Why You Should Learn Linux?



why should learn linux

We all know that the Linux is free and open source operating system and it gives a freedom for the users in every aspect. There are many reasons to switch to Windows, Mac or Linux. If you are willing to try Linux in future here are some reasons why you should learn Linux.

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1. Get a Better Job!


From your phone to Aeroplane, Linux is everywhere! Linux is the reliable, secure and free operating system available. It is because of its ability to run desktops, servers and embedded systems and much more across the world. Linux powers the majority of websites online because of its extreme secure feature. Linux is used on most of the servers. Top companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Oracle all are powered by Linux. If you have extreme knowledge of Linux, you will get better Job opportunities. From the database administrator to the senior administrators there are lots of categories to get job opportunities from Linux. Programmers with the great knowledge of Linux are in great demand on fields like System administration, Penetration testing, Operating system development, Networking. Still, there are a lot of job opportunities available for Linux experts. If you are willing to fall into technology as a professional, you should learn Linux.


2. It’s Free and Open Source

Open Source means you have full control over the code which is created and everyone has the freedom to change it according to their need. In Linux, you’re free to do anything. Even Linux’s most of the distributions and software are monetarily free. You are free to modify the software that you use and you are allowed to publish it too. It helps you to learn even better by customizing, modifying, testing and contributing.



3. Security

Linux is not as bad as it is on Windows. Unlike Windows, Linux is less likely to get infected by viruses from the internet. Linux has the least number of viruses as compared to Windows. As you know, Windows is the most common OS so that it is normal that it becomes a major target for the majority of hackers. But in Linux, as it is an open source operating system if any security holes or bugs are identified it could be patched by Linux team. Linux operating system uses Level right system called the user, sudo, and root. The way in which programs or files are downloaded and executed is different in Linux compared to Windows.


4. Operate Everything through Commands

Linux offers command line interface with thousands of shells. In Linux, most everything is configurable and accessible from the command line. It gives flexibility in work by saving a lot of time and you can do most of the needed task much faster with the keyboard very effectively. Because of command’s ability to automate tasks in a simplified way.


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5. Learn How an Operating System Works

Through Linux, you will get the clear idea about how an operating system works. You will get to know the memory management, How multitasking works, How multiprocessing works and many more. It is an extraordinary platform to learn basics of the Operating system.


6. Online Peer Support

Linux has a very strong community support for the users. Various active forums are very helpful for users to ask questions and it will get a quick response too. If you need helping hands to solve your Linux problem or if you need any help regarding respected Linux, several people are working for great support on Linux forums. Paid support also available for Linux that is available 24 * 7 which are needed for business and commercial enterprise.


Which is the Best Website to Learn Linux?


  1. Official Linux
  2. IBM
  3. TutorialsPoint


How to Learn Linux Commands Online?


If you don’t have desktop PC to run or test the Linux commands, then visit http://linuxcommand.org. This is a free website to run the commands online.


How to Learn Linux Commands in Android?


Well. Most of you know that Android is also an open source and Linux based operating system. If you’re out of the home without PC, you can try the Linux commands on your Android smartphones too! You just need to install an app called “Termux” emulator which is just 150 kb free app. This app lets you to run your favorite commands on your phone. I’ll add the quick tutorial on how to use Termux app soon!


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