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11 Best Passport Photo Apps for Android and iPhone (2021)

The passport photo app doesn’t need any further introduction. It simply can help you to create the passport size photos through your Android or iPhone. Thanks to smartphones, we can now get any job done through our phones from anywhere, anytime. In this blog post, we’ve made a round-up of the most popular and best passport photo apps for Android and iOS. 

best passport photo apps


With so many passport photo editor apps available on Google Play Store and iOS store, this article explores the best ones that can be used to create passport photos right from the phone. 

Below is the list of some best apps for passport photos. These apps can turn your regular photos into passport size photos easily with a few simple steps. Moreover, these passport size photo maker apps are very useful when you want to save money on clicking and printing pictures for any documents. 

Note that this is the compiled list of both free and freemium apps. I have also sorted out some of the key features so that you can compare among them, decide whether to try that app or not. 

Here are some of the best free passport photo apps at glance;

11 Best Passport Photo Apps for Android and iOS

1. Passport Photo Maker

Passport Photo MakerPassport Photo Maker is by far the most popular and best passport photo app, thanks to its simple easy to use interface and crop feature. The App is the most downloaded free passport photo app with more than 5 million downloads having many features offering to the user without any cost. Of course, there is also a premium subscription that gives access to more features. The Passport Photo Maker app offers handy tools such as add name and date on pictures, photo size modification, JPEG/PNG support, etc. 

Through this app, you can easily save your money by combining standard passport, ID, or VISA pictures into a single sheet of 3×4, 4×4, 4×6, 5×7, or A4 paper. 

The premium subscription of Passport Photo Maker gives some extra features such as background removal, Ink. These app developers also claim to refund your money if the app doesn’t work properly on your smartphone. It is worth to mention the in-app purchase of this app also worth the money as it will not cost you more than visiting local passport photo printing shops.

2. Passport Size Photo Maker

Passport Size Photo MakerPassport Size Photo Maker is another free app available on the Google Play Store to create passport size photos on Android or iOS smartphones. This app has a bunch of special features and also it supports more than 150 Countries Passport and Visa Standards.

Some of the key features on the app include background changer, white balance, brightness, contrast, saturation adjustment, etc. Further, you can save a lot of money by combining standard passport, id, or VISA photos into single 4×6, 5×7, or A4 paper. The share feature on the app also helps you to take the print of the created passport photo from the local photo booth. Given its wide range of features free, this app is surely one in which you should try to create professional passport size photos. 

3. ID Photo Application

ID Photo applicationID Photo Application has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes the app easy to use every day. The app is available only for Android smartphones.

It offers the option to create data that matches the general print size of photos that is 4×6 size (101.6mm x 152.4mm). There is a list of features this app offers gray-scale passport photos, customized size ID, a specific size of ID photos. 

When you complete the editing of a passport photo or ID, the app creates a file format that is the same as that of photos taken on phones and digital cameras (JPEG). This means you can easily print created passport size photos or IDs at home if you have a printer that is capable of printing photos from smartphones or digital cameras.

Even though this app offers most of the features for free, features such as background removal are only available on the Pro version which requires an in-app purchase. Also, the number of documents is limited in the free version.

4. Passport Photo ID Maker Studio

Passport Photo ID Maker StudioAnother interesting Passport Photo ID Maker app for Android phones. This free passport photo app allows you to create an ID, Passport, VISA, and License for almost all countries including the USA, Spain, Germany, France, India, Italy, Korea, and Brazil. However, the only down-side of this app is the free version of the Passport Photo ID Maker Studio app adds the watermark on your photos which is annoying. Also, the photo quality isn’t great as other apps on the list.

This passport photo-taking app includes all general standard printing paper sizes such as 3×4, 4×4, 4×6 / 5×6. The in-app purchase features of the app are background removal and Ink. Not only the countries that are mentioned in the above paragraph, but this app also supports 100+ countries ID, Passport, VISA, and License. 

5. Passport Photo – ID Photo App

Passport Photo - ID Photo AppPassport Photo – ID Photo App is another free passport photo app for iPhone. This is one of the best passport photo editor app for the iPhone in the market. It offers the background remover tool for free that helps you to erase the background from your picture.

It brings all photos combining services like standard passport, ID, or VISA photos using the passport sizer, and it arranges those into a single sheet of 3×4, 4×4, 4×6, 5×7, or A4 paper.

6. ID Photo – Passport Photos

One of the most simple iPhone apps to create a passport size photo. This passport size photo taking app is the best way for taking biometric passport and ID photos, right on your iPhone or iPad. With this app, you can take a passport or ID picture directly from your smartphone’s camera, or you even have the option to choose the existing picture from the gallery.

ID Photo – Passport Photos app has some very clean and sleek user interface. It offers editing options like optimize contrast, brightness, sharpness, and change to grayscale.

7. Passport Photo Booth

Passport Photo BoothAlthough the number of features on this app is limited compared to the other apps mentioned in this list, Passport Photo Booth is a different app. This is a passport photo taking app that lets users take pictures right from their phone to convert it to passport size.

The app is highly applicable for those who are looking for a paid to create a passport photo easily and reliably. Creating the passport size photo in this app is easy.

You just need to take your photo from the phone to make it passport or visa size. The app will mail you the created photos to print through email. Furthermore, the Passport Photo Booth app is also delivering the orders delivered through USPS in the United States within 7-9 business days.

8. My Passport Photos

My Passport Photos is yet another iPhone free passport photo app that can help you to create passport photos. Although this app is specifically designed for US residents, the app is one that enables you to take the proper picture for your US passport or ID card. Interestingly, My Passport Photos is the only app where real experts review your created passport photos for compliance to ensure your passport and VISA application photos are accurately resized.

The app gives you a useful guide on how how to take a photo for a passport. Also, it recommends the good lighting condition that is preferred for taking photos for passport. Alongside the guide, it shows how to take a better picture for a passport using your smartphone’s rear camera.

9. Biometric Passport Photo

Biometric Passport PhotoBiometric Passport Photo is another best app for passport photos. Available only for iOS, you can format, print, or save passport photos in a minute. With the ability to create a passport photo from more than 100 templates available, this is the best and ideal app for printing photos for job applications. You can combine, print, or email multiple passport pictures on a paper through this app which can be printed easily and directly. 

This app supports printing on an AirPrint-compatible printer. The print size in the app is also customizable that means you can adjust them according to your need. The passport photo will be automatically printed in considerably larger sizes to facilitate cutting it out.

10. Passport Photo Maker (Creator)

Passport Photo Maker (Creator)Another source for the creation of passport-sized photos through an app. All that a user needs to do is to download and install the app from Google Play Store. Through this free app, you can choose your picture from the file manager or you can directly take pictures from your phone’s camera.

The app guides you to look and keep the face straight towards the phone’s camera. After that, this app will provide you the list of filters and you can select or set different paper sizes. You are done. Now, you are ready to take the print outs of created passport size photos.

11. Passport photo maker by Appwallet Technologies

Passport photo makerPassport photo maker is another similar App offering free passport photo creation service on your Android phone. This app lets the users make photos for daily usages like identity card, election card, pan card, visa photo, school identity card maker app, stamp photo editor, office id card maker, license. The App does not even ask you to signup. Upon installation, you will be able to create passports of more than 122 countries and 111+ Visa Standards.

Further, you can get the multiple photos on a single page that means you will be able to add the multiple numbers of photos like 1, 2, 4, 8, 20 in a single sheet which is useful to save money while taking printout from the nearest shop. This app includes editing tools like Background Changer, Tilt Image, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Exposure, etc to make the passport or Visa photo look more professional.

Which is the top passport photo app? 

The competition of the passport photo providing apps has been increased nowadays. Any passport photo editor app can become popular and trending with its unique features and offered facilities. Free or paid, it doesn’t matter. People always look for the best app that serves the purpose.

In the end, it is you to decide which app you need. I hope this article will help you find the best app for taking passport photos for your Android and iOS. Please tell me about the app choice you made and don’t forget to share your suggestion about this article. If you are facing any issues in installing or downloading the above apps then feel free to comment below. 

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