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Sony TV Red Light Blinking? (8 Proven Fixes)

Sony TV Red Light Blinking Fix

Are you noticing a constant red light blinking light on your Sony TV? Don’t ignore it! Your TV is trying to tell you something important. Sure, the red light blinks occasionally when you turn it on or use the remote, but if it’s blinking continuously, there’s an issue. But worry not, we’ve got you covered with this guide on why your Sony TV blinking red light and what to do about it

It’s no wonder Sony TV has earned a loyal fan base across the world. With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Sony TV has become a household name and a leader in the television industry. From the crystal-clear picture and sound quality to innovative technology and sleek design, Sony TV has it all. 

As you know, no electronic device is immune to the occasional hiccup, and Sony TVs are no exception. While Sony TVs are top-of-the-line with exceptional quality, even the best TVs may encounter minor or major problems from time to time.

Whether it’s a Sony TV standby light flashing, audio or picture problems, or issues with the remote control, Sony TVs are also prone to a variety of problems. In most cases, however, these problems can be resolved with a bit of troubleshooting, or with the help of a professional repair service.

Is your Sony TV flashing a red light and causing you to pull your hair out? Fear not, as this problem can be easily solved with a little bit of know-how, some basic tools, and a bit of patience.

In this article, we’ve gathered everything you need to know to fix the Sony TV red light blinking issue in one place. We’ll guide you step-by-step through the process, so you can quickly and easily fix your TV.

How to Fix Sony TV Blinking Red Light (8 Methods)


It might just be worth a shot to power-cycle your TV before calling a technician. Yes, it may sound simple, but power cycling is usually the most effective method of fixing the blinking red light issue on Sony TVs or any other TV. Unplug the TV from power outlet

The only thing you need to do is turn your TV off and unplug it. Then locate the power button on your Sony TV which can be found in one of four primary locations, depending on the model of your TV: the middle or front underside, or the back left or right side.

Sony TV power button

Next, press and hold the power button for at least 30 seconds while the TV is unplugged. By doing this, you’re effectively draining all the residual electricity built up in the TV’s capacitors, allowing for a proper reset.

After waiting another 30 seconds, plug your TV back in and power it on. That’s all! The power cycle of the TV is now completed. You might think it’s too easy, but sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. 

Software is being updated

If you are still stuck with a blinking red light on your Sony TV, it is probably due to a software update in progress. The problem is common with Sony TVs, especially if they’re connected to the Internet.Sony TV software update is in progress

During a software update, your TV won’t turn on, with a flashing red light. However, don’t worry – simply wait for 5-10 minutes before trying to turn on your TV again. In no time, your TV should be back to normal after the update.

If your TV isn’t connected to the internet, then the blinking red light isn’t caused by the software update. After the software update is complete, you can resume viewing your TV.

Gentle taps at the back of the TV

Believe it or not, sometimes the most effective solution to a problem is the simplest one. And when it comes to fixing a blinking red light on your Sony TV, tapping the back of the TV can be surprisingly effective!

Many Sony TV users have reported that giving their TV a few taps at the back has solved the blinking red light issue. It may seem like a strange solution, but sometimes a good tap is all it takes to get things back on track.

So, go ahead and give your Sony TV a few gentle taps at the back. If it works, that’s great! If it doesn’t work right away, don’t worry. Try tapping it a few more times to see if that does the trick.

If tapping the back of your TV doesn’t work, head over to the next fix below.

Factory reset

If your Sony TV red light blinking still hasn’t stopped, a factory reset might just do the trick. You can use this handy solution to restore your TV to its original settings, wiping out any new settings or apps you may have installed.

As a first step in the factory reset process, find the reset buttons on your television. You will find the power button on your TV in one of three places: the upper left side, the bottom right, or the button right side. Sony TV factory reset

The first thing you need to do is connect your TV to the power source. Then hold down the power and volume down buttons. In this way, your TV is prepared for a complete factory reset.

Once you plug your TV back in and hold down those buttons, you should see the Sony logo or a green light on the front of the TV, indicating that the reset is in progress. It may take a few minutes for the process to complete.

If the factory reset fails on the first attempt, don’t give up! Sometimes, it may take 3-4 attempts to restore your TV to its former glory.


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Power-supply board issue

Another culprit for the Sony tv red light blinking could be a faulty power-supply board. It is not rocket science to replace the power supply board, and it can be done by anyone.

The first thing you should do is check if your TV is still covered by its warranty. When it is not, turn off the TV and unplug all the cables. Next, remove the back cover of your TV and locate the power supply board. You’ll be able to identify it pretty easily since the power cord plugs in there.

The next step is to find the manufacturer’s sticker and note the model number of your TV. Now, search for the power-supply board with the TV model number on eBay or other online stores in order to find a suitable replacement.Sony TV find model number

If you find the correct power-supply board replacement, replace it with the faulty one, then screw the back cover back on. Turn on your TV by plugging it in. The blinking red light should be gone, and your TV should be back to its normal self.

Note: – Before attempting any DIY repairs, it’s always a good idea to check if your Sony TV is still under warranty. If it is, you can contact Sony and they may be able to provide a free repair or replacement.

Faulty capacitors

If your Sony TV blinking red light 6 times and not displaying any picture, it may be due to a faulty capacitor. Fortunately, you can replace the faulty capacitors to fix this problem.

The first thing you’ll need to do is open up the back of your TV. Before you begin, make sure to take pictures of the TV board to help with re-assembly later on.

In order to identify faulty capacitors, inspect them for bulges at the top, leakage, corrosion on the legs, or a pushed-out bottom bung. In some cases, a capacitor may show no visible signs of malfunction. 

You can use a multimeter to check the voltage and compare it to the expected/labeled voltage of the capacitors. If the multimeter shows a wrong voltage reading, it is faulty even when there is no visible indication.

In order to remove a faulty capacitor, carefully take note of the pin on the board that it’s attached to and use a soldering iron to melt the pin from the back of the board. Once removed, replace it with a new capacitor that matches the ratings (voltage, temperature, and microfarads) of the old one.

The new capacitor should be placed exactly in the same direction as the old one. In case you cannot find an exact match for the ratings, choose one with higher voltage, temperature, and microfarads than the old one, but not too high or lower than the old one.

By replacing the faulty capacitors, you can fix the Sony TV blinking red light 5 times or 6 times.

Note: – Before you put on your DIY hat, it’s important to check if your Sony TV is still under warranty. If it is, contacting Sony could result in a free repair or replacement. Why spend time and money fixing it yourself when you can get a professional to do it for you? Plus, tinkering with the TV could potentially void the warranty, leaving you in a worse situation. So, take a moment to check your warranty status before taking any further action.

Display panel issue

In the event that your sony tv blinking red light still persists, it’s likely that the display panel is damaged. 

Display panels are one of the most expensive parts of a TV, and in most cases, you can’t even buy spares from the manufacturer. The price of a replacement panel is often higher than the cost of a brand-new television!

When you are certain that your display panel is the reason behind your sony TV red light flashing issue, it may be more practical to invest in a brand-new TV. Even though it costs more money, this is an investment worth making for high-quality viewing.

Contact Sony support

While we understand the desire to fix your TV yourself, messing with the TV internals can be dangerous and cause further damage. It’s best to leave it to the professionals. We strongly advise taking your Sony TV to an authorized repair center to ensure that it is repaired safely and correctly. 

Not only will they have the proper tools and expertise, but they will also be able to diagnose the issue accurately and efficiently. Trust us, it’s worth the peace of mind to have your TV repaired by a professional.

Sometimes, troubleshooting your Sony TV red light blinking problem can be challenging, so it may be necessary for you to seek additional assistance. For such issues, Sony TV support is the best option.

You can reach them at 1-239-245-6354. You can reach them Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET, and Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm ET. 

Alternatively, you can contact them via text message or live chat. In some cases, these options may be especially useful if you’re not able to call or if you require a quick response.

Sony TV support is committed to offering the best customer service and solving your TV issues. It doesn’t matter if you have a blinking red light, a problem with your display panel, or any other issue, you can rely on them to help you.


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If you’ve gone through all the troubleshooting methods we’ve provided and your Sony TV still flashing red light, reaching out to customer support is the best solution you have.

If that doesn’t work, you might need to hire a professional. You can get your TV checked out by an experienced local TV repair technician who can figure out what’s wrong with it. They may have the expertise and tools to fix it for you.

However, if all else fails and the repair costs are too high, you might want to consider buying a new television. Just remember to recycle your old one properly to help protect the environment.

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