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Is It Possible To Check Browser History Without The Person Knowing?

The answer to the question which is in the title is yes. It might not be easy, but it is possible if one knows the right tricks. There are even ways that one can check browser history without visiting certain sites to check the browsing record. This article will discuss some of these methods that work perfectly fine.Check Browser History Without Person Knowing

Methods Of Checking Browser History That Really Work

The Temporary Internet Files Folder

The internet history is stored in the temporary internet files folder. However, it is not easy to check these files without leaving a trail for the person who might check your browser history.

Using Google Cache

The Google cache will capture and store information from whatever websites one visits often. It can store text and images for future reference. The person who will check the browser history does not need to check any websites; all they have to do is open Google and type in the name of the website that was visited.

Manual History Checking

One can check their own history by typing into Google or Bing the keywords “my history” or “browsing history.” The search engine will show all the websites that were visited in the browser.

Using Browser Plug-Ins/Extensions

AdBlock, Web Washer, and Spybot are some of the plug-ins that can check browser history without missing a thing. They do not use any intrusive procedures, so the search results are simply perfect.

Using Operating System Logs

One can check their browser history manually by using the operating system’s logs. If they suspect that someone checked their browser history, they can check it directly from the computer. This check is almost impossible to bypass because only one person uses that computer.

Alternative Way Of Tracking Someone’s Browser History

There is always a way of checking someone’s browser history whether they know about it or not. However, this alternative method does require installing some spyware on the computer being tracked. With this method, you can easily check someone’s browser history without them knowing that they are being watched. 

List Of Spyware To Check Someone’s Browser History  


This is the newest spying app in the market. EyeZy is a great app that can easily check someone’s browser history. This app has been known to have the best features from any spyware around, which makes it really useful as well as reliable.


Another well-known spying app is mSpy. This app was mentioned in many reviews and articles because of its great features, which make it possible to monitor the user’s browser history without them knowing that they are being watched. The best thing about this spyware is that it does not require any installation process in the phone or in the computer, all you have to do is access the online account and get the information. 


Also another known spying app is The SpyBubble. What makes this app different from all other spyware is that it gives the option to send a remote SMS, which will make the phone return as an automatic response and thus making it easy for you to get the information about the web history without any hassle of installing anything on the phone or accessing it.

How to Monitor a Person’s Browser History

  1. Install a key logger on the computer that you want to monitor. This program will silently track everything that is typed, including passwords and browser history. 
  2. Install a program that will be able to track the browser history of the computer you are spying on and send it to your spy account.
  3. Log in to your account and see what websites have been visited, passwords entered, etc.


Though there are some ways to check a person’s browser history without them knowing, it is best not to monitor people without their knowledge. These methods though can be useful if you’re trying to find out what your child might be up to online or what a significant other has been looking at. 

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