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11 Best Apps To Check Room Temperature in 2021 (For Android & iOS)

We live in such situations sometimes that we need to know the temperature of the room. In such circumstances, we have to use room temperature apps to get the exact details on the temperature of the room you are living in. So, in this article, we are going to list 11 top apps to check the room temperature on Android and iOS. With these apps, you can easily check room temperature with a phone that too quickly.Best Apps To Check Room Temperature

These working thermometer apps for room temperature give you detailed info on the estimated room temperature of the room or the environment. The app uses its own technologies to measure the ambient temperature inside and outside to display the results for you. It will fetch the room temperature based on your current location and display it on your smartphone.

11 Best Room Temperature Apps For Android and iOS


ThermometerWith more than a million downloads, Thermometer++ is one of the most reliable room temperature apps with outstanding features. That makes this one great and easier to recommend than the others, even if other temperature apps work just as well.

This tiny temperature app shows the current outdoor temperature, humidity, and pressure based on your location by obtaining the data from reliable sources. 

Download Thermometer++ App for Android

Download Thermometer++ App for iOS

Real Thermometer

Real ThermometerReal Thermometer app uses its own algorithm to obtain the temperature data from various sources to display it for you. All you need is an Internet connection. The app comes with all of the features along with ads.

It’s not that bad as long as you don’t mind ads on the free version. One of the great features of this app is its ability to show the whole day’s temperature, the current temperature, body temperature automatically on one screen!

Download Real Thermometer App for iOS

Room Temperature Thermometer

Room Temperature ThermometerWith its cleaner UI, the Room Temperature Thermometer is the handiest app for checking room temperature. You can pull in the temperature of the room from your phone as well as the localization allows you to get the outside temperature. It can measure the temperature easily with the help of the in-built integrated sensor and shows the result in Celsius, Fahrenheit, and kelvin.

If you’re looking for an app to know the weather where you live, then this is an excellent app for you. Once you download and install the app, just open it. Wait for a few seconds and the app will get the data of the room temperature using your mobile connection. That’s it. It will show you the accurate result in a second. Note that this app requires an active internet connection to work accurately.

Download Room Temperature Thermometer App for Android

Room Temperature

Room TemperatureRoom Temperature is a very feature-rich Android application because it has dozens of in-built functionality. This tiny and free room temperature measurement app offers a simple UI and all the normal stuff you expect from an app for temperature in a room. 

Interestingly, this app doesn’t require any permission from your phone to work. It can work without any permission and let you view the temperature of your room on your phone. Room Temperature is a good bridge between people who just wanted to know the room temperature with their smartphone. 

Download Room Temperature App for Android

Room Temperature Checker

Room Temperature Checker ThermometerAnother pick for the best room temperature apps for Android that we shouldn’t forget to put in this list is Room Temperature Checker. Aside from the basic features like showing the temperature of the room, you can also see weather conditions as icons. You can also measure humidity with the option in the app called Hygrometer. 

For an accurate measurement, you need to put your phone on a flat surface for a few minutes. Moreover, it won’t be helpful if you use this app while your phone is charging. Also, if you are in a cold or very hot condition, then also this app might not work properly.

Download Room Temperature Checker App for Android

Room Temperature App

Room Temperature AppIt is one of the free check room temperature apps on this list with fewer ads. But that doesn’t make it any worse. Unfortunately, this app is only available for Android devices. It has the ability to display the temperature values or readings in Celsius, Fahrenheit, and also in Kelvin degrees. 

The best part of all, this app can measure both room temperature and weather forecast. How does the app work? To check the room temperature with this app, just open the app and pick whether you are looking to measure room temperature or weather temperature. Last but not least, this app also shows the temperature in your room in diagrams and graphs. 

Download Room Temperature App for Android

Thermometer Room Temperature

Thermometer Room TemperatureYet another room temperature measure app that provides value for install. A free app with an excellent user interface, Thermometer Room Temperature has every feature that you are looking for to measure room temperature. The app provides reading in units such as Celsius (°C), Fahrenheit(°F), and Kelvin (°K). 

Even though the app has a lot of ads, it doesn’t make it any worse. The eye-catching design of the app makes it worthy to measure weather forecasts. Just turn on your mobile data, open the app, and wait for a few seconds. That’s all! You are good to go. 

Thermometer Room Temperature App for Android

HD Thermometer ⊎

HD Thermometer ⊎HD Thermometer ⊎ is a relatively simple and effective app for measuring room temperature. You simply open the app, wait for the app to load, and boom. The app will measure the room temperature. In addition, the app makes use of weather service to read the temperature of the surrounding area and also your current location. 

It does basically all the things that are done by other apps to check the temperature in the room alongside providing a clean interface and it’s an easy recommendation. The free version has some ads and the premium version doesn’t. 

Download HD Thermometer ⊎

Digital Thermometer app

digital thermometer appDigital Thermometer app is one of the better free temperature apps in the room. It features a bunch of options like a Bluetooth thermometer to check the historical records of in-room temperature and humidity. The realistic design of the app provides the temperature details in real-time. 

Download Digital Thermometer App for iOS

Thermometer X ++ Digital Temp 4+

Thermometer X Digital Temp 4Thermometer X ++ Digital Temp 4+ is one of the newer room temperature apps on iOS. It does the job admirably. As the app is free for users, it’s very difficult to find the issues and complain. Of course, it offers a clean UI and it should work well for most. 

Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit to find your room temperature in real-time. Alongside obtaining the temperature of your location, you can even get data on the temperature of any other location. You can even pick dozens of beautiful, colored theme layouts. The app also has a hygrometer feature to display the current humidity.

Download Thermometer X ++ Digital Temp 4+ App for iOS

Thermometer Room Temperature (Indoor and Outdoor)

Thermometer Room Temperature Indoor and OutdoorThermometer Room Temperature (Indoor and Outdoor) is another one on the relatively newer app to check room temperature online. It boasts an incredible set of features like measuring inside the room and outside room temperature, humidity, wind speed, and weather status.

The app can measure the temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit, and kelvin units. Although the app works with an internet connection just like other apps in this category, it is worth installing an app with few ads.

Thermometer Room Temperature (Indoor and Outdoor) App for Android

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