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Advantages of Handheld Computers

The popularity of handheld computers or PDAs (personal digital assistants) is increasing at a rapid pace. This wonderful technology allows the users to take all their work along with them. According to a Cisco study, 80% workers say they do not need to stay in office to be productive. There are several benefits of using handheld computers and barcode scanner parts. In this article, we will discuss a couple of them.

This is one of the biggest advantages of handheld computers. They are small even smaller to the typical laptop you are using. This gives you the flexibility to carry it in your briefcase or even in your pocket. This is beneficial for students as they can take their entire course material along with them. Students can replace notebooks and access the course material in an easy and faster way. This is an innovative approach for education. Businesspersons can take it onto airplanes and meetings without any hassle.
These handheld computers are available from 12 inches to less than 7 inches. Students are more attracted towards small size computers because they can use it easily on their classroom desks. Travellers prefer these handheld computers because they have limited space.

A typical desktop or laptop we use costs around $ 1000. A handheld computer is cheaper than you would have contemplated. Yes, it costs somewhere around $ 250. Small business houses, schools and household can use it for cost-effective computing solution. These computers are also available with web cam and word processing software. If you want more features in a handheld computer, then obviously you need to pay high price.

Other Key Benefits of Handheld Computers

Enhanced productivity
One of the main advantages of handheld computers is that you can access information while moving. Order pickers will get updated data at any point of time. This will save many work hours because your staff does not need to enter the data in your office computer. This will save a lot of time of your work staff, which they can use in the next task.
When you will provide mobile computers to your staff, they will become more productive because they do not need to travel from one location to another.

Improve accuracy

If you will give data access to your warehouse workers, then it will minimize the chances of error. Their access to handheld computers will ensure that they do not pick and process the same order twice. They do not need to do any paperwork; no paperwork means, there is no possibility of human error.

Improved transparency 

Handheld computer is a perfect tool to collect on the spot data. You can track and monitor your products any time while they are moving in your supply chain.

Customer satisfaction

Your employees will provide error free services with the use of handheld computers and barcode scanner parts. This will enhance customer satisfaction. Enhanced productivity and flexibility will help you fulfill the rising demands of your customers. It is essential for you to keep your customers satisfied; this will ensure your business growth. Remember that unhappy customers do not return to take your services again. It is 6 times more expensive to get a new customer rather than retaining the one you have.

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