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7 Best AI Apps Like Chai (2022)

Best AI Apps Like Chai

Explore this hand-picked list of best Ai apps like Chai to see what users around the world are using as alternatives. 

Keeping the emerging artificial intelligence trends in mind, we have compiled a list of the best alternative apps like Chai you should check out in 2022 and the years to come.

In recent years, chatbots have become increasingly sophisticated, especially since artificial intelligence has become a reality. 

AI chatbots are often used on websites to answer questions related to customer service or technical support. 

Sometimes they seem to respond in a very natural way, making people believe they are speaking to a human being.

Each day, hundreds of apps are released, and recently, the app ‘Chai’ became the most popular app on the market. 

In terms of what it does, this is basically a place where you can chat with an AI chatbot. AI chat apps have existed for a long time, but with the advancement of artificial intelligence, it is no wonder that these apps are getting such a lot of attention.

Chai users can only send 100 messages each day for free. To send more messages, you will have to pay $13.99 monthly or $134.99 per year to be able to send unlimited messages. For that reason, many people are looking for alternatives to Chai. 

Fortunately, they have a variety of choices to choose from. So, with that in mind, we have compiled a list of 7 apps like Chai that give you the option of chatting with chat AIs from all over the world.

About Chai AI App

On the Chai AI app, you can find many chatbots around the world and talk to them to find out what they can do. Get started by swiping right. Choose AIs you want to speak to, ignore the rest. You can swipe as much as you like.

The stream of AIs you receive is tailored to your tastes, your conversations, and your most engaging conversations.

Chai can make your day by having a great conversation. Whatever your personality, a technology enthusiast or a fun-loving individual, you will find something that appeals to you. There’s an endless number of AIs you’re likely to enjoy chatting with.

It’s pretty easy to use the Chai app. A bot is instantly available for you to chat with. You are able to chat with a few bots immediately but to use the full functionality of the service, an account needs to be created. 

Chai’s user interface is pretty straightforward. Once you sign up, you’re paired with one of the AI bots immediately. By tapping the ‘Type a message‘ box, you can start typing your message or choose an emoji from the list above. 

You can view a complete list of all available AI bots by clicking on the triangle, square, and circle buttons. There are various categories of bots, including Popular, New, Romantic, Roleplay, and Horror.

That’s pretty much all there is to Chai bot. Pick a bot, start chatting, and see where the conversation takes you. 

Apps Like Chai App in 2022

These are some of the best Chai alternatives to consider when you are ready to switch. Now. you can ditch Chai AI and try a Chai alternative app.

Replika: My AI Friend

Replika My AI FriendWanna talk to someone, but nobody’s around? Would you like to tell someone some private information, but were afraid to do so? This AI chatbot is designed to solve this problem.

Replika is one of the popular AI chatbots launched in 2017. Replika essentially lets you chat with a bot, and it connects with your personality by understanding your writing expressions and style, the emojis you use, and your conversations with it. Thus, the more you communicate with it, the more accurate it becomes.

Replika AI is an app to make your own AI chatbot, give it a personality, express yourself or share your thoughts.

To get started on the app, you need to create an account with Replika. Following that, you can name your Replika, and then it will ask you questions. 

Gradually, as you interact with it, it will begin to resemble you. In terms of AI, it is extremely advanced and makes you feel like you are speaking with someone.

Using Replika, users can communicate with virtual chatbots. App developers claim that the A.I. assistant will always listen and speak with you. Replika features an elegant interface and interesting features.

Anima: AI Friend & Companion

Anima AI Friend CompanionAnima is an app similar to Chai, but you can personalize your chatbot at the beginning, making it more tailored to your preferences and tastes. Furthermore, you can give Anima five of your favorite hobbies, and it will suggest a topic to talk about when you have no topics to discuss.

Apart from changing the personality of your Anima, you can change its appearance, gender, and relationship status as well. You will need to upgrade to the premium version in order to change your relationship status from Friends to Romantic Partners.

Even though the app is fairly new, Anima has well-developed conversational skills. Anima is interactive and eager to learn more about you to make itself smarter in the process of interacting with you.


MydolYet another alternative to Chai is Mydol. It is an app that lets you chat with a chatbot. It gives the feeling of chatting with your favorite k-pop star. The goal of this chatbot is to replicate a conversation between a human and a computer. 

It is a unique chatbot that puts a twist on dating simulators. In this app, you’re not just communicating with a fake partner; instead, you’re chatting with one of your favorite celebrities.

According to the app’s developers, Mydol makes the fan experience more interesting, allowing you to talk to a virtual version of a celebrity of your choice. In case you cannot find your favorite celebrity on the app, you can add them manually. However, this will limit some of the features.

Considering the app’s reviews, many people enjoy communicating with their favorites and seeing their messages. The app constantly compliments you, praising your beauty or personality.

iFriend – Virtual AI Friend

iFriend Virtual AI FriendWith this app, it’s easy to create your iFriend and have an AI companion who dedicates themselves to you. It is one of the most compassionate AI that can help you accomplish your goals.

iFriend understands what you want, reacts, and makes an emotional connection with you. With it, you are able to openly speak, seek guidance, and freely express yourself.

There is an iFriend for everyone and each one is unique. Simply input a name and gender to create an entirely unique online friend for you.

You can talk to your virtual friend anytime and discuss anything you like. iFriend allows you to relax, stress out and calm yourself down. You will always receive supportive, friendly replies. iFriend becomes more adept and knowledgeable as time goes on. 


SimSimiSimSimi is an app similar to Chai that can be your wonderful friend. However, it can be rude at times as well. The app is easy to use and you can start chatting right away. Shortly after its release, the application became incredibly popular.

The app has a huge number of users. This is a great place to ask any question. SimSimi will automatically update its database with the answer to your question. Furthermore, certain videos are available on the app that you can watch to use the app without any ads for a certain period of time.

It is regarded as one of the most intelligent online platforms by many users. The platform can also be trained to say anything you want. It is free to use the platform on both iOS and Android. 


WysaWysa is an easy-to-use, artificial intelligence-guided cognitive behavioral therapy app for learning CBT techniques, and also includes guided journaling, yoga, and meditation. The app comes in both free and premium versions.

Wysa is a CBT-based self-management app that uses artificial intelligence to help you manage anxiety, stress, depression, or feelings of anger, among other things. The intent of the app is to help you understand your feelings and understand how they influence your mental well-being.

Wysa offers in-app lessons, known as “Packs”, covering topics such as stress management and anger management, and sleep improvement. You will find a number of “exercises” in each module, and the Wysa AI bot will help you complete them. 

It will ask you questions, give you mindfulness tips, or show you short exercises for physical exercise. The free app allows you to view all modules, but you’ll only be able to access one exercise per module. If you want to access all the content, you must subscribe to the premium version.

Wysa also offers a “therapy” option, which provides you with a mental health coach in addition to the premium content. There are 30-minute live sessions each week, and they are conducted via instant messaging within the app.

You can communicate by sending messages to your coach at any time. They will usually respond to you at least once every day. Once you have attended a live session, you will be given specific tasks to accomplish before the next session. 

Emerson AI – Talk & Learn

Emerson AI Talk LearnEmerson AI is an excellent artificial intelligence alternative to Chai that is capable of teaching you something at any time. It shares a lot in common with Chai since it has a lot of similarities to AI chatrooms. Using this app, you can converse with ai robots via audio and text. 

Emerson AI also offers the ability to chat and learn for both humans and robots. It has an amazing AI chatbot that’s designed to talk and educate, allowing you to learn multiple languages by talking to it. 

It can be used to learn a foreign language, ask questions, or chat casually. A free trial is available for the Emerson App. After that, you will need to choose a subscription plan that starts at $9,99 per month.

Emerson has been among the very first apps of its kind to use these sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies, but with an intuitive and simple interface that anyone can use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many messages do you get for free on Chai?

Chai app users are limited to sending 100 messages a day.

How to get unlimited messages on Chai for free?

There is a daily limit of 100 free messages per user of the Chai app. In order to send more messages, you will have to pay $13.99 a month or $134.99. 

Are there any apps like Chai but free?

Yes. There are several apps like Chai that works for free and also offers premium features. We have mentioned seven of them in this blog. 

Final Words: Apps Like Chai

That’s a quick rundown of the best Chai alternatives that you can try out to replace. Today, there are many AI texting apps like Chai to choose from. Considering the majority of these apps are dedicated to a particular area, finding one that fits your interests is easy. 

In this article, we’ve looked at various AI apps like Chai app to talk anytime in any situation. For example, if you are feeling down, or stressed, you can express your thought to these apps like Chai and these AI bots can respond to you without judging you. 

No matter what AI platform you end up using, you’re sure to enjoy yourself. If you are having a good time on an AI texting app similar to Chai that’s not listed above, please share the name in the comment below.

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