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Did You Restart Your Router: 5 Common Network Solutions for Poor Connections

Common Network Solutions for Poor Router Connections

How many times did you get disconnected from the router in the moments when you most needed an internet connection? These things happen often, and although we’re used to having an internet connection 24/7, it is a commodity that needs constant maintenance.

Just over a decade ago, many computers were still using a dial-up modem connection, which required actual dialing and waiting for an internet connection. Today, our devices are connected seamlessly. We don’t search for anything, and we take connections for granted.

Gen Alpha has no idea what kind of struggle the internet connection used to be. They are growing up in different times, and adults around them remember these times but are also used to stable, constant, and fast internet.

When an issue occurs, we need an instant solution. With so many people relying on the internet connection to get their jobs done, you can say that this is another human right that needs to be guaranteed. Sometimes there’s no simple solution to the problem, while the solution is too easy in others. Check out some of the most common problems and how to solve them.

5 Common Network Solutions for Poor Connections

1. Restart the router

Although a global joke, mocking all those people in the customer service department that whisper this in your ear every time you complain there’s no internet on your laptop, you do need to restart the router if you want to solve the problem quickly.

Restarting the router deletes all the information piling up over time and may prevent your connection from working flawlessly. With the restart, the router returns to its original settings and restores your connection. It’s a quick and simple way to handle the issue. How to restart the WiFi router? Just unplug the device, wait 5-10 seconds, and connect it again.

2. Changes in the corporate network you were not aware of

Sometimes you struggle to see videos in one take, you can’t see what’s happening in the joint meeting video, or pages become unresponsive. The issue may be in changes that happened in your corporate network. If someone with privileges made changes to install a particular program, they might alter your ability to access the internet.

The new program may have different requirements that cause problems to the network. Some specific pages may not respond, and your connection will lag. Finding what was changed, adjusting the settings, overlapping firewalls, and taking down restrictions, should get the job done.

3. Cables caught by objects cut off your computer

If you’re running on a cable, you rely on the internet coming to your machine from it. It takes just a little to experience problems. Most cables run behind desks and near the walls, but sometimes these objects may be moved without noticing and cut off the internet connection.

You don’t have to get the entire connection cut off. Just pressing the cable enough will cause lag and insufficient traffic through the wires. You’ll struggle to find the problem elsewhere; all you have to do is move the desk back and release the cables.

4. Turn off the tabs on your monitor and restart

A messy desk means a messy life, and a messy browser means you struggle to get the job done. If you have multiple tabs open, they drain your computer’s RAM, making it work slowly. Additionally, some of the pages you open may constantly be making traffic in the background even though you’re not using them.

You only have a limited amount of internet traffic. You can’t expect your computer to work flawlessly if you have a dozen tabs open and they all play a different YouTube video, for example. The amount of traffic you’re wasting will make everything else work slower.

5. Call the pros and let them check

If nothing else works, the problem may be severe or somewhere else. The connection provider may have a power outage, which will cut the internet across all their users. Your server may need a restart from the main location, or there might be another issue.

Whatever the problem is, someone else will need to put in some effort and solve it. Call the provider, explain the problem, go through the “restart modem” joke, and see if they possibly need to come over and solve the issue.


These are some of the most significant problems and solutions you’ll encounter during your daily struggle with the internet connection. Modems, just like any other tech device, have flaws that may cause problems. These machines also have a particular lifetime and will need a change after a few years.

Hopefully, this article helped you locate and fix an issue. If it didn’t, it’s best to use the fifth point. Call the pros and see how they handle your connection malfunction.

Lokesh Naik is an avid blogger and internet freak who is behind this blog. A tech enthusiast and fan of smartphones who keeps track of every little happening in the smartphone world. When not writing, he loves watching cricket.

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