains in the cylinder all the time. Breathe underwater with total freedom!

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#5 Macropack

A healthy lifestyle is all about balance. It’s about knowing what you should and should be eating once a day is active. So you can feel more confident and be the best version of ourselves. With increasing options of eating out and the difficulty of preparing the meal, it’s impossible to know the calories in the food and track dieting progress. Macropack is an innovative lunch box designed to track the macros anywhere and anytime! The world’s first lunch box to super charge the healthy lifestyle. This compact lunch box helps you to measure your calorie for every meal. It’s a new wake of measuring what you eat. Track and get the proper amount of proteins, carbs and fat with a smart scale and modular containers. This lightweight lunch box will allow you to keep track of the daily progress on the go, anytime or anywhere.

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So, guys what you think about these? Which one of these is amazing? Do share your views.

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