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9 Top Apps Like Ditty (Alternatives in 2023)

If you are looking for a Ditty app replacement, look no further than this article, also have questions like what are the best Ditty alternatives? then we will take you through a lot of apps similar to Ditty. We have compiled a list of apps like Ditty that offer other features and options, which turn anything you typed into a song.Best Apps Like Ditty Alternnatives

Ditty App History

Music app Ditty was the top app in 25 countries, having amassed more than 100 million ditties – thanks to its innovative approach to bringing life to the text. What could be better than sending a birthday greeting to someone? You wouldn’t consider such an idea without singing, music, photos, or a ridiculous GIF, would you? 

A concise message was made more interesting by using Ditty. Upon signing up, you were asked to enter anything you like, a ‘happy birthday’ or ‘what are you doing?’, a longer sentence, a funny line, comedy dialogue, or anything else you think would make an interesting lyric. As soon as you hit the next button, the words were turned into a song.

A music video app Ditty allowed users to create catchy video clips from anything they typed effortlessly, allowing them to easily create shareable, unique, and potentially viral videos in seconds. But, sadly, Ditty was discontinued. The app’s developers, Zya, closed it down and fans have been missing it ever since.

There is no doubt that it was not for everyone – while many people used it, it required some creativity and effort to create ditties. Quite often, the simplest ditties can be pretty dull and not very interesting for most users. The Ditty app wasn’t for everyone, but for those who have a large following on social media, or who want to stand out in their conversations, apps like Ditty can be an excellent tool.

So, in this article, we are going to share the 11 best apps like Ditty in 2023. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the best premium as well as free Ditty it alternatives to SAY & SING whatever you type!

11 Best Apps Like Ditty (Alternatives in 2023)

AutoRap by Smule

AutoRap by SmuleThe first app in our list of best apps like Ditty It is AutoRap by Smule. It does what its name suggests. It takes what you say and transforms it into a rap. This app can be a lot of fun when it raps your spoken words. Teens and children who enjoy rap music will definitely love the app, at least for a while. 

Users can compete by singing rap in this audio karaoke app. AutoRap provides you with a medium to share your rhymes and raps. Make a version of your favorite rap album or create something unique based on top beats. With more than 5000 beats, you can find beats by Cardi B, Drake, Eminem, Post Malone, Dr. Dre, and other artists.

To be honest, the application is incredibly well designed and stunning. A vivid color scheme and intricate designs pulse with the sounds you make, and the sounds are processed pretty quickly.

For those who want to rap but don’t possess the right voice and skill, this app might be the right choice for them. Autorap app comes from Smule is available on iOS and Android devices. and was designed to make rapping easier. You can choose from a variety of rap beats and it also allows you to rap along with your favorite rap songs. You should definitely try this app. 


BandLabWith BandLab, you can create and share music, regardless of your skills or background. Using their multi-track Mix Editor, you can record, remix, and edit your music. Easily create beats, add effects, and use loops and samples from royalty-free sound packs in genres such as EDM, dubstep, garage, hip-hop, house, rock, rap, and many others.

Through BandLab, artists can create music as well as share their creations with other artists and fans. The music community has a large number of makers and fans and BandLab brings them together through collaboration tools. BandLab features the world’s first cross-platform DAW, in addition to video sharing, messaging, and discovery options.

Your audio-visual content can also be shared with new or renowned artists. The app is proud to show you the first multi-platform DAW and give you options to share your music.

As a Bandlab user, you have access to a variety of unique features that allow you to produce music like a pro. There is a MIDI editor in the app, where you can find premade instruments and loops. You can choose from a variety of pads for drums, drum machines, masters, etc.

You can create as much music as you want. By offering unlimited cloud storage and cross-platform accessibility, all the music you create on your phone is accessible on your desktop. 

Through BandLab’s social network, you can meet new people, collaborate with others, or form your own band with musicians, guitarists, beatmakers, rappers, and more – without auditioning. There is much more to BandLab than a music maker, beat maker, recording app, or song recorder. Thousands of tracks are available from artists and DJs, and you can create your own playlists or watch live performances of top artists.


WeSingWeSing is an excellent free singing app and a Ditty alternative available for free. It has a number of features designed to make singing more enjoyable. The key highlights of the app are a variety of voice effects and filters encouraging users to sing with confidence and an optimized search engine allowing users to find their favorite songs and artists.

This app has various features to offer, such as different filters for your voice. A variety of options are available, such as warm, karaoke, studio, and concert, among others. Users may also control their voice volume and the background music. Besides singing alone, users may also duet with one another. Besides downloading songs, you can also like and comment on songs posted by others.

In comparison with similar apps like Ditty, it offers a much wider selection of songs from various artists and genres. You can also sing local songs from your home country, besides the familiar English songs. Unlike other apps similar to Ditty, it offers limited free songs, and premium songs are paid. As a bonus, you can share your recordings with other users, making it even more interactive.


StarmakerOne of the top apps like Ditty is Starmaker. The best thing about StarMaker is its music collection. It allows you to record your own songs and add your own voice to your favorite songs. The overall audio effects are impressive. The extensive settings allow you to tweak the voice and audio quality.

People enjoy using it because it is easy to record and share. It has garnered the support of more than 50 million users. StarMaker offers a million free songs, excellent backing tracks, and rolling lyrics.

The karaoke app StarMaker is available on both Android and iOS. The app also contains numerous popular karaoke tracks. Apart from that, it also lets you add great effects that make your voice stand out – this is what makes this app unique from others. You can even use the pitch correction option to make corrections to your song to make it sound like a pro singer when singing.


VolocoThis is yet another free Ditty alternative app. With over 50 million downloads, Voloco lets you produce professional-quality recordings with simple tools and free beats. Improve your recordings, presentations, voice-overs, and video recordings with this app.

Make your recordings sound professional without a studio, microphone, or anything else. Voloco automatically filters out background noise and keeps you on the pitch by correcting your voice pitch. Voloco is also equipped with a wide array of presets for compression, EQ, auto voice tune, and reverb effects that can be used to enhance your recordings.

A Voloco effect or beat can be applied to audio that has already been recorded. Voloco also lets you add effects like reverb or auto voice tuning to prerecorded videos use it to record and change the voice. 


RapchatAnother app similar to Ditty is Rapchat. With Rapchat, you’ll be able to record and send your own raps to others. For those of you who have always wanted to rap or mix music, but didn’t want to invest in expensive equipment to do so, this app will definitely be worth trying. 

Rapchat allows you to choose a beat, record rap over that beat, and share it on the platform with other Rapchat users. You can then let people comment, like on your raps. Your songs can also be shared on SoundCloud or Twitter or sent directly to anyone.

It’s really fun to use Rapchat. It’s got a lot of beats, and if you love rapping and making music of any kind, this app is worth checking out.

Karaoke by Yokee

Karaoke by YokeeKaraoke by Yokee is a user-friendly app and has an extensive music collection. Both Apple and Android users can download this app. The app interface is simple, and it has excellent audio quality, which means you can sing, record, or share your performance privately or invite your friends to join you and sing along. 

It’s easy to find any song you like regardless of the genre and sing along to it. An incredible sound effect automatically enhances your voice with reverb and echo.

Other Ditty Alternative Apps

Final Words

With so many new apps are launching in recent years after the Ditty shutdown, it’s about time you found alternatives to Ditty that are both free and paid.

As you have seen in the above list, there are a lot of free as well as premium apps like Ditty that SING EVERYTHING you type. To find out which one fits your needs best, try out any of the above best Ditty alternatives. 

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you know any other better app than Ditty missing from this list then please mention the name in the comments section.

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