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Top 9 Broken Screen Prank Apps For Android and iPhone

As the name says, broken screen prank apps are developed to fool your friends, neighbors, or family members. There are hundreds of cracked screen prank apps for Android and iOS on the Google Play Store and iOS app store that will help you to have some fun. Top best Broken Screen Prank Apps Android iPhone

Gone those days when you could play a trick on someone with a sheet of paper or with your fingers. If you try all these today, nobody will be impressed. We are living in the smartphone era where you can prank with apps. 

So if you are in a mood to have some fun, creepy, and spooky moments then read this article to know the best screen prank apps in the market today.

These apps are intended for entertainment purposes only. These cracked screen apps will not harm your phone screen, it just shows the realistic effects and breaking sound to fool people around you. They are solely made for entertainment purposes. 

Top 7 Broken Screen Prank Apps For Android and iOS

Crack Your Screen Prank

Crack Your Screen PrankThe Crack Your Screen Prank is an effective app to get an impression from your friends by fooling them. In addition to pranks, the Crack Your Screen Prank allows you to have fun using three modes of the simulated broken screen. The first method is called crack on shake which will show the broken screen whenever you shake your phone.

Another mode is called crack on touch which will show the broken display when you touch your phone. The last mode called Auto crack timer lets you set a timer to show the broken glass after the seconds you set.

Broken Screen Prank

Broken Screen PrankWanna prank someone with your phone cracked screen? Use this cracked phone screen prank app to show and have fun with your family and friends. Broken Screen Prank is a very realistic prank app, and it even hears you breaking glass sound.

Just like the above app, this app also has two ways of pranks: crack screen by touching or crack screen by shaking. It also features other effects like fire screens and electric screens.

Fake Broken Screen

Fake Broken ScreenIt doesn’t matter whether you want to play a prank or just want to have good entertainment, Fake Broken Screen app will give you loads of enjoyment and a whole new experience using features like real broken images, multiple cracks screenshots.

Fool and prank your friends and family into thinking your phone is broken. Once you install this app, you are good to go. Many preloaded cracked screen wallpapers will help you to get a realistic feel.

Cracked Screen Prank

Cracked Screen PrankNow you can turn on your healthy phone to a broken one with this cracked screen app, just to have fun with your friends. Cracked Screen Prank lets you play various crackle effects to get a broken screen effect on your phone.

This is one of the most popular cracked phone screen prank apps in 2020. It comes loaded with three modes: touch/shake/set timer to show cracked effects on your smartphone’s display. 

Broken Screen prank: Crack, Fire & Electric prank

Broken Screen prank- Crack, Fire & Electric prankRemember the good old school days of fooling your friends or teachers on April 1. This is just a modern days prank. With this best cracked screen app, you can relive the excitement of school days with your family or company team. This broken screen effect app contains 3 types of modes to break the glass solely for entertainment.


Broken Screen Wallpaper Prank

Crack Your Screen PrankYou are sitting somewhere with someone who is annoying to you. Just start the app, set wallpaper. Now, give the phone to that person and shock them. Once they open the phone, the app will display your screen as broken on. They will be shocked because your phone is with them.

They will think they need to take responsibility for this broken phone’s repair. This broken screen app is available only for iPhone and iPad. You can download this broken screen prank wallpaper app and install it from the iOS app store.

Crack & Break it !

Crack & Break itThis app will help you have fun with friends without hurting anyone. Crack & Break It is available only for iOS devices. Use this funny app to act like touching your smartphone screen and trick your family and friends as it shows your display as a broken one whenever you touch it,

This is a very realistic screen prank app for iPhones. You can also set a wallpaper from your gallery’s image and make them look like a broken one. Also, Light Bulb and Fluorescent Lamps options on the app allows you to relax by breaking them. It also gives realistic sound effects. There is also a Pro version of the Crack & Break It app which gives you access to five more varieties of entertainment features.

Time Bomb Broken Screen Prank

Time Bomb Broken Screen PrankEnjoy the best cracked screen prank this great application, trick your friends into thinking they broke your phone’s display, how many can you prank? It includes a clock bomb and digital time bomb options to break the screen automatically. Also, you will be able to set the time to blast. The app has great graphics and a user interface. Also, it shows realistic effects that make your friends trust you.


Broken Screen Prank – Crack Your Screen Prank

Broken Screen Prank - Crack Your Screen PrankBroken Screen Prank is a best cracked screen prank wallpaper app in 2020. It contains loads of realistic broken screen wallpaper effects and sounds. Of course, it is a simulated app used to prank your friends. It is so interesting.

Various modes on the app also make this app more interesting. When your friend touches your phone, it displays the broken display glass which makes him/her shocked.

Which is the Best Cracked Screen Prank App in 2020?

We will pick Broken Screen Prank, the second app in our list as the best broken screen Android app. Of course, other apps are also good with various options.

So there you have it! With these 9 top broken screen prank apps, you can prank your friends for family members easily. Now get out there and have some entertainment. While most of these cracked screen prank apps are easy to use, these are a great way to fool people around you.

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