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Ymail vs Yahoo: Difference Between Ymail and Yahoo

Ymail vs Yahoo Differences

What is Ymail? What is the difference between Ymail and Yahoo? In this article, we compare Ymail vs Yahoo, to help you understand how they differ.

Ymail vs Yahoo: Difference Between and

Often user gets confused between Ymail vs Yahoo. Actually, they are different. The main difference between Ymail and Yahoo is that Yahoo is a global Internet service that incorporates a search engine while Ymail is an email service provider by Yahoo.

What is Ymail?

Although Gmail is popular, it isn’t the only email service out there. Ymail is another popular email service provider from Yahoo. 

Ymail is Yahoo’s own email service. The company offers its email service in 27 languages, and it is free to use for personal purposes. The free version of the service offers 1 TB of storage capacity, with an attachment size limit of 25 MB. Use Split PDF if the file size is larger than 25 MB to send it over.

Ymail is a domain name that is optional for Yahoo email accounts. Ymail is an email service offered by Yahoo that was launched in 1997. If you sign up for a Yahoo account, Ymail is your desired domain name. If users sign up for Yahoo services, they can select either ‘‘ or ‘‘ as their domain.

Users have the option of choosing an email with an email address, such as or This enables the users to choose the email addresses they wish to have. Thus, practically, Ymail and Yahoo Mail are the same. You can access them through the same web portal.

Due to the rising popularity of emails, a lot of people were forced to add numbers or add aliases to create complex emails when their desired addresses were already taken. 

Ymail added the ability to create short mailboxes and allow people to create their own. Furthermore, this offered them the opportunity to encourage new Yahoo users to set up accounts with their desired email addresses.

The new domain names were developed with the intention of appealing to users’ need to find their email addresses, as well as due to the popularity of Yahoo Email.

Features of Yahoo Mail

  • Sign up with any email address and it works with all email providers.
  • With the new Travel View, you can see flight details and check-in. Besides, you will be notified when there are gate changes, delays, or cancellations.
  • Customizable swipes – Perform actions such as delete, archive, move, and more with just a swipe left or right.
  • Only be notified by people – You will only receive an email notification if someone sends you an email, not from a company or newsletter.
  • Easily find messages, contacts, files, and photos.
  • Your Yahoo inbox can be customized with different backgrounds and text colors.
  • Store all of your emails in the cloud with free storage of 1TB
  • Sign in securely without a password by enabling Account Key.
  • Your cloud-stored photos and documents are always at your fingertips.

What is Yahoo?

Yahoo is a search engine that has been around since 1995, making it one of the oldest internet companies, and the most popular website on the internet. Yahoo provides email and search engine services. 

If you look at Yahoo’s home page for the first time, one might think that it is just an online news portal. It’s true that Yahoo is a great source for news, but the site offers so much more.

All of Yahoo’s web services can be accessed on the Yahoo Everything page. 

Other services offered by yahoo include Yahoo Downloads, Yahoo Entertainment, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Yahoo Maps, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Mail, My Yahoo, Yahoo Search, Yahoo Shopping, and Yahoo News. 

When Yahoo launched, it was the most popular search engine and continued to gain popularity. After Google entered the market, Yahoo lost some popularity. 

There is a unique feature to Yahoo that isn’t offered by other search engines. Yahoo search engine allows users to compose email directly through the search box.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is Ymail and Yahoo the same?

Ymail is an optional domain name that you can use with your Yahoo account. If you sign up for Yahoo email, you have the option of choosing either the ‘’ suffix or the ‘’ email suffix. There are no differences between Ymail and Yahoo mail, they share a common interface.

Is Ymail free?

Yes. Ymail is free for personal use. Users have access to 1 TB of storage capacity, but attachments can be no larger than 25 MB.

Is there a such thing as Ymail?

Many users have this question in mind. Yes. There is! Ymail is an alternative domain offered to users when they sign up for the Yahoo email service.

How to create Ymail account?

Ymail accounts can no longer be created. However, the existing Ymail account still works. 

What happened to ymail?

Perhaps Yahoo wanted to maintain the Yahoo branding with just one email address, and the name was confusing because it was similar to Gmail.

Does Ymail still exist?

Yes. Even though you can’t create an account with the prefix, you can use your existing Ymail address. As long as you have a Yahoo Mail account, you can use Ymail, Yahoo mail, and other features.

Is there a difference between Ymail and Yahoo?

There are two domain names, and Users can select between emails in which the email address is or With this, the users can get the email address they prefer. There are no major differences between Ymail & yahoo mail.

There you have it, you now know the difference between Ymail and Yahoo. If you found this post helpful, let others know by sharing it

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