What is BlueBorne Attack? Explained


What is blueborne explained

One more security attack after ransomware. This time you do not need to visit any link, you do not need to download any file. Researchers from Armis Lab has found a new attack vector exposes almost every Bluetooth connected device. They named it as BlueBorne as this is coming through Bluetooth.  Here in this article we are going to explain more about BlueBorne.


What is BlueBorne?

Armis Lab (international security company) found a collection of eight exploits, which can be attackable through the Bluetooth that can allow the hacker to access your device even without touching it. It is a new type of attack which can communicate or connect with any device connected to Bluetooth. As researchers said BlueBorne could affect almost 5.3 Billion devices across Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS including smartphone, smartwatch, laptop or any other Bluetooth enabled device. If the Bluetooth is turned On hacker can connect to the device to take control to spread malware.

BlueBorne affects pretty much every device we use. turns that Bluetooth into a rotten black one. don’t be surprised if you have to go see your security dentist on this one.” Said Ralph Echemendia – CEO of Seguru.

How BlueBorne Works?

With BlueBorne hackers or the attackers doesn’t need to pair with the target device. From BlueBorne an infected device can connect to any other device around it via Bluetooth.The first thing that attacker will do is they will find Bluetooth enabled device and obtain its MAC address to determine the running Operating system to adjust the exploit according to it and at last, they will access all the sensitive data or BlueBorne can log in to Bluetooth network without having proper permission!

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What are the Devices that Affected?

As reported by Armis Lab here is the devices which are affected by BlueBorne. In Android, all the phones, tablets, and wearables like smart watches which are running on Android OS are affected by four vulnerabilities. As a result, Google has released a security update patch and notified its partners about BlueBorne. In Windows, all windows computers since Windows Vista are affected by the “Bluetooth Pineapple” vulnerability. As a result, Microsoft issued a security update patch for all supported versions. In Linux, all the devices which are running on BlueZ are affected by the information leak vulnerability, and all the Linux devices from version 3.3-rc1 are affected by the remote code execution vulnerability. In iOS, All iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices with iOS 9.3.5 and lower and AppleTV devices with version 7.2.2 and lower are affected by the remote code execution vulnerability.

How Do You Stay Safe From BlueBorne Attack?

  1. Turn Off Bluetooth – Yes. Must turn off the Bluetooth of your device when it is not in use.
  2. BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner App by Armis for Android devices – Armis Lab the researchers of Blueborne, even developed an Android app to protect from this attack. Keep checking the vulnerability of your phone by simply downloading this app.

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