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Free Audio to Text Converter: 13 Best Tools in 2022

Free best Audio to Text Converters

Audio to text converter tools are gaining popularity these days because many users needed to convert audio to text in a very short time. The reasons might be different, but all you need is a good and free tool that can convert the audio file to text. If you are looking for the best audio to text converters we are here for you. 

If you find yourself constantly searching for best free audio to text converters, consider our list of best online audio to text tools as you’ve already invested most of your time in searching the converters. This free process requires a very short time when you use good audio to text file conversion tools. Check out the audio to text converter we’ve reviewed below to see what tool is best for you.

Top Online Audio to Text Converters to Transcribe Audio to Text Easily in 2022

After days of research and tries, we are here with the 13 best online audio to text converter tools that will help you in audio to text transcription with ease. No matter whether you are on Android, iOS, Windows OS, Mac, or Linux, these tools work without any problems as they are online converters. 

Moreover, in this era, the best tools we see on the internet sometimes ask you to pay or purchase the premium subscription after some usage or after the limit. Consequently, you may have to consider the price, efficiency, and affordability before purchasing the subscription. But, the converters we are mentioning in this article is 100% free and works perfectly. 

Best Free Audio to Text Converters in 2022

1. GGLOT is here to help you save time spent transcribing audio and video files.

Transcribe Audio to Text:

Quickly transcribe audio to text online in any language. Gglot’s multilingual transcription service is perfect for interviews, content marketing, video production, and academic research. Whatever audio you have, our AI audio to text transcription technology will convert it for you.GGLOT

How It Works?

  • Designed with simplicity and speed in mind, converts audio to text in over 50 languages such as English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Korean for one low price.How GGLOT works

Low, Flat PricesPaid plans start at $9,90/ month: 

  •  $0.15 /minute – Automatic Transcription
  • Max File Length = 60 mins
  • Convert any file up to 400Mb
  • 100+ Languages and Dialects
  • Online Text Editor
  • Multiple Speaker Recognition
  • Audio and video formats: MP3, MP4, MOV, M4A, OGG, WAV, WMA
  • Advanced Export (TXT, SRT, VVT, SBV, DOCX, PDF)

2. Bear Audio to Text Converter

Bear File Converter is one of the popular online file converters because of its easy to use user interface and reliable conversion tools, Bear File converter offer almost every type of file converters. Available online, this Bear Audio to Text Converter has become a favorite among users. It’s one of the best converters that will help you convert audio files to text files.

Bear Audio to Text Converter

One of the best features of this converter is it allows audio files up to 3MB. So, you can upload and get the text file easier than ever. It is, therefore, the most convenient tool for the users who have a regular audio file to text conversion, whether for personal use or for business.

The tools won’t save your upload file so you don’t need to worry about privacy. The file you uploaded will be deleted within 2 hours. So, you can make use of converted text files easily without any problem. Alongside the file upload, Bear converter also allows users to convert audio files from a URL to a text file. It has two Recognition Engines, Baidu and CMU Sphinx.

3. 360Converter

The simple and powerful audio/video to text converter can immediately turn your favorite video or audio file to a text file. As we mentioned, it supports the upload of audio or video files. Moreover, you can paste the URL of the audio/video file.

360ConverterThe best part is that this tool also allows users to select a file from personal cloud storage and that can also be processed. It is even possible to set the start and end time of duration from the file you want to transcribe. However, you need to select the language that is used in the file because the tool needs to understand the language to convert them into a text file.

4. IBM Watson Speech to Text 

When it comes to making a text file from audio for free, you can try using IBM Watson Speech to Text online converter. This simple and free speech to text converter can help you perfectly convert audio file to the text as long as you use the below steps. IBM Watson Speech to Text 

You can upload .mp3, .mpeg, .wav, .flac, or .opus files on IBM Watson Speech to Text converter. After uploading the audio file, you can type the keyword to spot by typing the keywords one by one separated by a comma. That’s it! Within a minute your uploaded file’s audio will be converted into text and the converted sentences are shown below. You can copy them freely. However, this site doesn’t offer the converted sentence in a text file. You should copy the lines to paste them anywhere.


Free Audio to Text App for Android and iOS

1. Speech To Text

Speech To Text appSpeech To Text is the first app in our list of best audio to text apps. This tiny 1MB app helps you in dictating text. This app makes use of Android’s built-in Speech Recogniser and converts the speech into text. If you are looking for an Android app to convert speech to text then this is the must-try app. The small size of the app makes it easier for Android users to install this app even if you have a low-end smartphone.

2. Live Transcribe

Live TranscribeLive Transcribe is Google’s audio to text converter app that supports audio to text transcriptions in more than 70 languages and dialects. You can easily copy the converted transcripts by touch and hold which is very helpful for you to paste it on any other apps or sites. The app has option to switch between 2 languages easily and quickly. It allows you to reply without speaking by typing your responses inside the app which is interesting. Also, you can save a transcript for up to 3 days. 

3. Transcribe – Speech to Text

Transcribe - Speech to TextTranscribe – Speech to Text is the best audio to text converter app for iOS. Available only for iOS device, this app helps you in transcribing videos and voice memos into text. If you are searching for an iOS app to transcribe any video or voice memo automatically to text file then this is the top app you should try on your iOS device. It has support for more than 120 languages and dialects. Just like some other online converters, you get the option to import the video or audio files from the phone and DropBox. There are no ads on this app which makes it one of the best free speech to text app for iOS.


Best Audio to Text Transcription Online Tools in 2022

1. Happy Scribe

If you are looking for online audio to text converter that is not just free, but also a better paid service for business then Happy Scribe should be your best bet. With this Transcribe MP3 to Text converter, you can upload the audio or mp3 to turn them into text. Happy Scribe audio to text online tool

Open Happy Scribe from the above link and click on Turn my MP3 to text. Now, it will ask you to Try Happy Scribe for Free by signing up. No need to worry. It won’t ask your credit card details. Just signup using the details like the first name, last name, email, and password. You are done. Now, click on Upload a new file and just select audio to convert to text, and upload it, it will create a text for you.

The only thing I disliked is, Happy Scribe gives you only a 30-minutes trial to convert audio to text. That means after converting audios of 30 minutes to a text file, you need to Buy Hours to enjoy services from Happy Scribe. The HappyScribe 1 Hour pack costs you €12. However, it is a worth trying paid audio to text converter.

The feature I liked about HappyScribe is its Team option that enables you to collaborate with other team members. The Team section of the website gives you more detailed information on HappyScribe Team. Also, HappyScribe is offering a 25% discount for students. 

Moreover, you can get up to 10 hours of free transcription on HappyScribe by referring your friends.

2. offers various options when creating audio to the text file. It has options to add an audio/video file from the computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, and even YouTube! to trim your videos. It has good accuracy when it comes to the conversion of audio/video file to text. Moreover, you can upload a maximum of 4GB file from at a time. Even if you record separate tracks for each speaker, this tool has ability to combine those tracks into one transcript with speakers pre-labeled. To do that, you need to enable multi-track uploading. online audio to text transcribe

Just like HappyScribe this converter also gives you 30 minutes trial. Moreover, you need to signup using credit cards to get the free trial. However, has a Referral program that gives you free 100 minutes when your friend signup through your referral link and subscribes to a premium or enterprise plan.

3. AmberScript

AmberScript is et anther tool that gives you 30 minutes free trial upon signing up. AmberScript is a premium audio/video to text conversion service for creating text files from audio or video. You can easily upload your audio or the video to a website and create a text in a few clicks. However, since it is paid, you may not always be able to access it for free after 30 minutes free trial. AmberScript audio video to text converter

This tool offers great editing tools to edit the files. It connects the audio to your text so you can improve it easily from the user-friendly user interface of AmberScript. Moreover, the tool has option to export the converted file to many formats including Word, SRT or JSON file with optional time codes and differentiation in speakers.

Buying the paid plan of the AmberScript is not necessarily be a big deal if you need to tool for business purposes. This tool is worth trying and used by many big organizations like Amazon and Warner Bros.

4. Transcribe

Transcribe is the best audio to text transcription tool that helps you transcribe audio at least 2-3x faster. It offers some good features such as voice typing (dictation) and integrated editor + media player. You even get the option to control the playback of the audio file.  Transcribe

After the completion of transcribing audio to text, you can export the text as a .doc file by clicking on the export icon in the toolbar above the editor. Transcribe supports 3gp, aac, aif, aiff, amr, caf, dss, flac, m4a, mov, mp3, mp4, ogg, wav, webm, wma, wmv. You can upload file sizes of up to 2GB and it has transcription durations of up to 300 minutes per file.

However, just like other paid audio to text transcription tools in the list, it gives you 30 minutes free trial on signup. You need to Purchase more minutes to upload more audio files to turn them to text file. You can upload audio files from My Computer, Dropbox, Google Drive. Transcribe claims to offer good accuracy of transcription on the good quality audio file. So, it’s better to upload audio files with a clear voice.

5. Go Transcribe

Go Transcribe is designed to assist users with fast and efficient audio to text transcription. It allows users to try the service by offering them a 10-minutes free trial. You need to signup using details like name, password to join Go Transcribe. However, it won’t ask your credit card details to try Go Transcribe free 10-minutes transcription trial. Go Transcribe audio to text transcription

It has a user-friendly interface with a single-window that shows the simple steps to transcribe audio to text. Just choose the file and click on Upload files. Your conversion process will be processed and the status of the process also displayed in the next step. Upon the completion of the process, the result will be displayed. Once the transcribing is completed, click on Open to view and copy the text. The editor even offers options like Play, Rewind, Forward, Playback speed, Undo, Redo, Highlight, Strike, Comment, Find & replace.

Go Transcribe also has a Referral program through which you can earn 1 hour of free audio to text transcription on each successful invite. Your invitee needs to signup for a plan.

6. Kukarella

Kukarella freemium online converter will help you to convert your audio file into an automated text sentence in a few easy steps. Once you open the Kukarella website from the above link, you will be asked What would you like to transcribe? Just choose what type of conversion you need. It offers direct Recording to text, File to text and YouTube & Vimeo to text service. If you choose File, you need to upload the audio file. Just click on the + (Plus) icon and the upload will begin.  Kukarella

Within a few seconds, the conversion from audio to text will be completed and the tool will show you the result of converted texts. It allows transcribing MP3, WAV, and almost all other types of both audio and video files. To convert your favorite soundtracks from YouTube and Vimeo videos to get the lyrics or text, you need to choose YouTube & Vimeo option in the beginning. The generated transcription will be saved in your files.

The downside of the Kukarella audio to text converter is it gives you $3 credits first and the credits will be debited in small parts once you start converting different files. It debits $0.06-0.08 per one minute of audio. 

Which is the best audio to text converter?

While there are hundreds of converters that will double up as audio to text converters, they all have their own limitations. Some tools may offer free services but the result may not be satisfying and the tools that offer paid service may give you better results most of the time. Here, I am sure you’ve known which one is the best tool to turn audio to text for your needs.

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