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15 Best Safe ROM Sites in 2021

Are you searching for the best ROM sites? You landed on the right page. Everyone loves playing games on emulators in their free time. Gone those days where we used to play our favorite games on the video gaming consoles. Technology changed a lot. Today, we find hundreds of gaming products on the market. Still, if you are searching for the gaming ROMs for consoles to get your old memories back then you are in the right place. 

best safe rom sites

When it comes to downloading the best ROMs for emulators, one ought to consider safe websites that are regularly updated with new and trustable ROMs. On the internet, you can find many web pages claiming safe ROM sites. However, finding the best and safe ROM site is not an easy job.

You do not need to search anywhere else or do not need to consider any other websites. Anyone in search of the best ROM sites needs to look no further as in this article, we are listing the 15 best safe ROM sites in 2021.

Today, we can find many quality as well as fake websites for downloading anything. The same goes for ROM downloading sites. Most of the ROM websites you find on the internet are full of risky ROMs that are not safe for your emulators. Some of the sites even stop working after a few days. 

If you are looking for the best ROM download site then this article will help you a lot. I have shared the best site lists to download good ROMs for emulators for free. Take a look at the best ROM sites for downloading ROMs for all kinds of consoles. You can access all these best ROM sites easily from your Android or any smartphone and even on your PC without any issue.

Best ROM Sites of 2021

1. Romspedia


Just like the name sounds, Romspedia is a great place to find ROMs and Emulators for Android, PC, Mac, and iPhone. On Romspedia, you can find a section with consoles and ROMs to download for free. It has plenty of popular ROMs. Choose a category and check what ROMs you can get.

Romspedia is famous for the best ROM collection. Here you can get ROMs for every video game console starting from N64 to Wii. The website also focuses more on the emulator’s section so that you can find everything for emulators.

On the site, you’ll find a search button to find the ROMs you want. Thus, more or less you’ll be able to get most of your desired ROMs emulators. Undoubtedly, Romspedia is a huge source for ROM downloading.

  • Romspedia Official Website Link:

2. Gamulator


With the Gamulator website, you can easily download all your favorite emulators for free that too instantly. Once you open the Gamulator, you will find three sections on the homepage: Favorite Emulators, Most Downloaded ROMs, and Top Consoles. The first section shows only 4 emulators based on likes. Most Downloaded ROMs is a section where you can find hundreds of top ROMs for your emulator and the listing is based on the highest number of downloads for that particular ROM. It displays only 8 ROMs on the homepage, but when you click on the View full list of ROMs button the site takes you to another webpage where you get 50+ best ROMs for free. The Emulator section includes hundreds of popular Emulators for the console. At the time of writing this post, the section included more than 52 Emulators for the console.

Gamulator website’s menu gives you quick navigation to other sections where you can download the best ROMs easily and quickly. The menu called Emulators displays the drop-down menus that include: Mame Emulators, GBA Emulators, PSP Emulators, PS1 Emulators, PS2 Emulators, NES Emulators, SNES Emulators, N64 Emulators, NDS Emulators, and a lot more. The ROMS menu shows all the available Roms by category: Mame Roms, GameBoy Roms, GBA Roms, GameBoy Color Roms, Virtual Boy Roms, NES Roms, SNES Roms, N64 Roms, NDS Roms, etc. The site’s blog section includes some interesting posts on the ROMs and emulators.

We consider Gamulator as one of the safe ROM sites that get updated with new ROMs regularly. Moreover, you can access the website in four languages. 

  • Gamulator Official Website Link:

3. Rom Hustler

Rom HustlerRom Hustler is very popular with the ROM downloads. So far, it has a big collection of the best ROMs and Emulators. Once you open the ROM Hustler site, you get the Consoles button on the top that lists over 36 different consoles including PSP, PlayStation 2, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube, MAME, Gameboy, etc.

Also, the Popular Games section lists the top ROMs. You can easily find any ROMs by clicking on the alphabet as it lists all the ROMs with the starting alphabet of the ROM name. The Downloads option gives access to ROMs on the ascending and descending order. You can also choose the best ROMs on a Rating basis.

  • Rom Hustler Official Website Link:

4. Romsdownload

Romsdownload siteRomsdownload offers thousands of freely downloadable ROM games. If you are looking for free ROM games for Android, PC, Mac, or iPhone then undoubtedly the Romsdownload is the best place to visit. Romsdownload user interface is clean and user-friendly. They categorized all the ROMS and EMULATORS so that you can easily find the good ROMs.

After opening the above link of Romsdownload, you can see the simple Search box to search the name of the ROM Game by typing the title. Scrolling down a bit will show you the Popular Consoles section that shows hundreds of famous gaming consoles. Clicking on the View all will take you to the page where you can find all the consoles to download ROM for them. There is also a Popular Game Roms that has a list of famous ROM Games

  • Romsdownload Official Website Link:

5. CoolROM

CoolROMCoolROM has a large database of emulators and gaming ROMs. You can find all the latest and safe roms on this website. This site also has the CoolROM Downloader that makes your download process very fast as it allows downloading directly and by accelerating the download speed. CoolROM Downloader also helps you to download safe ROMs that are virus-free. 

The Queue section on the CollROM helps you to make a list of ROMs you like to download later. This means, you can easily and quickly add any ROM to the queue list just by clicking on the Add to Queue button to download them later. However, it saves your list for only three hours and after three hours the list will be cleared automatically, Still, it is a helpful feature for many.

Upon opening the CoolROM official website, you get the list of all the ROMs in alphabetical order. If you want the best ROMs for Android, iOS, or Windows phones you need to visit the page. The site also displays the Top 25 Downloaded Emulators and Top 25 Downloaded ROMs based on the number of downloads by visitors. They also have a forum section, where you can clear your doubts by asking the questions. Even though CoolROM shows some ads on the pages, you can manage them as they are not that much annoying.

  • CoolROM Official Website Link:

6. RetroStic

RetroSticRetroStic is yet another safest rom sites where you can find thousands of top ROMs. RetroStic is one of my favorite ROM sites because they don’t show ads everywhere and the site’s interface is very clean and straightforward as well. If you also don’t like having pop-ads and various other random ads while downloading good ROMs then this would be the best choice for you.

This reliable ROM site has a collection of over 83,172 ROMs, more than 51 consoles, and 383 Emulators. 

The Featured Rom Consoles / Systems section shows some of the best ROM consoles on the homepage including the Super Nintendo ROMS, Nintendo 64 ROMS, Nintendo DS ROMS, MAME ROMS, PlayStation 1 ROMS, etc. They also have a request section through which you can request a ROM to upload. 

  • RetroStic Official Website:

7. Romsmania

romsmania siteRomsmania is another best website to download ROMs for all popular consoles. With thousands of free ROM games to choose from, Romsmania is a very popular destination for ROM. It has a user-friendly and impressive interface that makes access to content easily. Once you visit the Romsmania, you get the search bar to find the ROMs by entering the keyword or ROM name. 

Below the search bar, there is a Popular Console section that lists 15 consoles names to find the ROMs. Also, clicking on the View All Consoles will give you the option to explore other consoles. There is also a Popular Games category that displays. The popular categories on the site are GBA Roms, SNES Roms, NDS Roms, GBC Roms, N64 Roms, NES Roms, GB Roms, Sega Roms, GameCube Roms, and more that you can find in the footer of the website.

  • Romsmania Official Website Link:

8. EmuParadise

EmuParadise safe rom siteEmuParadise is one of the old and safe ROM websites you can find on the internet. They have an excellent collection of all kinds of great ROMs. Upon visiting the EmuParadise, you can see the Search EmuParadise button that searches the whole site for the searched ROM.

One great thing about this site is it won’t show you any ads. That’s great. You can find tons of ROMs, ISOs, Games, Emulators, BIOS Files, Gaming Music, Books, Comics, Guides, & Magazines, Retro Game of the Day, and Game Lists on the platform. It is completely free and the site is serving since 2000!

Scrolling down the homepage shows the quick links of all the available contents categories. There is also the Popular ROM Sections to expose the thousands of famous and good ROMs. If you are looking for a reliable ROM download site with a variety of safe ROMs, it must be EmuParadise.

  • EmuParadise Official Website Link:

9. Romulation

Romulation best rom siteRomulation has a very extensive library of Games. It is fairly easy to navigate thanks to the simple and user-friendly interface. Video Games by Platform on the site are arranged into categories for easy access. Romulation has some very good ROM collections that are hardly found on other ROM downloading websites. It also has Newest Games and Most Popular Games section on which you can find hundreds of best ROMs for free.

Only the thing that I didn’t like about the Romulation is you need to signup to start downloading the ROMs. Also, you need to have Points to download 3Ds ROMs. You get 10000 points on the registration and for every MB you download from the site, you’ll be charged with 1 point that will be deducted from your Romulation account. 

  • Romulation Official Website Link:

10. Free ROMS

Free ROMSFreeROMs is another brilliant website to download the best ROMs for free. They have over 25,000 ROMs available to download. It displays very few ads that are annoying. Once you head over to the FreeROMs website, you find the Free Roms Online section that shows 30 ROM categories. You can find thousands of ROMs in each category and by clicking on the name of the section it will take you to the page from where you see the list of ROMs in Most Votes, Highest Rated, Most Popular and even in alphabetical order.

  • FreeROMs Official Website:

11. Love ROMS

Love ROMSEven though not so popular, this website has among the best collection of PSP ROMs, NDS ROMs, N64 ROMs, SNES ROM. It has a very impressive user interface making it ideal for every user.

  • Love ROMs Official Website Link:

12. Console ROMs

Console ROMsConsole ROMs is one of the best ROM sites for android and computer that has an extensive collection of free ROMs. The website is designed very well for PC as well as for mobile users. Upon opening the official website, you get Favorite ROM Consoles and Most Popular ROMs section that lists all the good ROMs for Android, phones, and computers. Clicking on the View full list of ROMs redirects you to the huge collection of ROMs that are freely available. Browse All ROM Consoles give the thousands of ROM Consoles list to download the ROMs available for that particular console.

  • Console ROMs Official Website Link:

13. ROM Universe

ROMS UniverseROM Universe is one of the best websites in terms of providing the best ROMs. They have categorized each and every ROMs and Emulators on the menu. So, you can easily access them to download for free. There is also a Play Online menu. The Search For Roms section on the homepage showcases all the ROMs based on the highest downloads. You can change the Sort By order to Name A-Z, Name Z-A, or Ratings to view them in your desired way. The Most Popular Roms category displays 20 famous ROMs.

  • ROM Universe Official Website Link:

14.Wow ROMs

Wow ROMsThe best and last site in our list to download thousands of ROMs is Wow ROMs. As the name suggests, you can find plenty of ISOS, Games, EMulators, and ROMs on WowROMs site. GBA, Top Rated, Top Download, Top Emulator these are some amazing sections on this website.

  • Wow ROMs Official Website Link:

15. Classic Game Roms

ClassicGameRomsClassic Game Roms is one of those simple websites when it comes to the easy-to-use platform with safe ROMs. They provide ROMs and emulators for free. 

  • Classic Game Roms Official Website Link:

Which is the best safe ROM site?

So, guys, by visiting any of the above safe ROMs sites you can find ROMs games that you can download for free in a few clicks. We will assure you that you get plenty of cool ROMs definitely to enjoy playing it on your Android, iOS. Also, you can download your favorite ROM GAME from any of these best ROM websites to play it directly on your PC to see them on the large screen and high resolution.

So if you really want to pass your time with ROM games then you must visit any of the above reliable ROM sites and best emulator sites to download and play it on your PC with the help of an emulator. 

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