Do Not Install Indian Browser – Truth Behind Indian Browser




From last few months, a message is revolving around almost all social site and apps about the “Indian Browser” stating that “UC browser is a Chinese browser. Uninstall it and Install Indian Browser from play store and support indian developers. If you are a true Indian do share with your 10 friends”. Little sentimental with patriotic feelings 😛 Take a look at one of the viral message.


If you think that it is an Indian browser, we should support it, then you are totally wrong! Today, in this post we are going to expose the truth behind the Indian browser.


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Is it Really an Indian Browser?

Firstly, Take a look at the developer address.

indian browser developer

The developer of the Indian browser is from UAE. After some sites, YouTube channels exposed real truth behind Indian browser, the developer removed his address from play store and now it is hidden from users. He is just using India’s name for marketing of the app. The most important thing here is, the previous version of this app was named “Adenwala browser” and released on 6th June 2017, barely 5000 downloads from play store at that time. No one even heard that browser name. Then he released another version with the name “Indian browser”. Now the app has more than 5 million downloads!!


Is the Browser is really good?

Here are some screenshots of Indian Browser.


Do you think that this browser is really good compared to other browsers like Chrome? A big NO. This browser is totally a Shit! This browser never lets you browse, because it shows thousands of ads, popups while browsing. It is just an app created to make a profit from it by the flood of ads.


What is the Advantage of Using India’s Name?

As you know the real situation and discord between India and China, the developer of the Indian browser taking the advantages of this situation. He is totally misleading and fooling Indians without wasting a single penny! He just created a random message and shared it on WhatsApp and social media sites. He knows the mentality of Indians. We Indians never verifies the real truth behind any messages. We share the same message with others just because it was shared with us. We share these type of messages because We love India! We are exposing our love towards nation by downloading made in India apps!

India is the second country with the highest number of internet users. Around 90% of Internet users in India use Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media. Facebook, WhatsApp has the largest database and most widely used applications in our country which means more shares for the messages equals to more downloads! So the developer using India’s name for promoting the app.


What can we do to stop these fake things?

Now the app has 5 million downloads and 98,000 reviews! That too 4.6-star rating!! 99% of the reviews are 5 stars just because it is an Indian App according to users thinking! Just look at these sample reviews from the play store. They have all rated it 5 stars just because we should support India’s browser.



What can we do to stop these fake browser? Just open this link and scroll down. You will find the option of “Flag as inappropriate”. Just click on it and select any one and submit. If an app has more flag rates, Google will verify such apps to remove from play store. That’s all we can do.


Final Words:-

We request you don’t blindly trust any messages from Social media. Do verify it twice and think logically before you share. Search on the internet for the same and decide after realizing the truth! The saddest thing is we can’t track from where these messages are originated. We are not spreading any hatred towards this browser but we are strongly against the misleading app name and users. Do share this post with your friends and spread awareness.

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