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10 Best TV Guide Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

Everyone loves watching TV. But, these days comparatively people have less time to watch television because of busy schedules, works. Most people prefer watching TV in their free hours or after completing work. If you are looking for free tv guide apps to get reliable TV listings for all the major TV channels, the ones in this list provide fast and accurate TV listings for all the TV channels.

Best TV guide apps

Today, you can rely on your smartphone to get the details of your favorite programs, movies, and TV shows on your favorite TV channel right now and 7 days ahead. Yes, you heard it right; there are multiple Android and iOS apps available.

Here’s our ultimate list of the free tv guide apps you need on your phone when you are busy. These apps will surely help you to plan to watch your favorite movies, shows, serials at the right time. 

10 Top Free TV Guide Apps for Android and iOS

TV Listings & Guide Plus

TV Listings Guide PlusTV Listings & Guide Plus is a simple to use app that lets you find the details regarding all the movies and shows on TV. The best thing you can do with this app is to set reminders for any programs or show you are interested in or want to watch. This app sends you notification of reminders when your favorite show/movie/program starts.

You’ll also find an option to add shows to the watchlist and this will help you to get push notifications automatically whenever the new episode is released. You get channels and its programs lists of cable, satellite, and antenna from right within the app. This will surely enhance your TV watching experience. The app makes use of its caching that helps you to save bandwidth and it also increases the performance of the app.

Download TV Listings & Guide Plus App for Android

TV Guide Mobile

TV Guide MobileThis free tv guide app has an array of channels and its details, similar to what you’ll find on the best TV programs app. The app has a collection of the best listings grid. The clear and amazing user interface of the app cherishes your mind to find detailed information about all the movies and shows on TV.

It’s easy to use and it is a very popular TV listing app for iOS. They are even testing an Android version of their app and it is still in the development process. You can test the TV Guide Mobile Android app by downloading it from the Play Store.

Download TV Guide Mobile App for Android (Early Access)

Download TV Guide Mobile App for iOS

TV Listings by TV24

TV Listings by TV24 U.S. TV GuideThe free TV Listings by TV24 app is a fun way to discover tv listings, show details on time. This is one of the best US TV guide apps without any doubt. Explore movies, TV shows and their casts, photos, posters, IMDB ratings, Rotten Tomatoes ratings along with other details.

With information related to thousands of channels and their show details to choose from, you’re bound to find your favorite movies or programs and also something new. TV Listings by TV24 is one of the best antenna tv guide apps. The app includes a reminder option to get notified when your favorite show/program starts on the TV.

Download TV Listings by TV24 App for Android

TV Guide Smart

TV Guide SmartIf your interest is in getting details of all the channel details and the things you’ll see in the TV Guide Smart will give you a good leg up. This app offers lots of detailed information in addition to what you’d expect to find when you tune to your favorite channel. If you love to keep track of all your favorite shows and TV serial timings, then TV Guide Smart is worth installing.

This tiny app gives you loads of information about what you’ll see on your TV on time. The only bad thing we faced during our testing was that it has only 700 channels. TV Guide Smart is free to use and download. Choose from hundreds of channels stored in the database of the app or search for your favorite channel to find the timings of all the streaming shows for free.

Download TV Guide Smart App for Android

TV Time – Track Shows & Movies

TV Time Track Shows MoviesNext time you want to keep track of what you’re watching, get ready to use the TV Time app. This popular app sends you notifications whenever your favorite show or movie/ series new episode goes live. 

For example, you have an interest in watching some shows or movies or any other program on TV, you don’t know which channel will broadcast it then no need to worry. All you need to do is just add the name of that show/program on the TV Time app and get alerts when that show/program is available on TV. 

You can also get the details of movies/shows/series that you’d already watched to build your own library. Also, the app shows you recommendations based on the things you watched.

Download TV Time App for Android

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TV Listings USA

TV Listings USATV Listings USA is the app you need when you’re on the go and need to get information/timings of the show or program you are interested in. Unlike other antenna tv guide apps, which show TV listings of channels from any country, TV Listings USA displays the tv listings for all the major TV channels, networks, and providers in the USA, as the app name says.

Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can avail all the information about shows, episodes, series freely.  The app is straightforward and easy to use, though you won’t find additional features that you find on other antenna tv guide apps.

Download TV Listings USA App for Android


Hobi TV Series Tracker Trakt Client For TV ShowsPut your least effort to find out the TV program for today, tomorrow, and even a week in advance with the excellent TV tracker app called Hobi. It has an extensive collection of channels and the show timing details to find out the exact details. The free app also has details of most trending TV shows, up-to-date information on any programs airing on TV.

The free version of the app is ad-supported and there is also a premium version. You even get a Remind Me feature to set reminders to get alerts on your favorite shows on air. It’s a great feature when dealing with time limits. You will get an exact idea of how much time you have to complete your work to watch your shows.

Download Hobi App for Android

What’s On India

Whats On IndiaWhat’s On India is India’s favorite app that’s been around for quite a while. If you’re looking for something specific like the Indian tv channels schedule app then What’s On India is a great one to try. The app analyzes hundreds of TV channels from India and claims to predict what will be the next program/show. The app claims to provide 7 days forward schedules for 700+ channels. You can also search across tons of latest or old movies, programs, shows by actors, directors to mark your favorite channels/shows, set reminders, and to find new shows.

This app also has a feature to choose your DTH operator to get the channel number details. A handy feature, right? Moreover, it has 2000+ operators support including cable operators. The app includes channels from almost all Indian languages and the list includes English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada.

Download What’s On India App for Android

Download What’s On India App for iOS

Sensy India TV Guide & Remote

Sensy India TV Guide RemoteSensy India TV Guide & Remote is the most impressive free tv guide app for Android and iOS. Have a smartphone with an infrared sensor and not sure what to use it for? Sensy India TV Guide & Remote app turns your phone into a TV remote. Amazing, isn’t it? Yes, you read it right. This app supports all major DTH operators, set-top boxes, and cables. 

Alongside finding the details of any channels, you can easily switch to your favorite channel to find your favorite program. There are also loads of options to deal with.

Download Sensy India TV Guide & Remote App for Android

Download Sensy India TV Guide & Remote App for iOS

India TV guide – TVwiz

India TV guide TVwizFor a vast number of Indian TV channel guides, try the India TV guide app by TVwiz. This free Indian tv channels schedule app includes more than 500 Indian channels. This app is the perfect companion for planning your favorite shows/movies/programs on TV.

India TV guide – TVwiz should be included when you’re looking at some of the best apps to know today’s movie on the TV channel list. Combined with the easy to use interface, this Android TV guide listing app is a good choice if you find yourself often struggling to find the timings of the program on Indian channels you are interested in.

Download India TV guide – TVwiz App for Android

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