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How to Send Blank Message On WhatsApp?

Send blank message on WhatsApp
WhatsApp has become one of the most powerful messaging apps today and widely used in different platforms. WhatsApp doesnt allow you to send blank messages. Even spaces are discarded by WhatsApp when written blank. There is no Official ways for you to send Blank Message as well as to set blank Status(About).

But Here are some funny tricks from which you can set blank status and you can send blank message. Follow these step and send Blank messages to Prank your friend.

How to Send Blank Message On WhatsApp?

#Method 1

  1.  Download Noword App From Here
  2.  Open Noword App.
  3.  Tap on Send and on the following screen, you will get option to choose from App
  4.  Now Select WhatsApp and choose the person or group with whom you want to share blank message with.
  5.  Click on Send Button
  6.  You’re Done!

#Method 2

  1.  Create a file in Notepad or Create a word document
  2.  Enter “alt+255” or “alt0160
  3.  Now copy that file into your  phone.
  4.  Open that word document in your phone and copy the content
  5. . At last just paste it in your WhatsApp chat or WhatsApp status.

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