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14 Adventure Apps Like Randonautica (2022)

Adventure Apps Like Randonautica

Are you looking for the best adventure apps like Randonautica that can be found on the Google Play and App Store? Here is the list of top other apps like Randonautica in 2022. 

Randonautica was released early last year and caught the attention of numerous outlets because it accumulated a large following on TikTok.

It’s essentially an app that encourages you to explore your neighborhood. A set of coordinates is given to you randomly and asked to use them for a purpose.

Regardless of the size, it could be a surprise discovery or an answer to a problem. Upon returning from your trip, you are requested to post findings on the game’s forum. The app has uncovered a number of weird events, increasing its popularity.

Randonautica became popular during the ‘Covid-19’ crisis because it helped people make the most of their daily opportunities to get out and exercise to stay healthy.

Randonautica is an app based on a quantum random number generator in order to provide you with the coordinates of your local area.

It’s meant to stimulate you to explore your area and see what you find. It can be as simple as spotting something worth photographing, or as complex as solving a puzzle.

These apps similar to Randonautica operate on similar concepts allowing you to travel around the world visiting various places, collecting items, or experiencing the world in a new way. 

Best Adventure Apps Like Randonautica (Alternatives)

With so many adventure apps like Randonautica out there, choosing the best one can be daunting, but don’t worry, because here, we’ve rounded up the top 14 apps similar to Randonautica. Let’s take a look at each.


SpecTrekSpecTrek is our first Randonautica alternative. It is an augmented reality video game that will take you on an exciting ghost hunting adventure. Search for and catch virtual ghosts using your smartphone’s GPS and camera.

It starts off as a simple navigation game, but it can become a genuine fitness game at higher levels. Besides providing statistics, awards, titles, and records, this game is also very entertaining!

SpecTrek offers the user the opportunity to exercise while playing the game, with the tagline “protect the world, stay in shape”. There are three default games that you will be able to choose from, short which lasts for 15 minutes, a medium which lasts for 30 minutes, and long which lasts for 60 minutes. 

SpecTrek shows ghosts on a Google map within a predefined search radius or a search radius that is defined by the user. In order to play, one must walk to these ghosts, after which they can scan to see if any ghosts are nearby, along with their distance from them.

In the event that the user is unable to reach a ghost, they can blow a horn, which causes all nearby ghosts to run away and run toward a nearby accessible location.


RamblrRamblr gives you access to your new adventure. It’s an easy-to-use app, loved by millions of users worldwide.

As your outdoor adventures need more than just a simple blog entry and status update, if you download this application, not only will it provide you with a way to explore the surrounding areas, but it also features a GPS and map.

Through this app, hikers and expedition travelers can capture highlights of their treks. On the map, trace your route and recall the places you have visited and the experiences you have had.

In addition to being accurate and up to date, it also offers directions and routes. It is possible to download public trips and use them in real-time for navigation.

For those who are not familiar with the name of a place, you can ask your family or friends for photos and ask them to help you find the name. In this way, it ranks among the best apps like Randonautica.


GeocachingGeocaching is one of the popular adventure game apps like Randonautica that has been around for 20 years. Formerly called “GPS Stash Hunt,” this game uses your phone’s GPS to find geocaches nearby. You can find out more about it by tapping on it, but not the exact location, so you will have to use your GPS to find the exact one.

The average size of a geocache is small, comparable to a film canister or small Tupperware container. Most of them contain a paper log where the geocachers sign their names, indicating they found the cache, but they are often filled with trinkets, notes, and other sentimental goodies. The geocaching community generally prohibits weapons, food, drugs, and alcohol from being placed in caches, for safety reasons.

The caches are often hidden in leaves or hidden in a corner to avoid being noticed by casual passersby, but they will not be buried under the ground. It is usually possible to find most caches with a short walk, but some may require a long walk or even a hike to access. 

In addition to its many features, Geocaching offers a user-friendly interface as well. A list of nearby caches appears as soon as you open it, and you can tap one to view its details. Also, there is a menu at the bottom of the screen that provides access to your profile, messages, lists, and other features.

It works on the web and with Android and iOS devices, plus it lets you use other apps for navigating to caches. Although it is expensive for its premium plan, Geocaching is a valuable app for geocachers of all experience levels.

Ingress Prime

Ingress PrimeIngress revolutionized location-based gaming by using location data to develop augmented reality games. The game explores how exotic matter is constantly surrounding us at all times, yet only those who possess the right tools are capable of seeing and using it. The game is played by millions of gamers the world over and has had millions of downloads.

You can easily get started playing Ingress Prime, however, unlike most casual games and apps like Randonautica, Ingress is a game that will require you to commit to the whole thing — you’ll have to walk around your town and hack different portals as you go along.

Ingress Prime has an ongoing, evolving storyline based on real-world events. Ingress deserves a lot of attention because it’s a great game. This isn’t just an app on your phone; it’s a reason to go out and explore, make new friends, and have fun.

In the game, you control a character from one of two factions battling over a powerful technology. The game is similar to Randonautica and geocaching but with an element of tactical capture of the flag. Using your smartphone screen, you locate and collaborate with other players to take over enemy portals.

You can do this by walking, biking, or driving, within 40 meters of the scanner, and “hacking” it that way. The game has specific missions that require you to go to specific locations.

There is a wide range of complex and coordinated tactics to use, in addition to a multitude of other strategic items to collect and level up. There is something unique about this game like Randonautica in that it is based on real-world travel and movement.


KomootKomoot is a route planning app that lets you connect roads, trails, and anything else you want to make a route to connect multiple points in a funny and creative way or a combination of both, incorporating surface type, elevation, and a number of other factors. This makes it one of the top creepy apps like Randonautica.

No matter how experienced or novice you are as a cyclist or biker, Komoot caters to your needs. The Komoot app now allows users to share their biking experiences and adventures publicly.

Bikers from all over the globe use it for planning and finding outdoor biking adventures. No matter what route you choose, the Komoot app can guide you through rough and challenging terrain while keeping track of your rides and letting you share them with other avid adventurers.

In addition to being budget-friendly, Komoot offers a variety of features to make biking an exciting and enjoyable experience. You can rely on voice navigation to keep you safe while driving. By using the Komoot app, you can receive turn-by-turn navigation so you won’t be distracted while driving.

In some biking spots, you won’t have internet access or cell service, and the premium features of the Komoot app will come in handy.

The app allows you to download your planned outdoor routes and save topographic maps instantly. In case an internet connection is unavailable, you can still have access to the maps so no one will get lost.

Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2It’s no secret that astrology is an appealing subject for many, but it’s also one that can be a bit confusing and hard to grasp without a constellations app for Android or iPhone. 

With Star Walk, you can experience the night sky in a whole new way. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the app serves as a night and daytime sky guide. It is another best Randonautica alternative that works well on iOS and Android devices.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an expert, or have no knowledge of astrology, this app can give you information about constellations, planets, star positions, comets, star clusters, satellites, ISS, meteor showers, nebulae, etc. Before you know it you’ll be an expert on the skies.

It is an excellent app for introducing anyone to astronomy and the ease of use and immersive experiences make it very appealing.

When the user points the device at the night sky, the app uses augmented reality to visualize the night sky. Moreover, it embellishes it with wonderful depictions of characters from mythology behind the constellations.

In addition, the app serves as a source of astronomy news. The app notifies users of celestial events via their notifications or in the app’s What’s New section. Additionally, the app provides an overview of the history and mythology associated with constellations, stars, and planets, along with a coordinates viewer.

The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game

The WalkThe Walk combines audio clips with a story to entice you to leave home, where you play the lead role. With the guidance of a distant operative in your earpiece, you must carry an important technological device southeast through Scotland, under constant threat from t*rori*ts, wildlife, and the suspicious.

Walking is at the heart of The Walk. In order to earn the story clips, you must walk for a variety of durations. The app displays your location on scrollable maps and based on how long you walk, your icon advances along a set path. There are cute animations on the maps, such as flying birds, falling snowflakes, and smoking campfires. 

Upon reaching the spot where one of the incidents in the story takes place on your route, the number next to it — which represents how many minutes you have left until you reach it — will turn into a speaker icon, and you will be able to play the relevant clip in order to see the current situation. Like Randonautica, it’s an excellent app.

Other Randonautica Alternatives

  • Rusty Lake Hotel
  • Cube Escape: Seasons
  • Fran Bow
  • The Office Quest
  • Barney’s Dream Cruise
  • The White Door
  • Full Pipe

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the Randonautica app look like?

With its precise location interface, the app sends the user on a journey into the mysterious adventure or in their words, “Randonauting”. It is obvious that the user involved has no idea where they are going or what they will discover. 

Using this app, users are guided to explore places randomly, and sharing the location is all that’s needed. In addition, you can set a maximum distance from your present location that you can travel.

Does Randonautica work in the UK?

Yes. the Randonautica app works in the UK.

What apps are like Randonautica?

Star Walk 2, SpecTrek, Geocaching, and Ingress Prime are some of the popular apps like Randonautica.

What is the best Randonautica app?

It is difficult to pick one app from dozens of Randonautica alternatives. Geocaching might be the best one to choose.

You can download and play these adventure apps like Randonautica on your Android or iOS smartphone. We’ve rounded up the best apps similar to Randonautica here, so check them out! From the above, you can figure out which is the best Randonautica app for Android or iOS.

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