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How to Add Shot On Watermark On Photos In Any Android Device?




Shot On watermark on the photos are the trend these days. As you know most of the new smartphones are coming with this feature which adds the watermark of “Shot on” with device name on every photo that device camera takes. But still, this feature is not available on all smartphone and it is coming now with all flagship phones and even with some mid-range smartphones too. Most of us like that feature and we wish could have that feature on our smartphone. If you are one of them, then here in this post we are going to explain How to add Shot On watermark on any android device. This is not a trick or anything else. To do this, you need to install an app from the play store which adds the watermark even with your name! So just follow below methods to add Shot On Watermark on your photos and stay in trend!


Method 1: – (Using ShotOn App)

How to Get Shot On Watermark on Any Android Smartphone?

  1. Firstly, Download this app from play store called Shot On
  2. After successful installation, open the app
  3. You will find the camera icon to take pictures
  4. Just click on it and select camera to take new pictures or select gallery to choose a photo to add watermark
  5. After that, click on the pencil icon to enter the device name and By name of the person who captured the photo Shot On Watermark on any device
  6. Now click on another option to move or change angles of the watermark
  7. At last, just save the photo by clicking on save icon
  8. That’s it. You’ve successfully added watermark to your photo with your device name and your name.


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Method 2: – (Using ShotOn MI App – For Xiaomi Smartphones Only)

How to Get Shot On Watermark on Any Xiaomi Devices?

  1. For this method also you need to Download this app from play store called Shot On MI App
  2. Install and Open the app
  3. Just click on camera icon then the select camera to take new pictures or select gallery to choose photo to add watermark
  4. Now in section, you’ll find almost all Xiaomi device watermarks      Shot-on-Mi
  5. Just select your device name to add watermark
  6. Finally, save it.


Method 3: – (By Adding Watermarks Manually using Photo Editing Apps)

How to Get Shot On Watermark on Any Xiaomi Smartphone?

  1. We have uploaded almost all Xiaomi device watermarks in below section
  2. Just click on your device name to download Shot On watermark with device name that you have selected
  3. After downloading it, open any editors like PicsArt (we suggest you try PicsArt only) and select the photo on which you have to add watermark
  4. In editing tools, you’ll find Add Photo option
  5. Click on that option and select the watermark PNG image file that you’ve downloaded
  6. Add it to the photo and save it.


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Watermark Images For Xiaomi Devices: –


I hope you enjoyed these methods to add Shot On watermark to your favorite photos. Do share this article with your friends and let them know about it.

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