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How to Chat in WhatsApp Without Opening App? (Hide Blue ticks and Online)

Want to chat in WhatsApp without coming Online? Want to hide Bluetick? Want to hide your Last Seen in Whatsapp? Well. These all things are not possible in Official WhatsApp App. So here we are back with a new trick to hide Showing “Online” and to hide “Bluetick” using the app called “Hidden chat for Whatzapp”. Many times we want to show that we are not Online but we want to chat in WhatsApp.So this App allows you to Reply to your WhatsApp Messages without revealing yourself as “Online” either update you last seen!! From this app, you can hide your last seen time and even people will not know if you are chatting in WhatsApp or not. You may also like How to Download WhatsApp Stories On Android

But it is Important that you don’t have to Open Official WhatsApp App until you want to remain hidden.

How to Hide Last Seen, Bluetick, and Online in WhatsApp?

  1. Firstly Download an app called Hidden Chat for WhatsApp From Playstore
  2. After installation, Open the App
  3. You will get a Popup of “Additional Permission Required”
  4. Click on “Go to Settings”
  5. Now in Notification access “Allow” for  Hidden Chat For Whatzapp
  6. Now go to Accessibility in your Mobile Settings
  7. And allow Click on Hidden chat for Whatzapp and Switch on the Toggle to enable hidden chat for Whatzapp permission and click OK
  8. Now come back to Hidden chat for Whatzapp App and Keep checking it after receiving Whatsapp message
  9. That’s it! Whenever you get WhatsApp message in this App you can Reply it at any time and it will not show blue ticks, it will not show you as Online and even your last seen!

How it Works?

This app will request you the read notifications permission to be aware when someone texts you and the contact who did it. This way you will be able to reply through this app in a hidden mode.
Some Cons of this App:-
  • Too many Ads
  • Little irritating as you’re familiar with official WhatsApp
  • Sometimes it will redirects you to Official Whatsapp (in some devices) so better to change Privacy of Last Seen to “Only Me” before trying this app.
  • And as we mentioned before, you don’t have to Open Official WhatsApp App until you want to remain hidden.
  • More.
Hope you like this Trick. Feel free to comment on any problems. Do Share this post with your Friends:)

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