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How to Delete Shein Account (Complete Guide)

You’ll find this guide useful if you have no idea how to delete a Shein account. Many users have difficulty finding the option to delete the Shien account through the company’s official website. For this reason, we’ve listed various methods below that you can use to delete your Shein account permanently.

How to Delete Shein Account Permanently

Whatever might be your reason, it’s best to delete your Shein account when you no longer intend to use it. Here’s how you can permanently delete your Shein account.

How to Delete Shein Account Permanently

Before you delete your Shein account, remove your credit card or any other payment information. You can do this from Shein App > Me > Settings > My Payment Options > Remove all credit cards or any payment mode information you have given.

Delete Account Option On Shein App

  1. Open Shein mobile app and log in to your account, if you’re not already logged in
  2. Click on the Me tab from the bottom right cornerShein App Me section
  3. Now, navigate to the Settings (gear) icon from the top right cornerShein App Settings
  4. Select the Account Security optionShein App Account Security
  5. Now, tap on the Delete Account optionShein App Delete Account
  6. Click on APPLY TO DELETE ACCOUNT buttonShein App Apply to Delete Account
  7. Agree to Shein account deletion description then click Continue
  8. Now, select any reasons for account deletion and click next
  9. In the next step, it will ask you to enter the confirmation code
  10. Enter the code and click the CONFIRM APPLICATION button
  11. Upon completion, your account will be closed and all associated data will be permanently deleted.

Email to their Support Team

In most counties, Shein does not give users the option of deleting their accounts. Both the official website and mobile apps do not allow users to delete their accounts permanently. Hence, it is necessary to request Shein in order to delete the account. 

For users to delete their accounts, they need to send an email to Use the same email address used to register on the Shein website to request the deletion of the account. The subject of the email should be ‘Delete my Shein account

Contact Shein Customer Support

In some cases, Shein may not delete the account despite the email request from the user. If this is the case, visit Shein’s customer support page and talk to the company’s customer service representatives. The chat screen allows users to close their accounts and create a ticket for their complaints. A confirmation email will be sent out once the Shein account has been deleted. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should you delete a Shein account?

If you are not happy with the quality of Shein products and want to switch to another website, or do not find the products you are looking for on Shein. Or maybe you are unhappy about their delayed delivery.

Another possible reason if you are could be if you are from India the Indian government recently banned 59 Chinese mobile apps like Shein, TikTok, SHAREit, UC Browser, and others. Since the Shein has been banned, it is necessary for users to remove their accounts to ensure their data is preserved. 

How do I delete my Shein account?

The process for deleting your Shein account is the same for every user. While the EU, UK, or USA users get a direct option on the Shein app to delete an account, the users from other countries will have to contact their support service to get their account deleted.

How do I unsubscribe from Shein?

If you wish to stop receiving newsletters and promotions from Shein, simply click on the Unsubscribe link found at the bottom of each email from Shein and follow the instructions.

How do I cancel a SHEIN order?

Open Shein > Click Me > navigate to My Orders > Select the item > click Cancel > Confirm

How to return your order on Shein?

The item can be returned within 40 days of delivery. To return the item, go to SHEIN and click “Me” at the bottom right of the page. From there, select My Orders and navigate to Returns. Select the items you want to return, describe your reason for returning them, and Submit. Shein will provide a return number to you, and you will find return instructions. Choose your mailing method: self-sending or pick-up service. 

How do I get a refund from Shein?

If you select pick-up service, you will receive a call from the logistics company and the courier will pick up your package. Shein will confirm the parcel once it is received, notify you of the return status, and process the refund within seven days. You will receive a refund in your Shein wallet or in your original payment account.

How to delete order history in Shein?

It is not possible to delete order history in Shein or any other shopping apps. You can close your account permanently to stop displaying items purchased in the order history.

What happens when you delete your Shein account?

Once your Shein account is closed, you can open a new account with the same email address. However, all the order history, wishlist, items in the cart from the old account will be lost.

How long does it take to delete Shein account?

In most cases, the account will be deleted in 3 days. Once an account has been successfully deleted, it cannot be restored.

How to cancel Shein account deletion?

You can cancel your deletion request within 3 days by logging in to your SHEIN account. If you can’t cancel the request yourself, contact Shein customer service. They will help you to cancel the request.

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